Jan 29, 2009

Danity Kane...

After a million seasons of Making the Band, 2 cds, and tons of other stuff Danity Kane is officially over... and everyone's favorite bad girl, Aubrey O'Day is bouncing back by appearing in playboy and releasing a solo album. (blank stare) Now, I was an Aubrey fan from the beginning...before the weave, fake lashes and breathy sex kitten voice (remember that episode when they were singing at that club in NY? She really belted out "At Last"). I bought their cd's and was lured into the girl group gimmick by Diddy. I always thought they were talented and even rejoiced when Shannon started getting more singing opportunities! It's kinda sad that their time is over. I'm not sure how entertaining this new season of MTB will be. I can only take so much of watching the guys (can someone please hide Que's curl juice...I hate a curl on a guy...) and I'm pretty sure Donnie is going to get dropped (wait, Diddy never drops anyone from the label...he just never puts out a cd). Dawn and Aundrea will be the only 2 featured this season (premieres Feb. 12) and it seems like Aundrea will barely be on camera. It's crazy how they (Danity Kane) had so many issues... Yes, Aubrey was skanky at times. Yes, D.Woods always insisted on wearing hideous gymshoes with everything. Yes, Dawn wanted to stay boo'd up 24/7 with Que... I get it .... but I'm gonna miss my little muffs... especially the choreography with Laurie Ann! (Can I get a boom cat?) After years of being force fed Danity Kane, coming to love them, and having them ripped away from me I'm starting to go through the withdrawal process. I may even be shedding virtual tears for them. Shannon is back to living the married life. D. Woods is apparently working on a solo album and can be seen party hopping on YBF from time to time. Dawn is hanging around waiting for Diddy to tell her what her next move should be... and Aundrea, well, who knows what shes doing. Aubrey is on a mission to get back some of her "shine" that she feels was lost while working with Diddy and Danity Kane. I wanna hate her, kinda love her, but will be waiting to see how these 5 chicks rise from the ashes of Danity Kane.

Belly Laughs

Office Space is on repeat on HBO (is this what I'm paying $25 extra bucks a month for? To watch movies from 10 years ago?) Regardless, I love this movie and this is one of my favorite scenes!! Please fast forward to 5:00 mins and check out the dance moves of Peter, Michael, and Samir! Samir did a freaking back flip / b boy type of thing and it's hilarious! I kept replaying it and letting out belly laughs!

On another note, a co-worker of mine has been questioning people about her stapler! I try to not write about work related stuff but this really blew me. We are grown ass people. Who steals staplers? Talk about having a movie hit home... I was sitting at my desk laughing. She went on about this for 2 days and ended up taking someone else's stapler, writing her name on it, and daring anyone to question her. To make matters worse she's in her 30s. *sigh* People really should find some damn business!


I love fruit. Dried fruit, fresh fruit, organic fruit...it's all so good to me. Last night I was blown away by Papaya. I've had it dried and thought it tasted alright...but after last night and tasting it fresh - - GROSS! Papaya is the nastiest, most bland, boring fruit I've ever had. It's the fruit for those that don't like sugar... any hint of sugar or sweetness. It was horrible! I can't believe that this is really a fruit! Yuck. Be warned:

Dried Papaya = Good
Fresh Papaya = Disgusting

Jan 28, 2009

Reality Wrap-Up

Bad Girls Club - There's a new roommate! Ashley (21, Seattle) is the newest addition to the Bad Girls house and the ladies don't plan on giving her a warm welcome. Living up to their petty nature, they lock all the doors in the house and make Ashley wait outside. She finally figures out that she can walk around the back and gets in thru the patio. There is an awkward reception by the girls but Amber M. takes it upon herself to show Ashley around the house. Immediately, Ashely takes a liking to the Ambers and the division in the house continues to grow. Tiff, Ailea, Boston and Sarah start referring to themselves as the "fab 4" (not so sure what's fab about the 4 of them together) and seem kinda lame as they keep to themselves in the club, at restaurants, and around the house.

**sidenote: does anyone else think that the relationship between Ailea and her 50-something boyfriend is a strange mixture of creepy/cute?? He insists on them having an emotional connection and they have not been physical with one another yet. It's funny to watch him be kinda old. He comes over and just wants to lay around and talk! lol...**

While out eating, Joey (Real World Hollywood) walks by and Ashley flips into groupie mode (Real World castmates get groupies??? I'm puzzled by this...) She gives him her number and they end up hooking up later at the club and then the house. She insists that they didn't have sex because she "thinks he has a girlfriend" but that they did "pretty much everything else"... she then turns to the camera and says "Hi Joey's Girlfriend" and waves. Wow. The girls host a casino night at their house which threw me for a loop since the only people that seemed to come were Kevin (the 50-something guy Ailea met online and has been dating) and Greg (the miniature, muscle head that Amber M. has been hanging with). This was one of the most boring casino nights I've ever seen. Halfway thru the casino night diasaster, Ashley makes an announcement that they're going to Vegas the next morning. Everyone is really excited and for good reason... they get a chance to drink and party in Vegas and get out of their house!!!

Real Housewives of OC - It must be said that Jeana has the rudest sons ever. Those kids need to not just be slapped across the face (as Vicki suggested) but like, completely knocked out!!! While in Chicago, Vicki and Jeana went to her oldest son Shane's minor league baseball game (Kane County Cougars). Shane was a total prick to his mother and Vicki and with a few colorful words let them know that he didn't want them there. I just want to say that it's a sad thing to watch someone be mistreated by their kids. I think that Jeana created little monsters by allowing her estranged husband to treat her so poorly for so many years. These children grew up in that dysfunction and are repeating what they saw. Back in Orange County, the women are doing the typical things OC housewives do - play tennis, host cocktail parties, take your parents to get a face lift.. the usual. I am starting to like Lynne more and more. Her and Gretchen really balance out the other housewives and are a great addition to the show. The rest of the show was kind of a blur of pointless, random things... but like always, you can read more in their blogs

Jan 27, 2009

Adventures on the CTA: Road Rage Edition

I knew it wouldn't be long until the good ol' CTA provided me with more blog-worthy material. Today as I headed to work I was taken aback by the overly aggressiveness of my bus driver. Can anyone say road rage? He was slamming on the gas, slamming on the brakes, screaming at other cars, and even held down his horn for a solid 30 seconds as the taxi in front of him pulled over to pickup a fare. Now, I'm not sure what he has going on in his life to cause his anxiety/stress, and I really DO appreciate a driver not having molasses in their (you know what) so I can get to work quickly... but when you're driving up to 30+ people in a vehicle that doesn't come equipped with seat belts, you need to exercise some self control. Sometimes it can be funny to have a psycho driver and provide you with a few laughs, but today it made me feel uncomfortable and like "let me get the hell off this bus as soon as I can". The bus screeched to a stop at my job and I hopped off with a quickness. I turned around to see the bus hauling ass out of there only to screech to another quick stop a few feet away - - someone hadn't got off the bus quick enough. I shook my head as the driver began to pull away and steam roll down Michigan Ave.

I read an article in the Chicago Tribune yesterday that said the CTA puts a lot of pressure on their drivers to stay on schedule, etc... but they need to make sure that they're setting realistic goals because people's lives are valuable and drivers need to be safe.

I'm still undecided as to whether or not I'll formally make a complaint against the driver but for the time being here's a badge number: CTA #36340. If you come across this driver keep your eyes peeled on the road and stay alert. He may have just been having an off day (as we're all humans and entitled to that) but I want to give everyone a heads up!

Style Watch: Blonde Ambition

Winter must be coming to a close end because Beyonce has gone back blonde!!! Most people go dark in the winter and light in the summer... and I'm a fan of darker hair but it's nice to see our girl Beyonce getting out of her hair rut (rocking the basic, boring bump she's been doing lately... I liked it at first but was over it pretty quickly). Spotted at the LAX airport, Beyonce was rocking a cute pair of jeans, heels, a tee and jacket. I like this look. It's casual and laid back but still hot. I hope B keeps her hair like this for a while (or at the very least decides to keep switching things up with any of her gorgeous lace fronts).

Reality Wrap-Up

The City - The episode opens with one half of the boring, bland model couple (Allie) talking to Whitney about how her boyfriend Adam (2nd half of the boring model couple) is denying he ever kissed the random girl he took home from the club. I almost gouged my eyes out at the prospect of having to watch another episode center around Allie/Jay. They do nothing for me. Their storyline is played out. Model boyfriend cheats. Big deal. At work Whitney must've tripped and hit her head, briefly thinking she was back at Teen Vogue or People's Revolution with LC because she tried venting to Olivia. I was relieved to hear Olivia shut the gossip/rumor mill down by calling it "high school drama" and saying she didn't want to be involved in it or even hear it. Whitney just sat there looking stunned. How dare Olivia not want to hear the ins and outs of some boring couples ridiculous drama! Whitney tried explaining to her that she just "needed someone to talk to" and again Olivia shut that shit down. Olivia and her cousin Nevan are my favorite people on the show now. I love them. I'd almost prefer to watch a tv show about their lives. Did anyone else notice how scruffy Nevan is starting to look? I love that he has no job, bums around at his cousin's house all day and still manages to be a "social" in New York. Must be nice.

Daddy's Girls - This show has officially lost me. I had it on but I barely watched. From the bits and pieces I saw, I was able to conclude that as part of her research for an upcoming movie role Vanessa went speed dating. It seemed like she was extremely turned off by all of the guys that she met. Angela was on a different mission trying to be a biker chick. As a result of buying a pair of black biker boots, she decided to shop around for a bike with her cousin Jessica. Vanessa leaked this information back to their parents and Rev Run hopped on a plane and came to Cali. Long story short, Angela doesn't get a bike. (did anyone actually believe she'd be on one?) This was yet another waste of an episode. I feel like outside of weaves, nail polish and clothes... I have no reason to watch.

Jan 25, 2009


One look at this photo and I get all warm and fuzzy inside. Love is a beautiful thing and having an outstanding example of love, especially BLACK love, on display in the white house truly inspires me. It has been quite some time since we as Americans have had displays of affection (in the white house) for all of us to feast our eyes on. President Bush (both of them) didn't touch their wives and as for President Clinton, well... we know he was touching everyone BUT his wife. I am thrilled to see a couple that not only balances careers and children... but all the while manages to stay completely smitten with one another. This is not only a beautiful moment in history but for love too!

Jan 23, 2009

Reality Wrap-Up

Bad Girls Club - The 2 Ambers cook up the idea to prank the rest of the house by pretending that Taniesha (season 2 castmate) is the new roomie. After finding out that Taniesha would be at a local radio show, the Ambers head down to the station and crash the interview. They bring Taniesha back to the house and she plays along with the charade. Tiffany seems the most uneasy about the possibility of having Taniesha in the house. She states that she may have "met her match." I was actually excited about the idea that Taniesha could come back into the house. I loved her over-the-top theatrics in season 2 and was counting on her to breathe some life into the season 3 house. After Taniesha leaves the girls head to the beach and get a surf lesson. The Ambers are back to acting like sluts and has anyone else picked up on the fact that that Amber M. is a lowkey hoe? lol... When she was at the club that night she takes this guy into the bathroom and tries to give him a blow job... only to accidentally use her teeth. The funny part is when they come out of the bathroom she asks if it was good for the guy and he says "not so much"! Ouch! That seriously has to hurt. To give bad head... and then to make all that effort in a dirty club bathroom AND have the guy say it was bad in front of all your friends! Womp womp. The episode ends with Amber B. getting sloppy drunk and puking everywhere and the other girls getting into a fight in the back of the limo. I'm not sure what they were even fighting about but Boston was in the mix. She's a bit wack to me. I don't get her... nor is she interesting enough to put any effort into understanding.

Real Housewives of Orange County - I tried watching this episode and really had no clue what was going on. I was glad to see that Gretchen didn't have anything happen with Tamra's creepy 23yo son, Ryan. The ladies also went to Fred Segal to design their own perfume. While in the store they came across overpriced vibrators that were the size of one of your fingers...length and width! How sad... and they tried to encrust one with diamonds. No amount of diamonds could ever make a vibrator the size of your finger a worthwhile thing. What else - - Vicki fell down after receiving an award at her Letip meeting. That was slightly funny. Lately Vicki has been coming off like a major bitch so I didn't mind seeing her eat it briefly. This epsidoe was fairly low key for me. I have discovered that the women blog on the Bravo TV website about each episode. I'm a Gretchen fan. She is so energetic and positive... a great thing for the show! I urge everyone to check out the blogs and get some more insight into the women that entertain us for an hour every Tuesday night.

Jan 21, 2009

And the foolishness begins...

Like all Americans (and many people around the world) I'm thrilled to have a new President and a fresh perspective in the white house. There are many ways to express your sense of pride and excitement and it was only time until people came out with hood ideas. I managed to tolerate the bootleg t-shirts that popped up everywhere, some not even resembling President Obama at all... but gold/silver "Obama" chains? I think this idea should get scrapped ASAP.

While I'm on my little rant let me just throw out a few other products that I think we could all do without:

1. Official Dirty Dancing workout dvd

2. Sham-Wow

3. Snuggie

Jan 19, 2009

Reality Wrap-Up

I must say that the most exciting thing on TV tonight was the preview for the next season of Making The Band which will begin airing again on Feb. 12th. I love how Diddy yelled into the camera that he wasn't letting anyone out of their contract. Priceless. This new season should be extremely entertaining and I'm anxious to see what happens with Danity Kane, Day26, and Donnie (I wonder if he'll get dropped from the label...did anyone buy his album?)

The City - Tonight's episode was extremely disappointing for me. It started out with Olivia and her Nevan talking about how he needs to get a "real 9 to 5" and a place to stay - as he has been crashing on couches. Ever the great cousin, she tells him that he can stay as long as he NEVER has girls over unless she approves ... and the most important - no girls wearing her clothes.

Whitney is still rocking that braid/twist thing - ugh.

Adam/Allie are introduced to us and I must say that their romance/storyline is really not that interesting to me. They're like this bland, model couple...very boring.

What else happened this episode ... Allie went out of town for a Diesel photo shoot and while the cat's away the mice will play. In this case, Adam, being the typical guy, goes out with the boys for a guy's night out which turns into an 7am party back at his place with some chicks they met at the club. Of course he supposedly makes out with 1 of the girls and this info conveniently gets back to Whitney which goes to Jay and from Jay to Adam. When he picks up Allie from the airport he tells her. (Gosh, even recounting what happened this episode is making me yawn).

I wish this episode would have focused more on Whitney or Olivia. I'm actually starting to like Olivia and her cousin Nevan. They're fun to watch and whether she seems suspect or not, at least she's not like watching paint dry.

Daddy's Girls - This show really isn't about anything. I swear I'm only watching at this point to see what kind of weaves they're rocking. In the beginning of the episode the girls are paid a visit by their uncle, Russel Simmons. I love that he visited the girls to remind them not to mess up the company or their money - not to mention letting Vanessa know that she was on "some real Jessica Simpson shit" by saying the cellulose in maple syrup was what caused cellulite. This entire episode was about their cousin Jessica's need for a car, particularly a company car, and the girls being faced with the decision to host parties at a club or stick with the relationship they've established with the Girl Scouts of America. They were offered "good money" to host parties at this LA club, Vice. Now, I can't speak for everyone but would you really be in a mad dash to the club just because they were hosting a party? Didn't think so... The girls decided to pass on the club money and invest in their growing relationship with the Girl Scouts. They also were able to get Jessica the company car that she wanted. They wrapped a Mercedes with "pastry" stuff and that way it can be a "company car" (and a tax write-off).

Tool Academy (Monday nights on VH1) - Knocking Bromance out of the running for my new guilty pleasure reality tv show is VH1's Tool Academy. Under the guise of competing in the "Mr. Awesome" competition (yes, people will audition for ANY type of show to be on TV) a group of guys are brought to a mansion and think they're in a regular tv competition...that is until they're all faced with their girlfriends! It turns out that it's the "tool academy" and the goal is to rehab these toolish boyfriends into gentlemen. Maybe I like the show because it deals with the many complexities of everyday relationships... or possibly because I love using the word "tool" and am glad to see that VH1 has caught on. The guys use their real names but are also given names like "Tiny Tool", "Naked Tool", "Party Tool" and "Slacker Tool". So far the show has been entertaining and I think would be perfect for young couples to watch together (20-somethings). Each episode the couples deal with topics like fidelity, communication, and humility... and each week a "tool" is voted off. Upon leaving the house the girlfriends are waiting at the limo and must decide if they're going to continue dating their tool. If you have some time on a Monday night turn to VH1 and check it out.

Vacation update

My vacation is almost over but I'm still enjoying the 70 degree weather, sunshine, and palm trees of Arizona. I almost forgot what it was like to have to drive yourself EVERYWHERE. I mean, if you don't have a car going down the street 4 blocks will be a huge task and you can easily feel stranded. Since I've been enjoying my time with my family, friends, and dog I haven't been on a regular posting schedule.. but hope to get back to my usual postings by next week.

In addition to relaxing I've been back and forth at the dentist's office. 1 root canal, 1 crown, and 3 fillings later and I'm best friends with vicodin and soft food. Man, I didn't think fillings could be so unpleasant. Everyone, please visit your dentist regularly! I think that dental visits are all about preventative care. I feel lucky to have found 2 wonderful dentists in Arizona. If you're looking for a great general dentist:

Dr. Robert Clark
Four Peak Family Dentistry
3666 N. Miller Rd., Suite 109
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

and if you're in need of a root canal, I have a wonderful endodontist referral for you:

Dr. I. Robert Matloff
Associated Endodontists
1747 E. Morton Avenue, Suite 201
Phoenix, AZ 85020

And I must thank my friends that have been making this vacation tons of fun....

(L-R) Me, Sami Jo, LaRicia, Kristin, Jessica, Kym and Reva

And of course my BFFs Jessica (above) and LaRicia (below)

Jan 15, 2009


After hours of working, packing, nervously checking my flight status every 30 minutes, and rushing to the airport, I finally made it to Arizona. I'm in my home and relaxing with my family for the next week! This was the perfect time to escape the bone chilling weather in Chicago and relax in the AZ sun. As the plane was landing it hit me that I hadn't see the actual sky in so long. I've been staring at nothing but clouds, snows and crappy weather for the last 2 months. Tonight as I walked my dog I looked up and saw the stars! Gosh, it was an amazing sight. I'm kind of a nerd when it comes to space. I could stare into the night sky for hours...it's a very overwhelming, inspiring feeling to glance up and realize how small you are in the world. I'm going to still try and blog while I'm out here - - writing is relaxing for me (not to mention I told myself I'd blog everday this year). So I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week...I'll for sure be enjoying mine!

Jan 13, 2009

Reality Wrap-Up

Bad Girls Club (Oxygen) - Let's see... the episode starts with the girls needing to come up on some cash so they head to a lingerie store where they're told they'll be picking their favorite outfit and then walking Hollywood Blvd. - - all to see who can generate the most business for the store. The winner will get $300! Kayla tries to buy her way into the winner's spot but thru hard rock Amber M. won fair and square. Later on, the girls do their usual MO of going out but this time to a black club. During the course of the night the Ambers are apparently choked out in the bathroom by a group of dykes and of course run back to their castmates and let them know what happened. Immediately Tiffany and Kayla go into "I wish a bitch would" mode. The girls all blow up, exchange their fair share of "bitches", "hoes", and "fuck yous" and end the night being kicked out of the club, shoved into their limo and ushered home. Tiffany instantly feels bad because Marcus, the slightly wack guy she's been talking to, saw a different side of her (she was throwing up her chi-town C's while standing on top of the limo...yes, ON TOP OF THE LIMO and cursing all types of people out). Marcus tells her that he needs to take another call and that's the end of that. I must add that in the beginning of the show she called her boyfriend Skeet (Umm...no comment on that nickname) and asked what he was doing... his answer: "Rolling this blunt and cleaning my gat" (**CRICKETS**) I've never understood the appeal that hood ass guys like that have to some women. That answer alone screams hood ass operation to me. What else - - Oh yeah, Kayla and Amber M. get into a fight in the car (Kayla thru the first punch, Amber instigated the fight) and ends up packing her bags and going home... not because she was told to go home, asked to go home, or even sat down and talked about the situation to the other girls. She left on her own and I was happy to see her exit. She's been extremely immature during the show and it'll be nice to see someone else that isn't as much of a pathetic train wreck fill her shoes..which brings me to the teaser we saw at the end of the episode... it looks like TANIESHA is back! What? I'm not sure if she's just visiting or if she comes bearing gifts (and by gifts I'm referring to luggage...lol...) so I'll stay tuned to next week's episode and fill everyone in!

Real Housewives of Orange County (Bravo) - I like Gretchen. I think that she's young, full of personality, beautiful and that intimidates most of the other women. Tamra throws a dinner party at her house (after completing an etiquette course which was suggested to her by her husband) and her main goal is to get Gretchen wasted. According to Tamra she wants to get Gretchen "wasted. naked wasted." I think that this was definitely a way to sabotage Gretchen and get her to act a fool. Tamra's son Ryan (23yo) was all over Gretchen and who can blame him? But Gretchen, despite seeming extremely wasted managed to blurt out to Ryan that she couldn't hook up because she was "engaged to a really great man" and then we were hit with the "to be continued"... I don't think anything will happen between the two...but of course I'll be watching next week to see how the story plays out. On another note, I couldn't stop noticing Vicki's face the entire dinner. She was so out of her element and uncomfortable with Gretchen's drunken state. I think the real issue is that Vicki isn't getting laid by her husband (Don - pictured left) and with Gretchen at the table (drunk and beautiful) all of the men were blushing and trying their best to not give her all of their attention. I'm "Team Gretchen" and want to see how her character develops on the show!

Adventures on the CTA

I was heading to work this morning (early might I add) when this guy stepped onto the bus. I was mortified to see his gym shoes, pulled up white socks, white shorts - - yes shorts in the freaking winter, white tee with a basketball rim, and his Al Sharpton inspired perm (to make things worse his hair was highlighted gold) ... and the kicker is that he wasn't wearing a jacket! It's January in Chicago and besides being under a blizzard watch, there is snow on the ground and a chill in the air.

Thanks to being back in action with my blackberry I was able to snap a few pics. My favorite is when after getting off of the bus we passed him standing outside and he looked like some tragic victim of photoshop. Everyone else is bundled up except for him.

Now, I don't know this guy's story or why in the world he was prancing around town like this but to make this story a little heartwarming it does encourage you to donate some clothes - especially during the winter months. I have 2 big bags of things to take to Goodwill and urge everyone to follow suit. We must all do our part to try and prevent instances like this hot mess from walking the streets!

Jan 12, 2009

Loves It

I'm watching the Tyra Show right now (I know, I know...I've sworn off watching this show a thousand times...) and Tyra was absolutely hilarious! She's talking about her new show coming out with Ashton Kutcher called "True Beauty" and she had the judges, Vanessa Manilo and Nole Marin, on. Well, they were talking about their personal beauty tips. Vanessa said lots of water and sleep. Nole said tons of cream. Tyra chimed in with "sunscreen" and then let loose following that up with "concealer, a great foundation, lashes, a wig or some weave, lip gloss, lip liner..." It was priceless. Though it was only a small, humorous moment it really made me let out a belly laugh and kinda like Tyra again. She gets to be a bit much at times...kind of like a friend that you need to take in with small dosages...but I think I like her again. *sigh*

Reality Wrap-Up

The City - Whitney was busy working at Diane Von Furstenburg while Oliva, her co-worker, seemed to be extremely out of place. I'm convinced that she only got this "job" because of MTV but could she at least pretend to be qualified ... and considering yourself a "social" does not count. Erin sent her boyfriend back to Toronto and made sure to stress that she enjoyed having things be long distance and thought him moving to New York only for their relationship would put a lot of pressure on them. After hearing about Whitney's lunch date with some random guy in the DVF accounting department , Jay stepped up on the plate and asked Whitney to be his girlfriend. The highlight of the episode for me was watching Whitney put her clothes into the closet. She has a cute style...though I really want to snatch that braid/twist thing she constantly does out of her head!

Please note the hideous braid/twist thing that drives me insane!!!

Daddy's Girls - I'm still holding onto the hope that this show is going to magically get really good. This episode wasn't really about anything. Yes, Vanessa and Angela were slightly overbearing and foreceful with their attempt to make their cousin over, but her storming out of the salon was over the top. If Angela and Vanessa wanted to pay for my weave and clothes for a makeover I'd be all smiles! Alycia was going back and forth with some guy they kept referring to as "skinny jeans" and feeling as though she broke "the code" (going back to a loser guy after you've drained your friends talking about how wack he is) Angela went to a spy store to get gadgets and gizmos to spy on her. It was a really immature thing to me and a waste of money. My friends go back and forth with guys all the time but best believe I'm not going to a spy shop to drop cash on BS gadgets. What else - - Jessica was all "Team Alycia" and sent Angela and Vaness on a send off mission to Catalina as a form of "payback". Ummm...yeah, this was another pointless part of the show. Things are starting to look grim but I really want this show to improve. I'm a fan of the sisters (or maybe slightly envious of the lifestyle they lead...or their ability to change up their weaves at the drop of a dime...lol)... nevertheless, I'm hoping next week's episode doesn't disappoint.

Jan 11, 2009

Fashion: 2009 Golden Globes

I'm watching the 2009 Golden Globes and reminded how nice it is to see Hollywood get dressed up and come out to eat, drink and network with their peers. Where do I sign up for that life?

Hayden Panettiere had great makeup. I don't think I'll ever get tired of the smokey eye / nude lip combo. It looks stunning on her. The hair pulled to the side and simple jewelry is right on the mark.

This photograph of Drew Barrymore's dress didn't do it any justice. On camera she had an amazing glow and bounce in her step. I thought that this was the perfect choice for her.

Demi Moore is an ageless beauty. Her dress was nice to me, but I was more impressed by the incredible shape Demi has maintained. She looked fantastic and her skin is like butter.

Eva Mendes is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. She's an underrated actress but she definitely stood out in this white gown. The huge bow would have overpowered most but she pulled this look off.

Beyonce! I'm so glad that she got her act together after rocking that hideous sweater dress/shawl combo at the "Notorious" premiere. Beyonce looked stunning in this dress. The cut is typical Beyonce but she holds her own on the red carpet. On a sidenote, I'm sure her and Jay-Z were all over this place networking and trying to finagle B into another film project!

Jan 10, 2009

Best Life: Sex 101

The Oprah show has been featuring their "best life" series this week. Last night I sat in amazement as I watched various couples on stage openly discussing their sex lives, or lack thereof. One story that stood out was a married couple of 24 years in which the wife had not had an orgasm in 20 years. Yes, you read that right - - 20 years! It was somewhat heartbreaking to see this woman sitting there opening up to the world about everything that wasn't happening in her bedroom. I glanced at her husband...how embarrassing to have your wife putting you on blast in front of millions that you weren't handling business. Oprah brought on Dr. Laura Berman who counseled the various couples. Here are her 5 tips to a better sex life:

1. Tell the truth - Of course you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings but you have to be honest. If it wasn't that great, you didn't climax, etc...put it out there.

2. Ask for what you want - You can't really complain about your sex life is you're not vocalizing what it is that you want. You have to throw your spouse a bone. Nobody is a mind reader...ask and you shall receive.

3. Let Go - Dr. Berman stressed the need to let go of any negative messages you've heard about sex (i.e. "good girls don't do this", etc...)

4. See the Doctor - Dr. Berman suggested that if you think there's a real problem you shouldn't hesitate to see your doctor. Most medical issues can be fixed.

5. Make your sex life a priority - Even though planned sexual encounters can seem unromantic, Dr. Berman urged that relying on spontaneity doesn't work in long term relationships. If you plan to set aside at least one or two days a week that will be focused on building and nurturing your sex life, you will start to notice changes in other areas as well.

Jan 9, 2009

Adventures on the CTA: Hood Operation

Tonight I experienced something like no other - - the #12 bus! Wow. This bus is like stepping into a space ship straight into the land of ghetto, hood operations! First off, my bus driver (though he was really friendly) smelled like cigarettes, wait...loose squares...yes! He smelled like loose squares and lollipops! Now, this is a strange combo but he was sucking on a lollipop as I boarded the bus...and he had probably finished smoking a few loose squares so it made a bit of sense. The ride was going well until we pulled up to the train. That's where things took a hood turn. I thought that my many rides on the #3 and #4 (which service the South Side) had prepared me for the eccentric personalities on the bus -- not so much. I didn't know if we were at the train station or doing a pickup at 26th & California (for my non-Chicago folks that's where the cook county jail is). Busses that travel to the West side are no joke. The folks on there are so rough they make you want to clutch your purse and looks straight forward. Maybe I'm being tough on them...but when people openly smoke joints at the bus stop, talk about their PO's (parole officers) and how their "court cases have them fucked up" it makes you question why you really took the bus instead of just driving - - or maybe that's just me. Moving along, I was thrilled when my stop came up and flew off the bus. All in all, it was a unique experience. I really didn't believe that the bus could be so hood...Folks, we really must do better!

Adventures on the CTA: Foolywang Edition

Where do I begin....

I've come to terms that the CTA provides countless moments of entertainment and I've learned to make the most out of my daily rides by taking in the sights and sounds of my fellow passengers...they never disappoint.

Today as we approached Michigan/Balbo, I looked out the window and noticed a guy standing at the bus stop...rolling a cigarette. Really? What year is it? People still roll cigarettes...at the bus stop? On a cold winter day during a snow storm? I was beyond baffled. Not to mention this guy had to be in his mid/late 60s and was still stuck in some 70s time warp.

With the cold temps I've tried my best to ignore the flashy furs that men throw on. After my bus ride to work this morning I must draw the line. I walked onto the bus and observed a guy - he stood out for all the wrong reasons. First, I noticed his eyes...he was rocking green contacts. (insert my eye roll here...dark skinned guys and colored contacts is wrong). He was rocking a brown "fur" (it was fake) and his nails...well, he had a full acrylic set with an American manicure. I tried to stop myself from laughing - - it was extremely hard. I wish the nightmare stopped there...but get this, he was also rocking a COCKTAIL ring on his left hand ring finger. I understand metro sexual. I like metro sexual...but this was something completely different. I don't know what it's called but it must be stopped.

Men - keep wearing your furs, rock your colored contacts (though I may throw up in my mouth) but please leave the acrylic nails and cocktails rings to the ladies. There's no need to play dress up...at 10am...on the CTA. Obviously you're on your way somewhere but it's not a good look.

**sidenote: Maybe he worked at the Forever21 on Michigan/Grand. All the guys that work there are, ummm fierce? lol...**

Jan 8, 2009

Me No Likey

I'm adamant that wealthy celebrities have no excuse to look a mess - especially when their image is their business. Beyonce stepped out to the "Notorious" movie premiere last night in this get up. I'm disappointed in her. She looked a mess to me. I don't like the sloppy look of the dress, the shawl is...well, is it part of the dress or separate? Her hair didn't seem to be done...and if that's a lace front, umm...I just know. Beyonce usually kills the fashion game on the red carpet so I'm not used to seeing her look so thrown together. What do you think?

Beyonce at the premiere last night

Typical "Red Carpet" Beyonce

Jan 7, 2009

Random Ramblings

I just realized that I have a new favorite picture. This is a picture of me and 2 of my bffs at my birthday/going away party this past summer. I had a wonderful night. (I'm on the right)

I can't watch tv without seeing the preview for The Unborn. I'm all about scary movies but this movie seems ridiculous. On top of that, where do they find these creepy ass kids to play in these movies? Really...the kid in the preview is slightly warped and theatrical make-up aside, he does look scary..ghastly, if you will.

I know that it's the start of the new year and everyone is all charged about sticking to their resolutions...but damn! The gym is SO crowded now. I mean, people are out of control at the gym. I've been going a lot lately and these classes have been kicking my ass. I hit a dead end working out on my own. A person can only handle so much of the treadmill and weight lifting. Attending various classes has really rejuvenated my exercise regime. Also, I've been eating healthy...or as I like to say, smarter, lately. I'm starting to realize that I hate chicken. I'm bored with salmon and other fish as well. I really have been OD'ing on salads, some soups...doing my best to avoid steak, pork chops, etc like the plague. It'd be nice to have a personal chef.

Just as I was getting back to enjoying driving my car around the city the snow has hit once again. Now, my car is parked on the side of the road, covered in snow (along with a ton of other cars). I really need to invest in a garage spot.

I love HGTV. I think my mother's obession with all things real estate, home improvement and interior desing rubbed off on me. I could literally sit at home and watch HGTV all day long.

I was anti watching the new season of The Real World but while laying on the couch it happened to be on. I watched. lol...I'm not a fan...yet, but it's not that bad. Of course they have the token black girl. She was pretty lowkey this first episode. I'm not sure what her deal is yet. They have a post-op trangendered person...a soldier who was in Iraq, a Mormom, a gay guy who works at Sea World, some white chick that wants to pursue being a hip hop dancer, the token black chick, a gym hoe (personal trainer)and the edgy white girl with the bob and tats. I will commend MTV for at least putting together a more intellectual stimulating cast - in the sense that there is no "dumb blonde". This may be a show to check out and since it's on MTV you know they'll have about a million reruns.

I've done my good deed for the month. Our neighbor left their car lights on and I did the nice thing and told them! There's nothing worse than getting into your car in the dead of winter and having your battery be drained.

Nip Tuck

Following up to my blog yesterday about plastic surgery - I was speaking with the same friend today and found out that our friend going under the knife has already had her chin done (in addition to her nose) and was considering lipo too. Now, the reason this is so humorous to me is because she is a beautiful girl. Really, she is...and not in the "I only say that because she's my friend" type of way. Whenever I've looked at her in the past I didn't see anything that plastic surgery needed to fix. So, here she is going on her 3rd plastic surgery and she's not even 25yo yet. It made me think about how addictive plastic surgery can be and how if you're not secure in yourself it's kind of like a gateway drug to driving you insane. Before you know it, nothing will be good enough and you'll be dropping all type of dough to have this nipped and that tucked.

Where am I going with this? I think everyone just needs to take some time out and embrace themselves for who they are, flaws included. We are our own worst critics but you need to learn to be your own cheerleader as well!

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