Oct 29, 2010

N♥il Art: Creamy Fall/Winter Tones

One of my favorite nail polish blogs, All you Desire, recently showed off a stunning shade from SpaRitual's Fall 2010 Imagine Collection called A world of Compassion. This creamy color is the perfect marriage of blue/purple with gray undertones.

I've toned down the nail art as of late, instead opting to rock classic nudes and subtle tones. Once I saw this shade I was instantly obsessed and started trying to hunt it down. I wasn't familiar with SpaRitual and was slightly disappointed to discover they're only sold in salons. Of course that wasn't going to hold me back so I put on my thinking cap, headed to Ulta and searched for a comparable shade.

I hit the jackpot with CHI's "In Between the Sheets". Now, this is my first time using any of the nail lacquer's from CHI but so far so good. It's not an exact match, but this shade works great with my skin tone so I'm a happy camper.

Oct 28, 2010

Blog Updates

While living in Chicago I enjoyed writing about my funny and oftentimes random Adventures on the CTA. Now that I'll be calling South Carolina home for the next 2 years I've decided to bring everyone along as I try my hand at living the Southern Belle kind of life with "Adventures in Belledom".

In addition to adjusting to life in the South, I'm also a "Newly Nesting" newlywed. Sounds like a tongue twister lol... but I hope to share my journey at adjusting to married life with my husband.

These are 2 of the new blog series which I'm excited to start writing about. Like always you can expect some hair, reality tv and random thoughts posting sprinkled in the mix, but I hope to try and gain some more focus with my blog for the coming year!

Oct 25, 2010

Hello World...

Okay, so I've been out of the blogging loop for about a good 2 weeks now! My girlfriend got married, my husband got back from Afghanistan and last week we started the 2000 mile journey to our new home. In short, life started happening and I've been trying to tread water through all of this stuff. We're currently in the midst of our move, but I finally found some time to give my blog some TLC and a much needed quality post. I don't think I've ever gone this long without posting consistently.

Now that I'm calling South Carolina home I must say that I was in HEAVEN when I visited my local Target. Having lived in Arizona for quite some time I got used to stores not catering to black anything. Imagine my surprise when I walked into Target and was greeted by every black hair care product known to man... an entire aisle devoted to black hair care!!!

Turning the corner things only got better when I saw all of the natural hair care products on display. My curls started to dance.... None of the Arizona Target stores have a setup like this and it was beyond refreshing. I dropped to my knees and started thanking the heavens for blessing my strands with this type of hair candy.

I've been dying to try all of the curly hair products that Target now carries and will be going full blown product junkie in the coming weeks. Please expect to see a few hair posts.

Oct 21, 2010

On the road again...

My husband is back from Afghanistan (Thank God) and we're finally settling into married life in the South! I must say that I never thought I could learn to appreciate the South because let's face it... the North is a million times better lol... but I have already begun to develop a soft spot in my heart for this new place I'm calling home.

We're in the process of moving the rest of our things from AZ over the next few weeks so my blog posts will probably continue to be non-existent lol... I can't wait until I'm back to writing normally again.

Oct 12, 2010


I'm still recovering from all of the wonderful wedding festivities from this past weekend. I have tons of blog worthy material but writing it would require my eyes to be able to stay open for more than an hour. Maybe by Friday I can get some posts done, but for now I'm still catching up on sleep. I can say that I had an amazing time!!!

Bachelorette Party!!!

Wedding Day!!!

Oct 7, 2010

Weekend Wedding

In a few hours I'm headed to Houston to celebrate in the wedding festivities of my former AZ partner in crime, Jessica! I'm happy to be a part of her special day and make sure she has no flyaways in her hair or lipstick on her teeth lol. This is my first time being a bridesmaid and though I'm the shortest one (when am I not the shortest person lol) I hope to have the biggest amount of fun. I'm excited to get a break from AZ, see my friends, and partake in some bachelorette party mischief! Good times are sure to be had by all....

Congrats Jessica & Kyle!!!

Oct 6, 2010

TV Junkie: Tuesday Night

Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel (10p Tru TV)

This is a guilty pleasure show for me. If you've ever wondered what Rehab parties are like @ the Hard Rock hotel, this show gives you a vip look at how everything goes down. Watch as Matt (possibly the world's most rude, asshole of a boss) manages his crew and strives for perfection and higher numbers.

House of Glam (9p Oxygen)

If you're a fan of fashion/pr reality shows then this is going to make you happy. Rachel Zoe already had her season finale and Kelly Cutrone isn't due to start yet, so you get quench your thirst with House of Glam. The new addition to Oxygen after Bad Girls Club, House of Glam follows the B. Lynn Group as their stylists, hair and makeup team navigate the world of entertainment and all things fab. Their only 1 episode into the season and I'm already a fan! I love the diversity in personalities, the jobs that are booked and production quality. The only thing that could make this show better would be for Oxygen to get an HD channel.

Other shows to watch:
1) Flipping Out (7p Bravo)
2) Bad Girls Club (9p Bravo) - Natalie Nunn is back in 2 weeks!!! Watch her try and run MIA

Oct 5, 2010

N♥il Art: Back to Basics

This weekend I was on the hunt for a neutral, khaki color to rock this fall and like always Essie was my go-to brand. I ended up picking "Jazz" which is a creamy, beige tone and ended up looking better than I thought it would. The wedding I'm in this weekend calls for natural looking nails and I'm going to rock this shade.

I love Fall colors but I'm not one for all the dark and dreary tones on my nails. I love this khaki shade because it works for fall but still makes me smile when I glance down.

What colors are you sporting this season?

TV Junkie: Monday Night

Real Housewives of Atlanta (7p Bravo)

It's time for some Southern drama, Atlanta style! The new season of Real Housewive's of Atlanta started Monday night and the theatrics were in full effect... and not just Sheree's attempt at taking acting classes. First off, has anyone noticed how all these women are surrounded by their gay best friends? I guess this would be hard to avoid living in Atlanta. Anyways, the shit was already hitting the fan in the new episode with Nene and Greg having marital problems and Dwight spreading rumors about both her and Sheree. The funniest thing? Sheree claiming that if Dwight had any money to loan out to someone he'd go ahead and get his nose fixed!!! I was belly laughing... gotta love Nene for her fabulous 1-liners. "Who doesn't want to breathe?" *dead*

The ladies headed to the B Chic shoe party and was I the only one wondering where the cute shoes were? Most of those shoes were hideous... seasons old designer shoes or not... I'd pass. The highlight was Nene getting in Dwight's face, handing him the $500 check... him tearing it up into pieces and tossing it in the air, and Nene appearing seconds away from knocking him out!

On to Phaedra, one of the newest additions... I like her. Why? Because she has a legit career, her own money and success... made her husband sign a pre-nup and overdoses on colorful eyeliner!! Not to mention she hasn't let pregnancy throw a monkey wrench in her fashion plans. I think the Southern Belle act is over the top but I'm looking forward to seeing if she grows on me.

Lisa being gone hasn't stopped the show and in all honesty Kandi could probably leave too and I wouldn't notice...

90210 (8p CW)

Is anyone else wondering how Ivy's annoying houseguest Oscar can hang around the high school like he's a student there? On top of that, is Evan Ross Michael Jackson's son? Lord... he looks just like him. Onto the show... Dixon finds out that his ex Sasha tested HIV positive... all while Ivy is waiting in her bedroom to lose her virginity to him *the plot thickens* Adriana's new manager is next level creepy... I'd almost rather watch her confess to stealing Javier's songs than see their creepy interaction.

Dancing with the Stars (7p ABC)

Kyle Massey and Lacey are still my favorites!!! Period. I voted for them. Hope they make it another week.

Ones to Watch:
1) World of Jenks (10p MTV)
2) Thintervention (7p Bravo)
3) Little People, Big World (530p TLC)

Oct 4, 2010

TV Junkie: Sunday Night

La La's Full Court Wedding (930p VH1)

I'm all for reality TV but for some reason I just can't get with this show. It's hard to put my finger on exactly what isn't working for me, but La La comes across a bit unnatural in front of reality cameras. I don't doubt her love for her husband Carmelo, her ability to be a great mom, or balance her career, friends and family... but I'm not convinced that this reality show is going to take her to a new level. She's kind of lukewarm and bland... nothing about this show is interesting other than ALL of the celebrity cameos - - and there are a TON of them. Basically I watch this show to see her friends lol... Ciara, Kim Kardashian, Kelly Rowland, Tyrese, Ludacris... the list goes on and on.

The Glades (9p A&E)

Think dramatic cop show meets slight romantic comedy - - sounds like it could be a recipe for disaster but this show does it right. I can honestly say that this show features the first ensemble cast to have such genuine chemistry and make TV fun since the 1st season of Grey's Anatomy. This show has tons of twists and turns and each episode will draw you further into the world of detective Jim Longworth. He's fresh out of Chicago and making a name for himself in Florida. The season finale just aired Sunday night, but be sure to catch re-runs until Season 2 begins.

Ones to Watch:
1) Keeping up with the Kardashians (7p E!)
2) The Spin Crowd (730p E!)
3) Mel B: It's a Scary World (8p Style Network)

Interior Ideas

In 2 weeks my husband and I will be moving into our new home (away from home). We're still keeping our house in Arizona, but we'll be calling this lovely apartment home until his contract with the Air Force is finished. I'm excited about being able to take this space and turn it into something that works for us. It's a 955 sq ft 1bd/1ba + loft. I'm thrilled to have 20 ft ceilings in the living area and 2 stories of windows :) but I'm still trying to figure out furniture placement. I'm obsessed with interior design and know many of you out there have design talent. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

The living room is 14'6" x 19'13" (window to kitchen island) and features a spiral staircase to the 2nd floor loft. The bedroom is 12'9" x 12"3". I'm not thrilled with the lack of closet space, but this is an apartment so you can't get it all. IKEA is going to be my new best friend as we try to furnish this place on a budget... but I do have hopes of painting some walls, adding art and documenting all progress for my blog.

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