Dec 25, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015

I'm not a particularly festive person, but I had the most random dream last night. I dreamt that I was sitting in-between my grandmother's legs and she was combing my hair. Mind you, this never actually happened in real life with my grandmother while she was alive. Anyways, she was trying to tell me a story of historical significance to our family, but I woke up before she could finish and I woke up with the funniest feeling -- just instantly feeling like I needed to celebrate Christmas NOT really for myself, but as a way of honoring all of those who have left and aren't here to celebrate.

I've never bought into the commercialized hype of how materialistic Christmas has become, but the focus on family, love, and togetherness has always been important to me. There was something about waking up still feeling the warmth, security, and just overall feeling of love I had in my dream that really made me smile. And I should note that while my grandmother was alive  (maternal side) she wasn't necessarily known for her warm touch lol. I think that's why I was so blown away by the comfort I felt in my dream.

With that said, Happy holidays to everyone across the Globe using this time to reflect on their blessings, celebrate the loved ones in their lives, and turn up OR down. I woke up this morning and spent time walking the water with Khaleesi, taking in nature and meditating on the year we've had. I'm also spending my Christmas day watching Netflix/Hulu, double-fisting wine AND eggnog, and regretting on now buying more snacks when I was at the grocery store yesterday. Domino's is closed. My heart is aching lol.

Merry Christmas.

Dec 23, 2015

The Force Awakens #StarWars (No Spoilers)

During Christmas 2013, I finally decided to power through all of the Star Wars movies and see what the hype was about. It was a marathon session for sure, but I had a ton of time off work and was happy to binge watch something new.

My final verdict? The original ones (Episode IV, V & VI) were dope. The newer ones (Episode I-III) were just okay. If I was telling you about them via text, I'd probably say "meh" or "bleh" lol. Something about Hayden Christensen's acting was really distracting.

3 hr wait = eating a pizza
Anyways, I know a bunch of people are clueless as to why Star Wars is so big, don't understand the cult following, or why "Episode VII: The Force Awakens"matters. I assure you that, as a former member of the "I haven't seen Star Wars and I don't care about it at all" club, even if you are all *crickets* about the movies, you should at least give the new one a chance.

We snagged IMAX 3D tickets to Episode VII: The Force Awakens back in early November. The tickets sold out like crazy, but we got ours -- the only caveat? We would be viewing it at the Pacific Science Center IMAX which has one of the top 5 IMAX screens in the country but does NOT allow for assigned seating. Womp. That meant we had to get there EARLY if we wanted to get good seats... really good seats since we were going to see the movie in IMAX 3D. I mean, have you ever gone to see an IMAX or 3D movie and had a terrible seat? It's the worst.

So, I called the theater earlier in the day of our showing. They confirmed that the doors would open 4 hours before the show and that people had been coming around 3 hours before. She also told me to not bother coming if it was later than 2 hours before the show since it'd be so packed and the seats would more than likely suck. Shoutout to that chick and her priceless advice.

Lines = selfies
Where was I going with all of this -- the movie was really good. Go see it. Mod Pizza was clutch and held me down during the 3 hr wait. I also put 2 slices into my purse for the movie. #ThugLife lol. Oh yeah and always use the bathroom before the movie lol. I made sure to look up the movie length before it started. It was about 2.5 hrs and I knew I'd need to go ahead and break the seal before we went in.

Have you seen the movie yet? What'd you think?

Dec 17, 2015

Custom Gold Diamond Script Necklace (via @sydneyevan)

I've never bought myself a piece of expensive jewelry, but that is all about to change -- I've found the most beautiful gold jewelry that needs to be mine -- the custom diamond script necklace from Sydney Evan!

My heart actually skipped a beat when I saw her jewelry in Neiman Marcus. It was gold, gorgeous, and eclectic! I've never experienced a designer whose pieces... every single piece... resonated with me. Rosanne Karnes, the founder of the brand, is officially my jewelry spirit animal.

I've decided that I'll invest in my first piece of "fancy" jewelry in 2016. The price makes me scrunch my face up a bit -- it'll be about $1610 for my name (not including tax/shipping) -- but I can't wait! I've had 3 gold nameplate necklaces to date (5 if you count the gold bar necklaces), but I've yet to have a REAL gold, diamond necklace. This is the personification of my gold accessory dreams come to life.

To see more of Sydney Evan's gorgeous designs check out the Instagram page.




Dec 13, 2015

Day 5: We Outchea #5amChallenge

It's kind of funny that on Day 5 of the challenge... the only day where I didn't actually have to go to work, I was up and moving around by 4am. Now, before you give me a slow clap for being amazing, realize that I was flying out of town for a weekend trip to SF and had a 7am flight. In typical Ishea fashion, I didn't pack the night before and instead opted to get some sleep (just a few hours) and then wake up early to throw my shit in a bag, and then head to the airport!

On a bright note I must admit that it felt good to end the challenge actually waking up before 5am, though it was for a completely different reason than work. This challenge was really fun to do -- it gave me blog fodder, challenged me to take a closer look at my morning/night routines, areas where I wasted time, and the benefits of pulling my life together and having some sense of time.

I'm not really one to participate in blog challenges, but this was something I'd been wanting to address and found it to be extremely helpful. Moving forward I think I'll continue to implement my abbreviated morning routine, along with setting a real schedule for going to bed and waking up.

What I Learned:

1. Waking up in the morning and NOT checking social media is a way to save time, ease into my day, and make sure that my foundation for the day isn't an instagram feed -- but instead I started praying before I stepped foot out of the bed and thinking about my intention for the day while I showered. I also consider walking my dog in the morning to be part of my meditation practice as it allows me to "zone out" and just feel my senses -- the sounds of the leaves as the wind passes through them, feel the morning air on my face, watch a beautiful sunrise... connect with my little 4-legged homey. It's awesome. Cutting back on certain things will allow for more time doing stuff I actually enjoy.

2. Sleep is really the foundation for having a good day. I've always been a fan of sleep, but I used to think getting 5-6 hours a night was adequate. I now realize (with the help of my fitbit) that I was living a lie and my sleep was in shambles. If I get 5-6 hours a night I'll be cranky, tired and usually rushing to get places. My new goal is a minimum of 7 hours a night, with 8 hours being the dream!

3. 5am is really too early for me to wake up during the winter. It's pitch black in Seattle and honestly too damn early to be doing anything. I do think 6-630a is a GREAT time to wakeup on most days. I'm going to adjust my alarm to include one for 6am, leaving my current one at 630a.

4. RUSHING IS FUCKING STUPID!!! Okay, this is something that most people probably know, but I just grasped how crazy it is to rush. Having time in the morning was great for my attitude, energy level, and job. I think this was my best week for getting to work at a great time each day in a LONG time. I'm proud of myself.

5. Preparation is key. I know that the more I can prep the night before, the more time I save in the morning (and can actually sleep in if I want lol). I think I'll start doing my hair more the night before AND picking out clothes for the next day. I'm definitely guilty of acting like I have nothing to wear and wasting time trying to pick an outfit. It's not a fashion show. It's not that serious. I'll pick something out cute the night before and have it ready to go in the AM.

Dec 12, 2015

Day 4: Rise and Shine Turn Up (aka I got 8 hrs of sleep) #5amChallenge

Guess who got a lot of sleep? This girl right here! Day 3 was beyond difficult for me, but day 4 was a breeze! I was in bed super early and was able to get over 8 hours of quality sleep. Completely in a state of bliss. Winning.

It was another busy day at work, but getting 8 hours of sleep the night before helped prep me to tackle everything the day threw my way. I was actually shocked that I was able to make it through the day with a positive attitude, but I think the coffee cart at work and 2 double Café Cubanos helped a ton. Sidebar: That's one of my favorite coffee drinks. If you haven't tried it yet, you're missing out.

At this point, the day really is a blur... but I was proud of myself for going to bed earlier, waking up earlier, snoozing less, and prioritizing my sleep. The older I get the more I value sleep and don't mind being the captain of #TeamTurnDown. For what? For everything! Turning down is pretty damn awesome at this point in my life and 8 hours of sleep was literally everything.
Fitbit Sleep Tracker - Day 4

Day 4 Tips:

Going to be earlier helped out a ton! I also was able to wake up earlier, get more sleep, and save time throwing my hair up in a bun. I had an early call at work, so I was forced to not be on "fuck shit" and actually wake up and get there an hour earlier. I realized that I could probably start aiming to get to work 30-60 mins earlier each day and having more time to ease into my day. On top of that, I'd be able to LEAVE earlier! Praise the lord... nothing like being able to take back some of your day. On the flip side, if I didn't want to get to work any earlier, I could devote that time in the morning to working on myself :)

Dec 11, 2015

Day 3: So...freaking...tired #5amChallenge

Day 3 was the most difficult day for me so far. Not only did I get the least amount of sleep so far this week (under 6 hours), but I also ended up having a really hectic day at work. I came home exhausted, defeated, and craving sleep! I was seriously curled up in bed by 530p. I knew I needed to purge out my negative energy, so I ended up having a roasting session in GroupMe with some girlfriends!! It was hilarious to talk shit with friends for an hour and let out some belly laughs. Laughter really does heal a lot of ailments. Next up was an aura protection bath to help rid myself of that negative energy and usher in some fresh, positive vibes. I used a recipe I found from The Hood Witch and it was truly relaxing.

Fitbit Sleep Tracker - Day 3

Hump day can always be a toss up as to whether or not it'll be smooth sailing or a shit show, but I learned my lesson not getting enough sleep. It was hard to make it through the day and even though I was still early to work (only by a few mins), I realized that sleep really was the foundation for setting myself up for success. Dragging sucks.

Day 3 Tips
I was able to save a lot of time in the morning by cutting out things that waste time, streamlining certain processes, and just not being on fuck shit. You know, just saying no to fuck boy shit to get my life together lol (and yes, you can be a woman and still be considered a fuck boy). Anyways, the main ways I saved time in the morning:

1. Not spending 10 mins scrolling through my Instagram feed. I'm not sure if I'm alone in this, but I tend to go to bed and wake up looking at Instagram. In the morning, right after I hit my alarm... I tend to "wake up" by laying in bed and looking through Instagram. This is a huge time suck and something I've actually enjoyed passing on in the morning.

2. Drying off in the shower. This may seem weird, but I usually get out of the shower and start wasting time (small amounts) moving slow, drying off slow, fumbling around with my "rise and shine" Spotify playlist. Those minutes add up, so I started drying off in the shower before I get out and it's saved me at least 5-10 mins.

3. Putting on my body oil before I leave the bathroom. Just like I wouldn't dry off in the shower, I'd move around and start doing other stuff and wait a while to moisturize my body. I don't really know why, but it's just another time waste for me. I've started drying off in the shower and then putting on my body oil as soon as I get out. It's been awesome to streamline my process and really realize where I've been wasting time. Even small amounts of time can add up to a ton of wasted time in the morning.

Dec 9, 2015

Day 2: Why the f*ck is it so dark outside? #5amChallenge

 I woke up this morning (Read: Tuesday) and realized just how dark the days are in Seattle. Like, you wake up and it's dark. I mean... it's dark at 8am. DARK! We haven't even officially started winter yet and I'm already scraping together the fragments of my life force. Pulling yourself out of the bed when it's pitch black outside is nearly impossible. On top of that I didn't really get to bed any earlier the night before, so I was setting myself up for a slight fail.

Similar to Day 1, I instinctively hit the snooze on my 5am alarm. It's kind of funny just how many intelligent choices your body/brain can make when you're sleeping. I mean, sleeping Ishea is kind of a clutch player. Snoozing 5am alarms and what not... like, she's the MVP. She's bae.

Fitbit Sleep Tracker - Day 2
Anyways, my goal from Day 1 was to snooze one less time on Day 2. I'm happy to report I was successful since I only snoozed my 630a alarm twice. That's progress over snoozing it 3 times on Day 1 lol. Listen, any step forward is technically progress, no matter how small. Thus, progress was made!

I had success doing an abbreviated version of my morning routine on Day 1, so I repeated that on Day 2. I walked my dog for a shorter amount of time (though I actually felt bad about it this time), had already prepped my hair the night before (saved more time), and had my work stuff ready to go.

Waking up to pitch black affected me. I was moving a bit slower... Not a lot, but I did leave the house about 10 mins later. I still got to work early (which is a win), but I know for Day 3 I'll need to check the bus arrival times when I'm getting dressed and make sure I leave in that commuter "sweet spot".

Is anyone else doing the challenge? If so, how's it going?

I'm always seeing "627" in my life
Day 2 Tips
Monday night I decided to prep my hair so I wouldn't have to rock a scarf again. This is one of those annoying things I hate about being natural... just the extra time it takes to "prep" your hair for a style. Anyways, doing my hair the night before only took about 20 or so mins and saved me that time in the morning. If you do your hair in the mornings and that same style can be achieved the night before, I'd highly suggest

Dec 8, 2015

Day 1: Ain't no Party like a "snooze" Party #5amChallenge

Let's be honest. I knew I wasn't going to wake up at 5am when I was brushing my teeth for bed on Sunday night. For some reason I failed to realize I'd actually need to adjust my sleep time Sunday night when I decided to do the challenge, so I was mentally prepared to sleep in. When my alarm went off at 5am, shit didn't even have a chance to get real because I instinctively hit snooze. I didn't even bother waking up. My life force just knew the 5am shenanigan wasn't about to come into fruition.

With that said, I did keep my original 630a alarm, but that got snoozed through, too... 3 times! Lol! Tell the truth and shame the devil.

Fitbit Sleep Tracker - Day 1
But there's good news to report -- Even though I snoozed the original 5am alarm, snoozed my 630a alarm 3 times, and didn't get out of bed until 7am, I still managed to leave the house 30 mins earlier than normal!!

I honestly shocked myself. I didn't rush to the bus. I didn't rush into work. I didn't rush to my morning meeting. I didn't rush at all!! On top of that, I was extremely positive and chipper... at 8 freaking 30 in the morning. I was smiling. Genuinely smiling... and asking people about their weekend... and actually listening to the response and engaging! Y'all -- this was awesome. I'm actually excited about Day 2 of the challenge. Let's see if I can snooze one less time.

Day 1 Tips
I saved time in the morning by doing an abbreviated version of my normal routine. Since I snoozed so many times, I knew I'd have to skimp in other areas. I walked my dog for a shorter time (10 mins instead of 30), styled my hair with a scarf (saved about 20 mins), and didn't pack a breakfast/lunch for work (ate out). I also grabbed the first outfit that came to mind and didn't waste time standing in the closet wondering what to wear.

Dec 7, 2015

Waking up at 5am Challenge (via @Refinery29)

I used to be a night owl, but something crazy happened once I turned 30... I actually started appreciating sleep! Yes, sleep... the thing we used to cry and fight about as kids... it's just this beautiful thing that you don't realize is as precious as gold until you become an adult.

With that said, I started paying more attention to the amount of sleep I was getting once I received a Fitbit Charge HR for my birthday back in June. If you want to be faced with some cold, hard facts just look at your Fitbit stats at the end of the week and see how much sleep you're actually getting each night. It was sobering. I realized I was averaging maybe 5-6 hrs of sleep a night and it was a wake-up call that I needed to implement a schedule.

Turning up instead of sleeping

So, where am I today? I'm getting more sleep each night (averaging between 6-8 hrs), but I'm not really waking up any earlier in the morning. In fact, my alarm usually goes off around like 630a, then I snooze for maybe 45-60 mins, then start thinking about what I should do with my life lol. My morning routine is a shit show and I know that it's time to "grow the fuck up" and put a plan into place. Seriously.

When I saw xoNecole share a post from Refinery29 on "5 Days of Waking Up Early" I knew this was perfecting timing and something I needed to try. So, this week (Mon - Thurs only) I'll be giving this 5am challenge a try.

Dec 6, 2015

If you're bored, Read a book #TheAlchemist

I think I'm part of the last generation who were told to "go read a book" if they ever complained about being bored. Tonight (Read: Saturday Night), I decided to crack open a book that had been collecting dust on my bookshelf since February.

I was originally gifted "The Alchemist" back in February during a gift exchange with some girlfriends, but hadn't taken the time to read it. I remember hearing great reviews from people, but I ended up enjoying the way the book thickened up my bookshelf more than having the desire to actually read it.

A blogger I follow (McKenzieRenae) recently posted about recognizing moments in your life that can serve as a "jumpstart" to something amazing. She recommended "The Alchemist" as a good book to read and I realized that was the same book that'd been sitting on my shelf for months.

Keeping it 100 -- This is the first book I've read in years and honestly, it made me excited to 1) Get through the whole thing in one night and 2) Actually read a book instead of watching Netflix/Hulu or wasting hours on the internet. I feel inspired to start reading more books again, so if you have any suggestions please send them this way! I've been fanning out over Mindy Kaling lately, so I think I may pick up her book "Why Not Me?" next.

My snazzy way of taking notes lol #StayWoke

Dec 3, 2015

The Walking Dead: "Start to Finish" Season 6 Episode 8 #TheWalkingDead (Mid-Season Finale)

Thoughts while watching the show:

1. Here we go with this creepy ass fucking kid again. Look at him with that whole setup, complete with creepy drawings.

2. Those ants are kinda symbolic of how the walkers got into their area.

... so far this is the weakest intro all season ...

3. Uh oh... those walkers are going to just appear out of that mist. This sucks...

4. Didn't they get up on Rick pretty fast? Like, that timing seems VERY off.

5. Deanna is so fucking nuts. She's a damn liability. "No, WE need to get back..." Then she's not even shooting well.

6. Come on Carol!! We can't be falling down and shit.

7. Deanna is gonna get someone hurt or killed.

8. Why was Maggie on the ground that long? What's wrong with her? She's acting really stupid. They're gonna knock that platform down. Maggie was really stupid right now.

9. Eugene is over here sucking as usual. "Help..." he always has someone save him. Dude... step the fuck up!!!

10. I'm glad that chick Rick liked stepped up and got her shit together. Finally one of the Alexandrians is acting clutch. There goes their little town.

11. I'm glad Glenn is still thinking.

12. That kid is definitely going to grow up and murder someone. Like, for sure... we're certain of death, taxes, and that creepy ass kid.

13. I'm glad Carol and Morgan are stuck together. I hope they can work out their differences.

14.  He has that W guy down there? Ick. He's so creepy... and this guy is gonna fuck around and mess more stuff up. What kind of wound is that?

15. * GASP * OH WOW.... She got bit!!! OMG. I knew she was gonna fuck something up. Bye Deanna.

16. Deanna has a super long monologue.

17. This kid is really gonna try and kill Carl? He's so fucking crazy. This kid is stupid. He's so stupid. He's going to get everyone killed. That kid sucks.

18. Carl is gonna have to shoot him.

... my heart is seriously beating out through my chest ...

19.  Deanna is gone. Holy shit! Did Deanna eat the baby? Holy shit... I can't handle these people. They're making me nervous. Making me shake and shit.

20. "Or that you can grow one hell of a beard..." Deanna cracking jokes on her way out lol... #BeardSeason

21. Oh, I forgot that Glenn is still out there. He can maybe help them. I totally forgot that Abraham, Daryl and Sasha were still gone.

22. I hope Carol is okay.wait... where'd she go? She's a sneaky mf'er. What? She's off the chain!!

23. Damn... that kid really fucked them.They're trapped in that house.

24. Are Morgan and Carol gonna go at it over that W guy?

25. Ugh. This is so disgusting. Gutting those things.

26. Okay Michonne. That's enough of a conversation. Leave her there. Y'all gotta go. This is a touching moment... but Michonne is the boo. She needs to get out of there.

27. "What do you want? Now you figure it out." - Deanna

28. This little boy is having a break down and she needs him to be clutch right now. motherhood has a lot of pep talks.

29.  <SCREAMED> Holy fucking shit... Morgan AND Carole are knocked the fuck out. This sucks. They're so foolish.

30. Cam'ron with this lackluster boost of confidence.

31. If Morgan AND Carole die this episode... Ugh! Don't lower your guns. They're all stupid. The nurse is gonna die? He's taking her? Everyone has been stupid this episode.

32. This is a really tense scene with them walking with the walkers.

33. This little boy is gonna fuck it up....

wait... that's the end? Okay. Slow clap for Walking Dead producers. They did a phenomenal job wrapping up for the mid-season finale.

34. Oh wait. I totally forgot about Daryl, Sasha and Abraham. Uh oh. Who are those bike gang dudes? They should've just mowed them down.

Nov 24, 2015

The Walking Dead: "Heads Up" Season 6 Episode 7 #TheWalkingDead

I was so excited for this week's episode that shortly after the opening started I paused the TV and jumped up and down lol. I had to give myself a moment to get hyped up before I figured out what happened to Glenn...

Thoughts while watching the show...

1.Oh... they were tearing him up... that's some fucking stroke of luck to not get eaten. Look at Glenn surviving and what not underneath whatever he just crawled into.


3. Nooooooo.... I just screamed.

4. These zombies look terrible.

5. Having to look at Nicolas is pretty fucking disgusting.

6. Can we just admit that in the "real" zombie world Glenn wouldn't have survived. Sidebar: Steven Yeun is pretty damn hot.

7. What! Who the fuck is that? Enid? Why was she there? She's so emo and random. "I said heads up.." with a fucking attitude. Why is she living there? She just didn't want to be there? I'm trying to make sense of her emo ways.

8. Shit, I'd probably leave her overly emotional ass there. I'm learning that I'm more and more like Shane lol.

9. Glenn looks good with longer hair.

10. He should grow out his stache...

11. Enid is gonna fuck around and get yoked up.

12. Hasn't Glenn had enough of chasing after people. Like, dude... they're on some bs and playing childhood games. I'd keep it moving and leave her ass. Especially when you JUST had ol' dude eaten up on top of your fucking body. Like, nah... nope. All the "nopes" in the world. I'm not fucking with it.

13. Morgan and that damn stick lol...

14. Kinda funny that they're both British.

15. That blood is seeping through the walls?

16. Uhhh... Rick is trying to talk Maggie out of leaving her man behind? The fuck? Nah son... you know she's not about to leave.

17. That baby is starting to look like Shane lol (re: Judith)

18. Who is that? Ick... weird eye zombie! Gross. Oh... wait, that was the guy!! Oh, he's putting the peices of the puzzle together!

19. Cam'ron (aka Gabriel) stays on some bullshit. Like, where did he find duck tape? Wait... that's wrong. ducT tape? yes. Duct Tape... where'd he find that?

20. I think that teenage boy is gonna try and kill Rick or maybe Carl. He's gonna turn that gun on Carl... That boy is gonna fuck him up. He's gonna try and shoot that gun by himself and fuck everything up for tall of them.

21. Morgan doesn't want any fucking Oatmeal... especially when it looks like silly putty. Or slop...

22. Morgan is acting really weird. Oh wait... I forgot that Morgan let those people go. That sucks they attacked Rick. I honestly forgot about that shit. I've only been focused on Glenn.

23. I must admit that Morgan is making a very compelling argument... and I'm seriously impressed with his honesty. #AllLifeIsPrecious

24. How many zombies are in there? That's the church buckling!!! Oh no... that's gonna be crazy.

25. Rick kinda sucks right now.... and here comes Deanna and her crazy ass.

26. They have Rosita teaching them? Lol...Oooh shit! She is getting bad ass.

27. I like that they gave Rosita more lines this week. I take back what I said in #26 lol. She's putting Eugene in his place.

28. Something is about to happen. fa; <---- Screamed and jumped out of my damn skin when Glenn came up behind her.

29. Why does she have so much attitude?

30. I wouldn't know how to build anything in this world.

31. Glenn is saving souls out here in Alexandria.

32. He's going to get bullets. That little fuck. I know he's gonna fuck something up for everyone.

33. Holy shit. That guy is on that rope! This sucks. He's gonna die... actually Rick may kill him.

34. What does Morgan have up his sleeve? Who is wounded? Oh, Carol is gonna be all over it.

35. That little boy and his bowl haircut lol....

36. Is that boy going to kill Carl?

37. Oh.. the balloons. Oh shit... the church is falling.

Nov 17, 2015

The Walking Dead: "Always Accountable" Season 6 Episode 6 #TheWalkingDead

Full Disclosure: I asked a co-worker if we found anything out about Glen in this week's episode and she told me "no, but there's a nugget at the end." With that knowledge, I sat down to watch this week's episode of The Walking Dead.

I loved the visual of Daryl lying down next to his bike w/ the walker next to him... the walker looked like an alien

Thoughts while watching the show:

1. I wonder if Daryl....


2. What the fuck just happened? Who is shooting at them? OMG!!! Daryl just dropped his bike... oh no! Someone is chasing him. WHAT THE FUCK!!! Slow clap for Sasha and Abraham taking those folks out! Good job... and what the fuck is up with those folks still following Daryl? Oh my god. I can't even handle this episode. Sidebar: the gold color is gorgeous on Daryl's bike.
** Y'all I seriously screamed out loud like 5 times just now. **

2. "What the fuck dude? You can't be dropping a hog like that." - my boyfriend.

3. Has Daryl had a love interest yet? Did he get shot? I see the blood...

4. I follow Norman Reedus on IG lol... he's so damn cool to me.

5. WHAT!!!!!!!!!! They wacked the shit out of him. Dang. Who do they think he is?

6. Now they're fucking dirty. Who burned all those bodies?

7. Where are they taking him... this shit is too weird for me.

8. They're not going to kill Daryl. I just can't take him seriously because he's a ginger!

9. My heart is beating so freaking fast. OMG! Daryl just made a run for it. I literally cannot. OH! That girl must need her insulin to stay up.

10. Does Abraham technically have a high top, or nah? Lol...

11. Do you think it's stressful clearing a house? My nerves are all up in the air right now. I just can't even.

12. Ahhhh.... (just screamed at the top of my lungs!!!)

13. "Loose ends make my ass itch..." -- Abraham with the quote of the night.

14. I bet Abraham still kills that walker.

15. I think Daryl is gonna go back and give her that medicine. He has a heart.

16. What the fuck is that? Who are those people? Daryl is gonna come through as the clutch MVP this week. I don't know why they didn't give her the shot. I mean, she fell the fuck out a while ago.

17. He got bit! OH MY GOD!!! They're gonna cut his arm off just like that? Wowzers. I can't even handle it.

18. Daryl is showing how much humanity he still has by taking that insulin. That was a big thing to do.

19. But really tho... who were those people?

20. This looks like a trap. I feel like Abraham is walking into a set up. It's just too easy. Does that truck have gas? What's Abraham doing? Does he wanna get bit? He's stupid. Can he just hurry the fuck up and process whatever meltdown he's having. Shit.

21. That looks like a warning bell with the walker shaking on it.

22. WHAT! Did he just make a pass at her? Sasha snagged the ginger! He has a Hulk Hogan stache. Isn't that Spanish chick gonna be mad if Abraham starts banging Sasha? Wasn't that her man?

23. That girl got her insulin and got some hops again. She needs to slowdown running that fast.

24. "You can't be running off like that. That's the dumbest thing you could do...especially when the bitch needs insulin every 3 hrs." - my boyfriend

25.  AHHHHH!!! (screamed out loud) -- they bit the shit out of that girl! Dang... and they basically went through all of that shit with the insulin for nothing. It's crazy how fast people come and go in this version of the world.

26. Is he gonna take them back to Alexandria? Wait... what just happened? They're gonna jack him? These simple ass people. I can't believe they jacked him. I can't believe they took his shit. Man...

27. That looks like an alien on the ground. If he fell there must be a bike somewhere. What's that? Oh wow! He found a truck.

28. Oh that was Daryl. How'd he find them? He's bad ass...I hope they get back to Alexandria safely.

29. Wait, was that Glen's voice? Actually that didn't sound like Glen's voice.

Nov 10, 2015

The Walking Dead: "Now" Season 6 Episode 5 #TheWalkingDead

The level of anticipation I'm feeling as I prepare to watch this episode of Walking Dead!!!! My God... I can feel the nerves running through my body. All I can think about is Glenn and wondering if he's alive or dead. I'm like scared to even start the episode because right now he's still capable of being alive in my mind. Once I press "play" and find out what really happened, I'll be forced to come to terms with his outcome and whether or not he survived the zombie horde. Damn them for creating this show! I can't remember the last time I was so wrapped up in something.

Thoughts while watching the show:

1. Deanna looks older and older each episode. I bet the stress in real life would age you like that.

2. I wonder if the smell is bad with all those bodies. They aren't acting like it stinks. Maybe they got used to it.

3. Holy fuck balls!!!! All those zombies. (screamed aloud like 4 times lol)

4. Nope. Nope. Nope. All the nopes in the world.

5. Yeah, y'all need to reinforce those walls lol.

6. Shit just get real for these Alexandria folks.

7. Damn. 20 deep? These people looks SHOOOOOOOOOOOOK.

8. Rick is doing a lot of wishful thinking in this speech.

9. Carl must've had a growth spurt. He's tall now.

10. Deanna is such an old hag. Walking away all slow in those orthopedic shoes lol...

11. Gonna vomit looking at that blood.

12. Just burn them... don't dig graves.

13. These people bitching about food and shit. They can't survive shit. (My boyfriend in the background: "Motherfucking civilians! I hate civilians.")

14. Bruce ain't about shit. He looks like he's been on fuck shit since before the zombie apocalypse.

15. Glenn's name is on there! Oh man.... Maggie is leaving! She's gonna go find her man. Maggie has been about that life.

16. This is the easiest scene ever for Maggie to shoot. Look determined and pissed off with minimal lines. Nice

17. Apparently Deanna snapped out of whatever trance she was in. Wait... I don't know what that says. maybe she didn't lol.

18. White kids are always spazzing out on their parents lol. Deanna is gonna end up killing herself or something. I bet we see her name added to the wall by the end of the episode.

19. This punk ass kid. Carl has a gun on him. Shocked he hasn't channeled his dad yet and killed that other kid.

20. She's the most stressed out doctor ever. She makes me feel nervous.

21. Screamed at the top of my lungs when that walker came up to the window lol...

22. Those people are all gonna die by the end of the episode.

23. Walking through the sewer? Fuck no. All the fucks in the world no.

24. I wouldn't be walking down in that tunnel. He hasn't been there since the beginning? That means he doesn't know what else is down there.alsdl; <---- screamed and jumped when another walker jumped out lol. This show has me screaming like a crazy person lol.

25. Shit! I screamed again.

26. That bad ass kid is gonna push Rick over the wall. I don't trust him. I'm so suspicious of everyone.

27. I knew that chick was a lesbian.

28. They're really comfortable down there with all those walkers.

29. Oh, that kid is creepy as fuck. I'm not bringing the cookies up there. Little boy looks like he'll throw you down the stairs. Sidebar: who's giving him that fucked up haircut? Lol...

30. Deanna is fucking stupid. Yeah, she has a bit of heart but shit... stab in the head! "I wanna live. I want this place to stay standing." - Deanna

31. Where is Maggie going? Taking Glenn's name off of the wall. They can leave Nicholas' name up there. He's not coming back lol.

32. What's this chick crying about? Did Abraham not make it back? Oh wait... yeah, that's what she's probably crying about.

33. Damn, that's a lot of walkers.

34. "Finally! Let's get this dude laid. He may actually chill the fuck out and not kill nobody." - my boyfriend

35. What's Deanna doing? She's so fucking stupid. This bitch is trying to feel alive and shit. Ugh!

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