Nov 26, 2008

Music News

After growing on me over the course of 2 weeks, I bought Beyonce's cd (I am...Sasha Fierce) on Tuesday! Slightly annoyed that she decided to not only have a double disc, but a standard and deluxe version as well, I shelled out the $19.10 (with tax) and bought it. I don't know if I was more excited to get the cd open and start listening or just look at the pics in the cover booklet...

But that's where it stopped. Yes, Beyonce is well, Beyonce. She is sure to put out some hot songs, have a hotter performance and add a few dances for us girls (and some guys on youtube) to do in the club. However, the cd was somewhat disappointing. Don't get me wrong, it's a decent cd. I actually like it...I can pretty much play it from start to finish without skipping any tracks...that is until you have to insert the 2nd disc...which wouldn't be as annoying if she had put more than 8 songs on each disc (5 songs for the standard). This whole "Sasha Fierce" thing was the biggest gimmick of 2008. The songs on the Sasha Fierce disc are typical Beyonce...just club songs. I think the whole thing was pointless and feel as if I officially got GOT by buying into the whole thing. On the flip side, I am grateful for the "single ladies" video which spawned countless youtube folks to try their hand at it...not to mention myself (I only bothered learning my favorite parts...and by the time I start doing it in the club I've usually had 1 too many drinks).

Feeling lackluster about my Beyonce experience, it made me think back to August when I bought Solange's CD...I have to say that I think Solange put out a great, if not one of the best, R n B/Funk cd's this year! She, in my opinion, beat out Beyonce for 2008.

In other Beyonce related news, has anyone seen Mama Tina lately? She is the real Sasha Fierce...At 54 years old she seems to be getting better with time! Check out a pic of Tina from the Cadillac Records movie premier earlier this week....In the pic with her is blues icon Etta James...who at 70 is also killing the red carper with her fierce swag! They both are simply stunning...and reiterate the good ol' saying: Black Don't Crack!

Nov 25, 2008

Lust List

Instead of making a list of resolutions - - things that I'd love to do but look better on paper than in real world application...I've decided to make my lust list! These are items that make my mouth water and as most know, lust is so much more fun than giving things up.

*Chanel Drawstring Sequin Bag*

*Yves Saint Laurent Leather and Suede Clutch*
*Versace Mink Clutch*

*Ontisuka Tiger Snow Boots by Asics*

*L.A.M.B. Camden Heel*

*Versace Pale Pink Mink Coat*

*Christian Louboutin Forever Tina Boots*

Nov 23, 2008

Hello, my name is Scrooge!

It's's officially the holiday season.

Not only will I be forced to hear Christmas music in every store I visit from now until mid January...but I'll have to compete with parents and their strollers the size of SUVs in the malls....there's nothing worse than navigating the aisles of your favorite store only to be stuck behind crowds of slow moving people...all the while your ears are being ransacked with reminders to "have a holly, jolly Christmas."

The snow will begin to fall and actually stick to the ground...managing to stay beautiful for a matter of minutes before buses, trucks, cars, and pedestrians with their dogs distort the lovely white color with shades of black, gray, and sometimes yellow!

The temperature will drop to freezing and patches of black ice will attack your vehicle landing you in a ditch on the side of the road...that is if your car hasn't been blocked in by the snow and salt trucks that bogart their way down the streets.

Yes, it's the beginning of the winter holiday season in Chicago and all I can do is think about the last 5 years I spent in Arizona. There's something refreshing about waking up on Christmas morning to beautiful temps in the 60s, sunshine, palm trees and endless mountain ranges! As I stare out of the window at gray skies and snow flurries, I find myself very nostalgic about the days I spent in Arizona. It's a gorgeous place and though living there isn't for everyone, I suggest you go and visit...

Shacking Up

I was watching an episode of the Michael Baisden show last night and the topic up for discussion was shacking up. Due to my upbringing I always viewed shacking up in a negative light. As I got older I believed that living together before marriage wasn't wise...playing house, prematurely combining assets blurred the lines to me...what was the point of marriage? At 24, I have come to change my view on the topic and after last night's episode I feel even more solidifed in my beliefs.

Living together before marriage, or shacking up, is not only necessary...but an extremely crucial step any couple should consider BEFORE marriage...before an engagement...before deciding to make a life together. You will never know someone until you live with them...or travel with them...spend day to day time with them in varying situations to see how they react. When you live together you get to know someone inside and out...their pros, cons and all the stuff in the middle.

I think you should date for a while, feel comfortable with the person you're with and make sure that you love them and accept them for who they are. Living together isn't going to be some magic wand. It doesn't change habits, traits or problems you have with them. If anything, the constant close proximity can drive a weaker relationship apart.

Living together is a step to take when a relationship has maxed out in the regular dating stage...when you feel like it could possibly lead to marriage (not like tomorrow...but you're 100% sure you're not wasting your time and this is someone you want to take it further with). I don't think you should live together just to save money (maybe a reason if you're in New York or LA), keep a watchful eye on your significant other (stalking isn't cute) nor should you do it to try and be a control freak and take over their lives.

My biggest issue with the discussion last night was the fact that as black people we tend to cling to religion as a way of validating every action we make or hesitate on. Saying that you don't want to shack up because "the bible says so" while you have 4 kids by 3 different guys isn't valid to me... "I don't believe need more people!"

On top of that there's nothing more beautiful, peaceful and wonderful than living alone! Personal space is fantastic...definitely the business! I find it hard to believe that anyone is excited to give up their personal space...especially for something that doesn't have long term potential.

Nov 21, 2008

I heart M.A.C.

There is something about walking into a MAC store or up to a MAC counter that has a way of warming my heart - - touching my soul and making a grin spread from ear to ear! I absolutely love MAC. From their glosses to their lipsticks, foundations, concealers and blushes...everything they sell makes me happy! Friday I managed to make the most of my lunch and slip away to the MAC counter in Macy's on State St. I was aided in my makeup mission by Jenna (a great artist that was super helpful...ask for her if you're at that location) and added 5 exciting items to my growing MAC-up collection!

1. Lustre Lipstick in Freckletone - - a great nude shade with hints of peach...perfect if you want a natural, neutral lip.

2. Lip Pencil in Hover - - a rick caramel brown....this color perfectly accents any nude/brown/pink shades of lipstick/gloss.

3. Nail lacquer in Nightfall - - With the winter weather upon us, it was time to let go of my varying pink summer shades and find a great winter color...I'm a fan of metallics and If you don't want a bright silver...nor a harsh black, this metallic charcoal gray is perfect.

4. Lustre Glass in Beaux - - a warm beige, brown color. For anyone that was/is a fan of "Ooh baby" this is for you! You'll love the texture and unlike "ooh baby" it doesn't have all the glitter. A great option for an everyday gloss.

5. Lustre Glass in Flusterose - - a warm, bubblegum pink color...not too bold though. It's sheer enough to wear alone and not feel like a cartoon character or can be paired with a lip liner or lipstick to pop even more! I previously had this and some how it went missing...nevertheless it's been replaced! I love this shade....

Nov 20, 2008

A trip down memory lane...

As I opened my box of Cheerios the last thing I expected was the site of a little plastic bag. What's that? Could it be? A prize! I got some little character named Maurice from the movie Madagascar 2 (which I haven't seen...I don't care for new school disney/pixar/etc types of films...I'm loyal to the old school movies like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty...even The Lion King was a bit too new for me. lol...) Anyways, this little treat got me taking a trip down memory lane and reminiscing on some other things I miss:

1. Before there was the internet, cell phones, and Wii...actually getting out and doing real activities...knowing the kids on your block, your neighborhood...just being social and active.

2. Hearing the melodic sounds of the ice cream truck and running to scrape together $1 in change...

3. Not being responsible for any bills...the biggest thing on my mind was how many cds and magazine subscriptions I could sign up for and receive before they sent a bill...of course which would never get paid. lol...oh, the naivety of being a child.

4. Reading my mother's handwriting and thinking that cursive looked like some foreign script! lol...

5. Having the highlight of my week be taking $20 to White Hen Pantry and losing my mind buying candy...though I could probably do the same now and still have just as much fun.

6. Walking around my neighborhood at 10yo and not having a care in the world...feeling safe, protected and happy!

7. Thinking that 18 was old and 24 was ancient! lol...I couldn't imagine anyone being 30! lol...

8. Ordering happy meals just for the toy...and having someone else foot the bill!

Nov 19, 2008

Prop 8: Protest on Michigan Ave.

"What do we want? Equal rights. When do we want it? Now!"

That was the chant being heard as protesters filled the streets last weekend. They were marching for more than gay marriage, but for equal rights as a whole. California's prop 8 has ignited passionate feelings from supporters on both sides of the issue across the country. Protesters taking to the streets of Chicago was just the latest example of growing frustration in the gay community over California's ban on gay marriage.

Though I am not part of the gay community, being in the midst of their protest was an exciting experience. You could feel the energy, frustration and passion emitting from their chants. People young and old, black and white, male and female all carried signs and flags to show their support for gay marriage, equal rights and the need for change.

With the recent election of President-Elect Barack Obama, many saw the following ban on gay marriage in California as 2 steps forward and 1 step back for our country.

My personal sentiments on the issue: I believe that everyone is entitled to equal rights - - everyone. It's not always easy to accept the personal lifestyle choices individuals make, but everyone is allowed the right to choose, to have their own choice in regards to how they want to live. Men can marry can marry men. Women can marry men...women can marry women. It is not up to the masses to play judge, jury and executioner....I think that we need to take steps towards becoming a more welcoming place. You don't have to agree with what everyone else is doing, but as long as you're not being disrespected, then respect should be given to all.

Recently there had been a lot of buzz surrounding the 2010 opening of a high school targeted towards gay and lesbian students in Chicago. This was met with mixed emotions and as of earlier today the plans had been dropped. Some believe that this would further segregate gay high school students while others believed that the school would provide a safe haven for those facing discrimination. I'm not sure where I stand on this issue as I believe that everyone is entitled to feeling a sense of belonging...but a school only catering to gay/lesbian students could, in some ways, hurt more than it would help.

Nov 12, 2008

Prop 8

I've been blown away by the extreme passion coming from both sides in the prop 8 debate in California. I think that a separation of church and state needs to be maintained...and people, it's 2008...damn near 2009. We need to open our minds and accept the fact that everyone doesn't believe in the same God, rules, values, or definition of what marriage should be. If 2 people are in love - - regardless of their sex, they should have equal rights. I think that Whoopi Goldberg said it best, "if you have a problem with gay marriage, then don't marry a gay person." Why does everyone get so overly involved in the next person's marriage, relationship, etc. Straight couples over the world have yet to master and perfect the "straight" who are we to deny anyone else giving it a try. Not to mention that so many of the folks that are so vocal about protecting marriage need to take time to focus on their own...Bottom line, we are making strides as a country and people...get with the times and worry about who is sharing your bed, house and last name...let gay people be gay and marry whoever they want.

Nov 5, 2008

A moment in time

"I know at the end of the day, putting this in God's hands, the right thing for America will be done at the end of the day on Nov. 4," - Sarah Palin

It took a while to really sink in, but as I stood there watching Barack deliver his victory speech I was moved to tears! We did this...every American that voted made their voice heard and at the end of the day it was clear - - we said "yes we can" to change and "yes we did"! Last night I was able to experience something so moving, so was amazing. Not only did we produce one of the largest voter turnouts in over 100 years (64%) but everyone was able to come together and celebrate our future as a nation...a nation soon to be under the leadership of a man that cares - -a true public servant in every sense of the word. President Elect Barack Obama shows that it is possible to have a president that truly cares for the people...elected by the people...winning over 50% of the popular vote and over 300 electoral votes (2nd president to ever do this...Bill Clinton was the other). Everyone should rejoice...because things are headed into a new direction, a better direction.

Nov 4, 2008

History in the Making...

Unlike my ancestors, I was not around to experience slavery...nor did I come of age in the South at the height of racial tensions and discrimination, like my parents/grandparents. I have no clue what it's like to be forced to sit at the back of the bus, use "colored" facilities, or even pick cotton...all of which my relatives experienced.

I do, however, wake up everyday knowing that we need change. We must have change. The country cannot continue down the road we're on. Senator Barack Obama represents that change for me. He is in touch with our country...its people...the economy...he's realistic but optimistic! He's brilliantly intelligent but not intimidating. He has a swagger like no other but knows how to turn it off and on. He is the man that will lead our country out of the black abyss George Bush has allowed us to fall into under his "watch". Barack Obama represents the epitome of the American Dream - - the American Dream that millions of people flock to the U.S. for can be seen in Barack Obama's life story.

As I sit here, just hours away from seeing the U.S. elect their first black president...I find myself overjoyed and full of emotions. In a previous blog I wrote about my experience watching Senator Obama deliver his presidential nomination acceptance speech. It was so encouraging and motivating...and now, I am in Chicago - - in the midst of history in the making. Grant park has been transformed and will be the place history is made. Hundreds of thousands...possibly 1 million people will gather there to celebrate and rejoice in this historic moment. There are a ton of events going on tonight and I encourage everyone to get out there and celebrate...this is literally the change of a lifetime! You can check out events at metromix.

Not only does this election represent truly how far we as black people have come in the U.S., but it shows how far our country has come...that we are still able to come together, despite our differences, for a common goal - - a democratic society that has the benefit of its people in mind! A true public servant will be elected by the end of the day and I am so proud to be an American citizen!
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