Sep 30, 2012

Nail Art on Pinterest

I'm completely obsessed with Nail Art, and think my Pinterest Nail Art board is pretty dope. If you're looking for new ideas I'd suggest checking it out. While you're at it, why not take a look at my post about Chicago's reigning nail art Queen Tacarra Sutton. Take your nail art idea to her and watch it come to life! Just because Fall is here doesn't mean you have to default to boring dark tones on your tips... spice it up and add some funky art.

Sep 28, 2012

Thick Neck Thursday: MMA Edition @AbelTrujillo1

Continuing with the "Thick Neck in a Small Package" theme, this week's Thick Neck is MMA Fighter Abel Trujillo. Standing at 5'8" 155 lbs his stats seem deceiving... However, after glancing at his full package (via the photo to the right lol) you'll quickly see Abel is repping for the smaller Thick Necks.

Let this be a lesson to all that  a Thick Neck does not discriminate... There's enough thickness to go around regardless of height and weight handicaps. I don't even know what a 155 lb man looks like, but if Abel is the prototype then I'm not too upset.

Keeping it 100, I personally wouldn't be able to bring my life force to a place where I could date a man that weighed the same as myself, thick neck or not... but I am trying to appease the masses and realize that everyone doesn't want some thick legged, thick neck weighing 200+ lbs infiltrating their life force. I mean, I don't know why this doesn't make everyone's heart fill with glee... but you know, whatever floats your boat lol!

Sidebar: Abel kinda reminds me of an extra from the Destiny's Child "Soldier" video. No? Something looks very bad boy / just released from prison about him. I'm kinda scared... kind of intrigued.. Nevertheless, his thick neck is quite appetizing and I"m a sucker for traps.

Fact: I'm completely obsessed with all things MMA and love spotting new fighters. Abel has a decent 9-4 record and can be seen fighting fellow UFC fighter Tim Means on December 8th (UFC on FOX).

Sep 27, 2012

Hair Candy: Bows by @ATWCurls

Inside every woman is a little girl yearning to wear a bow. It transports you back in time to your childhood when you didn't have bills and were only responsible for keeping your shoes tied and having fun. Oh, those were the days...

"Red Red Wine"
I'd been trying to get my hands on some of the amazing bows "Around The Way Curls" create, but they're almost always sold out - - great for them, not so much for us! When they recently restocked their online store I used my go-go gadget online shopping speed to load up my cart and buy the ones I wanted.

Today I'm rocking the "Red Red Wine" design which has to be my favorite! It's a pretty hot accessory and great way to breathe some life into my twist-out.

Sidenote: The bows come with a clip (think Gabby Douglas gymnastics style clip... not the old school bow clip). I was surprised at this, but actually prefer it as my hair hasn't gotten tangled. You can also easily take the clip out and incorporate the bows into your other fashion choices.

The bows cost $10 and are available here. The price point isn't TOO bad considering you're probably not going to buy every design, but if these weren't handmade I'd imagine paying $5 or so. I bought 3 designs in total: Red Red Wine, Flashing Lights, and Vodoo and think it was a solid investment. I wanted to find a unique way to highlight my curls, and their bows are so colorful... they truly make me happy and stand out. It's also pretty cool to support a small business... not to mention a black owned female business!!  The BFF designers Shanti & Antoinette are also bloggers, so be sure to check out their site: Around the Way Curls. I have a soft spot for bloggers lol.

Sep 26, 2012

Halloween Costume Ideas

General Glam - Halloween 2011
Halloween is around the corner and my life force is already on one hundred.thousand.million! I typically go for something military inspired, borderline dominatrix with fringe. I'm also feeling like I could be a superhero or ninja this year... who knows. I might go balls out and buy a few costumes.

Little fact about me: I secretly wish I could wear a costume on a daily basis. There's something so nostalgic about dressing up and letting your playful inner life force seep out.

Last year I dressed up as "general glam" and had a ball rocking my military inspired costume all night. After making my list of top costume ideas for 2012, it dawned on me that option #2 looks so similar to my fit from last year I should probably pass on it. The top contenders are #1 and #4....which means I'll more than likely be rocking a bodysuit this year so I need to hit the gym and get these legs looking right. Well, legs and waistline. I don't want those types of struggles lol..

It might seem early to get your costume together, but seriously folks... October is only a few days away!

These are the Top 4 Costumes in the running for Halloween 2012.





Cuffing Season 2012: Are you ready?

The cool tinge in the air is a clear sign Cuffing Season 2012 is upon us. It feels like it was just yesterday everyone was securing their Fall/Winter 2011 Cuff, but a new season is here and it's time to play ball!

While some people are quick to hold onto hopes and dreams of summer heat, others are using this nice transitional period to scour their list of summer dips...see who has real Fall/Winter cuff potential. Some people are good for fun in the sun, while others are prime for being nestled up during the cold months.

It's always "Cuff Season" in the land of Ishea
It's best to treat October and November as an audition period. The weather is warm enough to be social and out in these streets, yet cool enough to bring more activities indoors. You have 2 months to see if someone irks your "inside the house" life force and are best left to rooftops and sunshine... OR if they can light up your life when the skies are cold and gray.

In my world it's always cuff season! I'm a creature of comfort and like to have consistency and stability in my life. I set out to find the "Ultimate Cuff" - - the magical individual that works all seasons, rain or shine... not just someone to keep me warm November - February. I'm actually happiest not playing the dating game which can sometimes feel like Russian Roulette lol. As evidence in the picture to the right, I'm currently a happy camper!

Sep 25, 2012

365 Days of #NaturalHair on Pinterest

Guess what? I'm on Pinterest! I don't know why it took me so long to get into the site, but my entire life force is completely obsessed! Between hair, nail art, interior design, fashion, and quotes... I can't seem to get enough.

I have a few boards created now, but my favorite has to be "Natural Hair: 365 Days of Ishea's Curls" a board dedicated to daily pics of my curls! My blog is a hodge podge of everything that drifts through my mind, but Natural Hair is something many are interested in - - especially since I'm a vlogger for So, for those that want the latest in hair pics feel free to follow that board!

If you're already on Pinterest please leave your name in the comments section so I can find you. Between this and Instagram it's a bit of picture overload, but I love it.

Blogger Love (Via @aimeesong)

Aimee Song, the amazing force behind Song of Style, is the latest blogger "friend in my head." I'm completely enthralled in her blog and instagram -- both of which entertain and inspire me. She has a relaxed, funky style and amazing photographs thanks to her photog boyfriend. Although she is an interior designer by trade, she has managed to parlay her sense of decorating into an aesthetically pleasing personal style.

The below picture is one I saw on her blog and was instantly obsessing over! The ripped shorts, sexy gun, wrist candy... I want it all! It's always so exciting for me to discover new blogs... I think I become a groupie over talented bloggers more than mainstream celebs. I'm weird like that. Anyways, If you haven't perused her blog yet, go check it out! You'll easily get lost for hours looking at her amazing pics.

Sep 24, 2012

Let my People Vote (via @SarahKSilverman)

This election has everyone charged up. After watching 60 Minutes last night it's safe to say Romney makes my skin crawl - - crawl in a way only an overly entitled, out of touch douchebag can do. He's just not about this Presidential life. I think he wants to pad his resume with the title simply because he feels he can. Nevertheless, Comedian Sarah Silverman has come to save the day with this funny (but true) video to help spread the word about atrocious voter ID laws and helping to encourage people to vote.

I just called to say I love you

This morning I called my mom just to say "I love you." I didn't need to ask for money, complain about my life, or see if she could do anything else for me. I wanted to hear her voice and let her know that before she started her day, her one and only daughter thought she was pretty amazeballs and loved her.

This post isn't intended to start a "life is short so you better tell your loved ones how you feel" type of movement... it's just to share that I know I can be a bratty nightmare of a daughter from time to time (very rarely though lol) and it was nice to express some love toward my mother without having it preempt a request for XYZ.

So, happy Monday to everyone and maybe you'll get a call from someone today expressing their love toward you!

Sep 21, 2012

Losing his Virginity (via @hotdamnirock)

It's Friday, the weather in Chicago is miserable, and I'm sure everyone could use a good laugh. I just got sent this online gem and it made me chuckle.. quite a few times. I will not get into the story of how I lost my virginity b/c it's TMI for this blog and not that entertaining, but thankfully YouTuber Kain Carter is sharing his hilarious experience with everyone. Watch this safe for work video and get a few good laughs in before your weekend is started!

"Red Love Africa" Earrings by ALS

I'm not really an Afrocentric person, but when I saw Tae Heckard rocking the "Red Love Africa" earrings by ALS I had to have them. I swooped them up pretty quickly, and have been enjoying them ever since! They retail for $22 and feature a red wooden outline of Africa with an adorable heart cutout in the middle.

I've been on an online shopping kick lately and supporting tons of small businesses. It's actually cool to come across online finds and know that you're throwing some bucks to support quality products and entrepreneurial ambitions.

What are your favorite online shops?

Sep 20, 2012

Best Product Cocktail for Dry Twist-Out on Natural Hair

It's natural hair time again!!! I haven't done a post re: natural hair in quite a bit of time, but wanted to share my favorite "product cocktail" with everyone.

Cooler temps are finally here in Chicago and that means less shrinkage and more dry styles. The below video is showing my favorite product cocktail to get great, consistent results on my dry twist-outs. This is actually my favorite product combo right now as well as my favorite hair style. I always get great, consistent results and consistency is something curls rarely get.

Do you have a favorite product combo?

Thick Neck Thursday: André Douglas (@ChosenModels)

Some chicks like a thicker neck, but in proportion to a smaller body. To scratch the itch for "thicker yet smaller," I bring you today's Thick Neck: André Douglas.

A quick glance at the picture to the right and you'll probably think I'm all the way cray for calling André "thicker yet smaller," but I'd tell you to simmer down.

At 6'2" 185 lbs, André has stats that make most women swoon. but everyone knows I like them part of the 200+ club... actually 260 lbs doesn't scare me away either - - the thicker the neck, the bigger the heart lol... but André won't get kicked out of the bed.

His body is pretty sickening. I think I have a toothache looking at him (that or the Doughnut Vault Gingerbread treat I just consumed lol...). I would probably go full on True Blood on his neck and traps. Actually, that's not even a probably... My fangs are about to pop out now lol.

So, aside from having a sick body André is a very accomplished model having landed campaigns with Abercrombie & Fitch, Tommy Hilfiger, Brooks Brothers, Levi's, and Macy's. He's a thick neck model quickly making a name for himself.

Spy more of his portfolio pics here.

Sep 19, 2012

Valentino & @Colibaby's "Drummer Boy" feat @MsRici

Okay... let me explain this post lol...

I'm the FIRST one to admit that while I don't knock anyone's music dream, I'm definitely NOT the biggest supporter. I don't want to go to your concert, push your music, or hand out flyers. I'm a pretty worthless friend if you're a musician. Well, let me clarify - - I haven't yet learned how to be excited about the profession. Anyways, I digress...

The below video is actually featuring my amazing sexy, hot, mother of TWIN BOYS (that I'm the Godmother to lol) friend LaRicia. She's an all-around fab friend, go-getter, pr machine, awesome mom... she's just pretty amazing and she is beautiful and the lead in Valentino's "Drummer Boy" video. The video also features CoStar who I went to High School with, randomly enough...

So, watch the video because LaRicia is in it looking amazing and while you're there, maybe you'll enjoy the song too lol...

Sep 14, 2012

CPA Exam @SmartTests App Giveaway

Happy Friday everyone! The only thing better than free stuff, is free stuff  you can actually use. Nobody wants to shell out money if they don't have to, and my other half is bringing a fun contest your way. Strap on your Finance/Accounting hats and get ready to win:

From Noir CPA:

The wonderful people at SmartTests are sponsoring Noir CPA's very first exciting is that?! If you're not familiar with the company, I did a review a couple of months ago on their awesome CPA Exam SmartTest app for the iPhone/iPad. If I was still studying for the CPA Exam I would hands down shell out $20 for an app that you can use for ALL 4 parts of the exam. It really is a no brainer folks. But what's better than a sweet deal like that? Getting it for free.99 of course! That's can win a free download of the CPA Exam SmartTest app from SmartTests and Noir CPA.

All you have to do is enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below. The more actions you take, the more entries you receive, increasing your chances of winning.

For additional deets, check out the Terms and Conditions on the widget.

Bloggers: Feel free to share this giveaway with your readers. The more, the merrier!

Good luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sep 13, 2012

Q&A with @NoirCPA

Earlier this year my other half launched Noir CPA: An online resource to inspire and support black accounting professionals. As part of her continued efforts to nurture the community of black accountants (and soon-to-be professional - -can't leave out the students), she created "Q&A with Noir CPA."

From Noir CPA:
Any question relevant to accounting students and professionals is fair game. I'll do my absolute best in providing you a helpful answer. If you totally have me stumped I'll make an effort to at least point you in the right direction to find an answer. So how do you get in on this Q & A session? You have 2 options:

  1. Submit your question via the contact page
  2. Email your question to:

In both cases be sure to put "Q & A" in the subject line.

To try and get a schedule going here, questions submitted Monday through Friday will be answered in a vlog the following Monday. If I don't receive any questions there won't be a vlog. Simple right? Cool.

So don't be shy my friends...what questions are burning away at you that you'd like me to answer??

I shot my first vlog last night to introduce Noir CPA to those out in YouTube land that aren't familiar with the site yet and also explain the deets of the Q & A segment. Be kind...I'm a newbie. They'll get better, I promise.

Thick Neck Thursday: @ChicagoBears Edition

I'm a Chicagoan and I rep for the home team, which means this week's Thick Neck Thursday is all about the Chicago Bears!

I'd love to feature one of the actual players, but let's be honest - - there's nothing better than a Thick Neck that knows the art of shutting up. Therefore, I'm beyond ecstatic to introduce the world to Bear Down - - the inflatable Thick Neck I'm dropping it for in the this photo ---->

Bear Down, or 'Bear' as I like to call him, is pretty fucking amazeballs! He's like SUPER duper thick @ 300+ lbs, built like a cross between a Gorilla and a Spartan Warrior God, and has a knack for dressing up. He tends to keep his uniform on a lot, but that's just to show off his thickness. He's on the quiet side, but I prefer to not have him open up his mouth and ruin the moment.

What else? He's pretty much obsessed with my entire life force which works for me. I mean, what girl doesn't want a Thick Neck obsessing over her existence? Come on now... Duh! Also, he has a nice smile so I'm not complaining about that either.

The Bears have a game tonight and are currently 1-0, so let's keep the team spirit going!!! On another note, where are your favorite places to watch the Chicago games? I'm on the hunt for a cool spot in the city (preferably the South Loop).

GO Bears!

Sep 12, 2012

#NoFilter #NoMakeup Rant

I'm wondering who started this whole #NoFilter #NoMakeup trend... especially when you see tons of people taking pictures where they clearly have used a filter and are wearing makeup lol. Seriously. I'm usually not an internet troll (well, I only troll the life force of @throttle_nerd lol), but I was on instagram last night and super irked by the number of people using the hashtags and clearly faking the funk.

A while back (winter 2010) I was equally irked by women on YouTube that would make videos, but profusely apologize for their appearance, or lack of makeup, hair being done, etc... It was just super fucking annoying especially when most of these chicks had nothing wrong with them. I ended up filming a mini rant/inspirational video that people should stop making apologies for the way they were sans the extra stuff. So, ultimately I guess this video could be called a #NoFilter #TakeOffYourMakeup thing lol.

Sep 10, 2012

An "Epic" Weekend (@PoshLifeEvents)

When I awoke this weekend to a crisp 58 degrees outside, I knew the Fall chill was starting to hit Chicago. I secretly  rejoiced that I could turn off my A/C and say goodbye to shrunken hair, but knew I better cling on to the last few days of heat we'd be experiencing in the city.

Cheers to the end of summer
As a way to formally bid adieu to "Summertime Chi," I attended the Posh Entertainment end of summer day party at Epic. DJ's Jay Illa and Marcus Shadden delighted our ears with two sets, while Epic kept the overpriced drinks flowing. I don't typically cringe at drink prices, but averaging $13-$16 for a cocktail? That shit cray. Don't get me wrong, I still paid for it lol... but I wasn't paying for the liquor as much as I was the River North address.

On the bright side, the bartenders were extremely friendly, the venue has a gorgeous interior and rooftop and none of the staff were actual douchebags.

This was my first time attending a  Posh Entertainment event and I had no clue what to expect. I'd sum it up to say they attract a nice urban crowd. Picture the cool kids in college that went on to become actual working professionals with legit business cards. I actually think they had one of the better urban crowds in Chicago, but there was a downside.

DJ Jay Illa & DJ Marcus Shadden
I'm sure everyone there was awesome, but the issue was that they all believed their own hype. The majority of people stood around with an heir of "I'm very important. Look at how awesome my aura is" while not dancing or managing to look like they were having fun. It was a lot of drinking, smiling, and polite mingling... but this was an end of summer roof top party.

It reminded me of the people that were Greek in college and spent their time stepping and strolling at parties... but were at the point that they could no longer do that at events so they were left pondering how to have a good time. They still felt important and like they were a big deal, but how do you distinct yourself from the crowd. The answer? Stand around holding your cocktails listening to bomb music not dancing. Crack a slight smile every now and then and kiss your friends on the cheek.

We drink, smile AND dance
At other times is felt like a grade school dance with men standing on one side and women on the other. Nobody seemed to really let loose and have a ball. If the event wasn't on a rooftop with fresh air I don't know if I could've stomached the stuffiness and pretentious crowd. The DJs were awesome and the drinks were on point. The crowd had zero ratchet so why was nobody getting it in?

I didn't ponder this for too long because my girlfriends and I always have a ball, so we danced, drank and were merry. Even after the event ended we kept the party going.

Overall, I had a great time and would definitely attend another Posh Entertainment event, but would love to see more fun and less pretentiousness.

Sep 6, 2012

@TheRock: Thick Does a Body Great

Oh, Mr. Johnson...

Let me count the ways your traps, neck and tattoo mesmerize me. I want to write a sonnet and sing praises of your body... but it's 2012 so a blog post with have to suffice lol.

I was watching Fast Five the other night and sat in awe of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's thickness.

At 260 lbs, Johnson is one of my favorite Hollywood Thick Necks stacked into a staggering 6'5" package. And guess what? He's part of the 40 yo club. Yes, Johnson is successful, thick, and grown! I'm currently fanning myself down lol. Add his drool worthy Polynesian half sleeve tattoo into the mix and ooh weee! I need a few moments to myself.

I think he did a great job making the transition from pro wrestler to Hollywood actor, and when he shaved his head a few years ago I wanted to give him a round of applause.

I'm actually a fan of a bald head and don't understand men that refuse to let go of their fledgling hair hopes and dreams. Just shave the shit already. Damn lol.

See this photo.

This is my fantasy. Period.
<----- This one

You know how people ask you what your fantasy is? I don't have any desire to dress up as a school girl and get called into the principal's office. I don't want to play good cop/bad cop. I don't even want to do some super voyeuristic stuff. My fantasy is having THAT RIGHT THERE kick in my apartment door in that EXACT outfit... and then proceed to question me... by any means necessary...because I promise you whatever it is, I did it... and I'm in trouble. A lot of trouble. TMI? lol...

But seriously. How could anyone not in their right mind look at that man and not get female wood. (Does that exist?) He's like everything I've ever imagined in my Thick Neck Dreams. If only I could combine him and Jared Odrick to make my superhuman Thick Bot.

Sep 5, 2012

@HennessyUS "The Chase" hits Chicago

Last week I had the opportunity to attend Hennessy's "The Chase" event held in the West Loop @ Venue One. The line was thick, but after an hour wait I made it inside and was treated to a slice of the #WildRabbit life. Let's just say that Hennessy knows how to throw a party.

The brand has a reputation in the urban market for being the drink of choice for men, usually on the rocks... but they did an amazing job highlighting their new cocktails.

My favorite of the night was the Music Icon: Level 1. This cocktail was insanely tasty and featured ingredients you'd have around the house... basically it's super easy to prepare.

In a rocks glass combined with ice:
1.5 oz Henness VS
.5 oz Lime Juice
.5 oz Lemon Juice
1 oz Simple Syrup

Garnish with lemon or lime wedge. Ta-da. That's it...and you'll have a deliciousness in a glass.

For upcoming events check out their site. It's free and a ton of fun!

I had no clue I was standing in front of this, but SO on point for where I am in life
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