Mar 27, 2009

Coffee Woes - Update

So, I found myself walking past Starbucks again and figured that I needed to get over my "stage fright" with ordering a normal coffee. The line was really short so I knew this was my chance to get this coffee situation handled.

Me: Hi, can I get the pairing special that you have? The latte and artisan sandwich.

Starbucks: Sure. What kind of latte would you like?

Me: (hesitant) Umm, well what can I get? (my way of saying what the fuck is a latte? lol...)

Starbucks: (slightly annoyed) Well, you can any latte or coffee. A latte is like coffee.

Me: (seeing that he doesn't get that I don't know what a latte is) Can I add something to it, like caramel or vanilla?

Starbucks: Yes

Me: Okay, well give me a tall caramel latte.

So, it wasn't that big of a deal for me to order a caramel "latte" and just freak it out with some sugar... but I still have no clue what a latte is. One of my co-workers that used to work at a coffee shop tried explaining it to me (coffee with milk, I believe... or coffee with milk and some expresso... I don't know.) Should it be this complicated to order a freaking drink? Like, I really need to take a coffee for dummies course and get my life together. Starbucks is a little out of control with their drinks. While I was waiting this guy walked in and ordered a Tall Vanilla Redeye with Soy! lol... Redeye? What's that? I bet it has a lot of sugar or caffeine in it. Anyways, for now I like Starbucks again. Could it be possible that I'm frenemies with them? Who knows...

Bag Envy

I'm on the hunt for the perfect bag for Spring/Summer and these are a few that have been sending me into a state of "must have now" panic:

Stud Devote Bag - Rebecca Minkoff

Platinum Label - Bagley Mischka

Morning After Bag - Rebecca Minkoff

Modern Virgo Metallic Hobo - Donna Karan

Paratay Large Tote - Chloe

Jackie Large - Gucci

Metallic Jet Set Jr. Bag - Foley + Corinna

Love Story Clutch - Marc Jacobs

Large Belle du Jour Clutch - Yves Saint Laurent

Diane Fringe Kid Tote - Jimmy Choo

Crinkled Patent Bombe Tote - Tory Burch

Cluster F*ck

1. Thong Panty Liners - I really love these things. I don't care if people don't want to openly discuss tampons/pads (I think Kotex makes THE best tampons ever...) The thong panty liner was a great invention...thank you to whoever created this!

2. Secret Diary of a Call Girl - One of my favorite shows out right now. This airs on Showtime and features the adventures of Belle, a London call girl. It's a fun show...check it out.

3. Animal Prints - There's something about an animal print that can throw your swag on extra high and make you feel ferocious as you slink around town. Armed with my zebra print dress and sexy black, leather booties I feel on top of my style game today...and my neon nail polish adds the right pop of color!

4. Dangling Earrings - I've been hooked on these dangling earrings I found at Forever21. They used to be the place to go for cute earrings but slowly fell off. They still aren't back at the top, but I must give them props for supplying me with my latest find.

5. More job duties at work - In this economy I'm all about getting more work loaded on me. It gives me the sense of job security which is hard to come across nowadays. All in all, I'd rather be insanely busy as opposed to twiddling my thumbs.

6. Non-Existent happy hours in Chicago - Is the entire city anti-drink specials? Arizona spoiled wonder one of my co-workers calls it the "Happy Hour capital of the country" lol....

7. MAC makeup makes my insides light up! I really would love to work there part time. Their concealer, eyeliner, lipstick, foundation...everything shines a bright light on my life! I may have to devote an entire post to the products I love!!!

8. Am I the only one obsessed with Gossip Girl. I've seen every episode and think the creators did a wonderful job with the casting and picking up where the OC left off. If you haven't seen this show yet, crawl out from underneath the rock you're apparently living under and devote an hour of your Monday nights to this show.

9. Whatever happened to collages? I used to love sprawling out on the floor with tons of magazines, a pair of scissors, glue, and a large piece of construction paper. Maybe I'll have a throwback day and make another collage...tho nowadays it'd be more of a vision board...speaking of which, everyone should have a vision board. I currently have the following on my vision board:

- PAWS Chicago marathon (I'm determined to run a half marathon this year)
- Awesome picture of Blake Lively (Serena from Gossip Girl) staring out the window of her swank NY loft...tons of shoes in the foreground!!! This is definitely where I'd love to be
- Dominican Republic pic. This is at the top of my list of island destinations.
- Bacon - One of my favorite foods. I don't understand how people can not eat this. It's so delicious.
- Bomb ass wedding dress by Vwindon. Though I'm not itching to get married, this dress is absolutely gorgeous and remidns me to stay focused on the future.

10. I like to keep track of random words that I like. This week it's vehemently, incessant, ensue, and foolery.

11. My love/hate relationship with sprint voicemail. For the most part I hate when people call and leave voicemails. On the contrary, I also hate when people call and refuse to leave a message, nor will they follow-up the call with a text, and it's actually important. If you're calling and it's important leave a message. If you call and leave no message and don't send a text, I'll assume you were just killing some time and wanted nothing.

12. What would the world be like if people could actually bring themselves to say what they felt, like they do on Secret Tweet? It's as if everyone has sent their representatives out to conquer the world for them on a daily basis and left the real them chilling at home.

13. I think I've graduated from Forever21 and now moved up to H&M.

14. Dress codes for work - My company is very laid-back and casual. This week I've been getting dolled up for work pretty much to make myself feel fly... but I'm starting to realize that maybe my transition from office to nighttime shouldn't be so my boss may be getting tired of seeing my boobs.

15. I love Listerine and flossing...

16. Am I the only one that takes my Blackberry into the bathroom with me? Is this a bad habit? Normal? I feel like my phone is another part of my body... it goes everywhere I do.

Mar 25, 2009

Secret Tweet

My girlfriend put me up on the "Secret Tweet" page on Twitter and I'm hooked. People will say the most outrageous, heartfelt, saddening, enraging things when it's anonymously done. Check out a few below and for more click here. (To submit your own "secret tweet" click here)

secret #30213
1 day ago on March 18, 2009
i am a horny dirty stay at home all day housewife,i film myself masturbating and upload it to websites my husband thinks im dull
View Comments (6) 104 Views

secret #30562
1 day ago on March 20, 2009
I've been cheating on my wife with her sister for 26 years and 2 out of 3 of my wife's sisters children are confirmed to be mine.
View Comments (18) 163 Views

secret #30094
1 day ago on March 17, 2009
I've been having an affair for 8 years with a married guy who has a kid. I'm the other woman, except, I'm a guy. I love him.
View Comments (7) 121 Views

secret #29458
7 days ago on March 14, 2009
I don't give a damn about my health. My only motive for losing weight is to have sex with better looking women. Yes, I'm that shallow.
View Comments (8) 151 Views

secret #28967
9 days ago on March 11, 2009
The only reason why I don't ask for a divorce is because I'm afraid of losing material things
View Comments (3) 133 Views

secret #28891
9 days ago on March 11, 2009
When the boss is in the office, I play the Imperial March from Star Wars on my iPod. It just seems so appropriate.
View Comments (4) 137 Views

secret #28454
14 days ago on March 9, 2009
I steal medicine out of people's bathroom when I go to their house.
View Comments (17) 243 Views

secret #28414
14 days ago on March 9, 2009
My best friend's husband is terminally ill. Problem: we've had a 4yr secret romance and he has an ins policy with me as the benefactor
View Comments (18) 293 Views

secret #27913
17 days ago on March 6, 2009
When I'm stressed I eat and look at online porn.
View Comments (7) 243 Views

secret #27506
20 days ago on March 4, 2009
Found out V-Day weekend that my husband of 12 yrs was having an affair. He forgot to close iPhoto after syncing his iPhone.
View Comments (13) 275 Views

secret #27099
21 days ago on March 3, 2009
I hate my job. Since Jan 1, I've been stealing something from the office everyday, hoping to get fired. I now have 10 staplers.
View Comments (16) 222 Views

secret #26683
22 days ago on March 3, 2009
I love my wife but was going to ask for a divorce this year. Now she has breast cancer.
View Comments (20) 606 Views

secret #25880
23 days ago on March 1, 2009
I think I love my dog more than my child.
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secret #31409
about 4 hours ago on March 24, 2009
I stop and eat a Big Mac everyday after work. My wife thinks I am a vegetarian.
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Coffee Woes

Tall White Mocha extra Whip? Check.
Tall Blended Strawberry Lemonade? Check.
Regular coffee?? Umm... I'm a little lost.

I don't know why I feel so much anxiety about going to Starbucks and ordering a normal cup of coffee. Maybe it's the long lines, employees eager for you to know what you want (like going to McDonalds and staring at the menu as if it's actually changed....) or the seasoned Starbucks pros that walk in there and bark their complex orders out with ease (5 shot venti, 2/5th decaf, ristretto shot, 1pump Vanilla, 1pump Hazelnut, breve,1 sugar in the raw, with whip, carmel drizzle on top, free poured, 4 pump mocha... yes, absolutely ridiculous).

For the last few weeks I've been trying to build up the chutzpah to walk into Starbucks and just order a plain coffee (mainly because of their daily special of a "tall blend" and Artisan Sandwich for $3.95) but I find myself unsure of what exactly a "tall blend" is and when I walk into the store my nerves kick in and I feel a little stupid asking them about something so basic.

Anyways, I've decided to stick to Dunkin Donuts for regular coffee because in addition to being less intimidating and having better lids, they use real sizes like small, medium and large and a medium coffee cost me $1.50! I was shocked to hand over such a small amount of cash today! You mean to tell me that coffee isn't supposed to cost upwards of $5 dollars? Huh? What? What rock have I been living under steadily shelling out top dollar to Starbucks... and for what? A little extra pomp and circumstance when they yell out my order and hand me my drink? The "ambience" of which the Starbucks in my building is missing tons of... I'll have Starbucks be my go-to place for sweet, candy like drinks and stick to what "America Runs On" for my normal coffee.

Friendship is Essential to the Soul

I have realized that spending my early 20s (19-24) in Arizona has thrown a monkey wrench into my social life in Chicago. Since the majority of my girlfriends live there it's no wonder that I'm always aching to go back and have drinks with my girls, chit chat... just be out and about. All women need healthy relationships with other women - - friendships that are void of drama, jealousy, and pretentiousness. With the weather warming up and summer around the corner I am determined to find a group of like-minded females that I can share my gift of gab, drinks, shopping excursions, and love of all things wonderful with. It's funny, I kind of feel like I'm placing an ad to recruit some new friends... but really, I'm just eager to meet more people and make the city a little bit smaller and more exciting.

So, who am I? I'm a 24yo woman that loves stilettos, has a weakness for puppies, is not equipped with the skills to turn down a free drink, wants to have a 1-on-1 dance session with Laurie Ann, is hooked on reality tv, loves having real business cards from a real company, detests wearing jeans to the club, owns way too much lip gloss, secretly yearns to work for MAC, thinks having a bus pass is really like having a key to the city, is a social butterfly but not a friend that has to constantly have the limelight, overly sarcastic, extremely warm and open, and above all a loyal friend. Wow, I sound pretty amazing! I'd want to be friends with me. lol...

With all of that out of the way, my goal is to have occasional gatherings for other women that find themselves in the same position. Are you ever bored at 6p and want to grab some drinks but you don't know who to call? Better yet, the people you call flake out and therefore you're left wishing you had a larger network of female friends? I know that everyone has been there before and thru blogging I've found other women in the Chicago area that seem like interesting people.

I'm planning a happy hour for Friday, April 17th. What could be better than drinks, great appetizers, convo, female bonding... and did I mention drinks? I'm still deciding where to go but if your schedule is open and you'd be interested in coming shoot me an email!

Haji Couture

Designer Aya-Nikole Cook

Haji Couture was a featured designer at this year's GenArt Shop Chicago event. The brainchild of designer Aya-Nikole Cook, Haji Couture was established in 2006 as a small feather earrings line. Since then she has branched out to include hair accessories, cuffs, and necklaces (just to name a few).

I was blown away by her unique designs; I literally have never seen anything like it before. The beautiful blend of feathers, vibrant colors popping out, and great workmanship had me sold and becoming another instant fan of Cook's designs.

While they are on the expensive side, you are investing in a stunning piece of jewelry that is so artistically creative and one of a kind, it's well worth the price.

Haji's designs can be found at:

The Museum of Contemporary Art
220 E. Chicago Ave.

The Silver Room
1442 N. Milwaukee Ave.

New York:
Henri Bendel
712 5th Ave.

Mar 23, 2009

Akira Chicago - "Couture for the Poor"

On Saturday, March 21st I attended GenArt's Shop Chicago held in the Great Hall at Union Station. The event had a good turnout and featured numerous designers showcasing the best in clothing and accessories - - Among my favorites was Akira, a Chicago boutique.

While all of the Akira sales associates were helpful, Robbie (from the State St. store) took the enabler role to a whole new level with her constant "are you sure you don't want to just try it on" and "what about these". She really was a great sales person because I didn't walk out of there empty handed (nor did the 2 friends I went with). Thanks, Robbie, for doing some minor damage to my credit card.

The one thing that did take me by surprise was the fitting room which was literally a 15x15 blocked off section. Trying on clothes was similar to being backstage at a runway show in NYC. I walked back there not knowing what to expect only to be met with boobs, thongs, and more flesh than I'd usually like to see. At the end of the day, we were all women so it's not as if someone had something I didn't have myself, well except for smaller boobs. lol... speaking of which, I didn't realize how huge my boobs were until I was back there comparing myself to others. Wow... My cups really do runneth over.

(The Icing on the Cake....)

As part of my Akira purchase I was given a 15% industry discount card that, get this, NEVER EXPIRES! Oh me, oh my! This was like music to my ears. Anyone that has been to Akira knows that 15% off can go a long way and the selection they have is amazing. I can't wait to start using it asap.

Nail Art Update

Though I haven't posted a "nail art" blog in a while I have still been trying out different styles and designs. A few weeks ago I cut my nails all the way off (they were getting too long to put my contacts in) so I've been rocking the short look with neon colors lately.

Artist at Work

I found this amazing artist online and wanted to share his drawing of Lil' Wayne/Baby. His name is Jerry Lavigne Jr. and he's a self-taught artist that has had no formal training. Check out more of his work here. This dude is sick.

Mar 20, 2009

Dhani Tackles the Globe - Sneak Peek

I just received the following videos from Brian Gross (Crew Creative - Interactive Marketing) and I wanted to share with everyone! These videos provide a sneak peek of Monday night's new episode where Dhani explores Switzerland and tries his hand at Schwingen. The show airs Monday nights at 9p on the Travel chanel.

Riding the River in Switzerland

Dhani's first Schwingen Tournament

Adventures on the CTA

As I was riding the 151 to Water Tower last night a chill went down my spine. I noticed a man dressed in all black, 1 dangling earring, and shoes that told a story.... they had seen the depths of hell. I felt like he was some sort of rock 'n roll vampire and I was not trying to have him suck my blood, steal my soul, or make eye contact with me. I managed to put my CTA 007 skills to use and snap a few pics.

Sidebar: What drives a man to wear jeans that are this tight? Hell, I don't wear jeans this tight. You have to let your stuff breathe every once in a while. lol... And do his shoes make anyone else think of like a homeless, or down and out, version of Peter Pan? lol... Maybe it's just me.

The Travel Bug Effect

NFL linebacker Dhani Jones is the newest addition to the Travel Channel family. On "Dhani Tackles the Globe", Jones can be seen jet setting across the country and taking in the most popular sports in the country that's hosting him.

This is a masculine spin on the typical travel shows that usually feature chefs (Extreme Foods with Andrew Zimmer, No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain), travel writers (Samantha Brown), or even playmates (Bridget's Sexiest Beaches). Finally, a show for the guy's guy... and boy oh boy, is Dhani Jones 100% man!

It's hard to talk about Jones without mentioning his uber sex appeal, eye candy status, or his stats. At 6'2", 235 lbs and a size 14 shoe Jones keeps me glued to my tv (mouth slightly ajar) and that 18.5" neck... it sends chills down my spine. Really, he is the prototype for the ideal man. Why can't they manufacture men like this? (sidebar: I can barely write this blog because I'm staring at his abs....)

But there's more to Dhani than meets the eye. This 31 yo is not only an 8 yr NFL veteran, but he's an entrepreneur too. He took his love of bow ties (think Farnsworth Bentley and Andre 3000) and founded Five Star Ties, his own line of men's accessories. When he's not on the field for the Cincinnati Bengals or designing for his fashion line, Jones enjoys writing poetry, oil-painting, and photography.

His show airs Monday nights 9p on the Travel Channel.

Episode 1 - Muay Thai in Thailand

Episode 2 - Schwingen in Switzerland

Cluster F*ck

1. Why did I see a little girl (about 3) begging her mother to buy her a bracelet from Forever21... the mother constantly saying no... trying to pay for her items and steady having to turn around and take the bracelet out of the little girls hands... only to turn her back for a few minutes and the little girl seized the moment, dropped the bracelet in her bag and they walked out of the store. it still stealing at any age? This child had been told no. Had the item removed from her hands... and still scooped it up when her mom was looking away.

2. McDonald's French fries are toxic... in the best way possible. They make my heart smile. I have to pass McDonalds everyday on my way to work and it's a daily challenge to psych myself out and turn down the fries. One thing that has helped me is watching the figures of the women that walk out of there. Wow... their waistlines are, umm... expansive! Anyways, with the summer quickly approaching now isn't the time to start gorging my face with crappy food.

3. Why is there so much anxiety involved in ordering Starbucks. I feel like I need a "coffee for dummies" book. Outside of my typical drinks (tall white mocha, tall blended strawberry lemonade - - both with extra whip) I'm lost when it comes to ordering stuff in that store.

4. When you're sitting on the bus, headphones on and music turned way up, why do people still insist on making eye contact and sparking random conversation? I mean, if I wanted to talk to you don't you think I wouldn't have gone so far out of my way to make sure my body language wasn't reading friendly, inviting, eager to be engaged? I don't want to answer questions about what kind of phone I have (Blackberry), how well it works (great), and if I'd recommend it (sure...) what I want to say is KICK ROCKS!

Mar 18, 2009

Gen Art - Shop Chicago 3/21

Gen Art's annual Shop Chicago is an event that I've always wanted to attend. This year they will be hosting the event at Union Station's Great Hall on Saturday, March 21st from 1p-6p. While the admission is complimentary (it does require an RSVP by Thursday 3/19 at 4p. Click here to RSVP) VIP tickets are available for $40 (non-members) and $30 (members). The VIP ticket price includes entry to the VIP lounge, special VIP preview from 1p-2p, gift bag valued at over $200, and complimentary cocktails, wine and chipotle snacks.

Gen Art and Degree Fine Fragrance Collection invite you to the shopping event of the season! Taking place in Union Station's magnificent Great Hall, Shop Chicago will showcase designers' spring collections at discounted prices of up to 70% off retail in womenswear, menswear, and accessories, as well as designer collections from Gen Art Chicago's Fresh Faces in Fashion runway show. Attendees can purchase the latest trends and enjoy pampering in the Shop Chicago Beauty Lounge.

I'm not one to ever need an excuse to shop and plan on attending this weekend. If anyone else is interested in going let me know. I'm going to pass on the VIP tickets since I've never been before, but we could possible make it a day of shopping and grab some drinks afterwards... and everyone knows that once the drinks start flowing it turns into a night full of good times.

Oh, I get it...

Twitter is something that I was vehemently against... slow to gain interest in... finally broke down and joined... and have now figured out.

When I first signed up for Twitter I was excited at the thought of being able to have constant updates from the likes of Solange and Puffy. Who wouldn't want to be their virtual friends. They MUST have interesting things to say, right? Turns out they don't. I was surprised by how often Puffy was able to make updates, tweets if you will. (Do we really need to know you just got done making love and are now making a turkey sandwich? Really, Puff? You hop off the p*ssy and the first thing that comes to mind is grabbing your cell and doing a status update?) It's like watching an episode of Making the Band and how he's always interrupting the show to talk about himself...well, imagine that instead of MTB it's your life. Yes, Puffy and Solange are constantly interrupting your life with updates about theirs. It got real annoying, real fast.

The key to Twitter is to follow people that you're genuinely interested in knowing about. Unlike facebook, you can control who you're receiving incessant updates from and that makes a huge difference. If you're able to get your friends to switch over it's kind of nice to post numerous 140 character updates on your life. I found it very useful this weekend when downing drinks at the club to be able to have an outlet for sharing the random things bouncing around my mind. Here's an example of what ran thru my mind on my bus ride home last night:

1. Animated, loud, GHETTO phone conversations should be kept to a minimum.
2. Please stop staring at me while I ride the bus.
3. Can you please move to the back of the bus if there's space. I don't like feeling as if I'm 2 secs away from being groped.
4. If you're over 30, using a baby voice on the phone is no longer cute, it's annoying.
5. Turn down your headphones. I don't want to be forced to hear that shit.
6. Umm, did I already say stop staring at me?

As you can tell I had an enjoyable ride home (insert blank stare here).

Anyways, I'm slowly starting to like twitter more and encourage everyone to give it a try. I mean, you can always cancel your acct if you hate it.

Happy Tweeting!

Mar 17, 2009

Cluster F*ck

I feel like I haven't written a blog in forever (just a few days). Here's what's going on in my mind:

1. Today is absolutely gorgeous. I can't believe we're in the 70s. I walked around downtown during my lunch and realized how much I love this city.... I was in a blissful state until I got on State St. and was welcomed by the sounds of the drummer boys. Must they insist on banging their buckets year round? They are 2nd place to people begging for change on my list of "city annoyances".

2. Regardless of how wack people think they are, I love my crocs. I bought them a while back when I was living in Arizona and they really are my shoe of choice for bumming around the house and running errands. Like, I'm a stiletto addict, but if I'm going to Jewel with some sweats on, I'll opt for my crocs.

3. I love the CTA bus tracker website. No longer do I sit hopelessly waiting for a bus to magically appear... but with a few clicks of my blackberry I'm instantly in the know.

4. I feel like nothing nurses a hangover better than ramen noodles. I don't know what it is about them, but if I've been drinking and need some comfort food this is what I'll grab every time.

5. Cayenne Pepper makes everything better.

6. How come nobody ever told me that Lincoln Park was the best place to live? I was thinking my life in the South Loop was bomb only to venture to Fullerton/Diversey and fall in love. I am on a mission to convince my boyfriend to move to Lincoln Park.

7. The obscenely great weather today has reminded me how much I love the city, but more so how much I DON'T love the humidity. There's no humidity in the air today and it is just wonderful... but it's making me have flashbacks to sweated out hair, insanely hot bus rides, and everyone's attitude being a perpetual state of stank.

8. Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian are an adorable couple. Point blank. Period. This picture is disgustingly cute...

Mar 13, 2009

No Nicknames Allowed

On the Steve Harvey radio show this morning a listener sent in a letter regarding her 18yo daughter that was dating/sleeping with guys of which she only knew their nicknames. To give you some indication of how bad this had gotten, She only knew her own child's father as "Tip". When asked by her mother what his real name was she said she didn't know. Now, I can understand a 1 night stand and forgetting that person's name, but carrying on some sort of sexual relationship with someone and not knowing their government name? That's an issue.

Steve Harvey broke it down for the mother and I thought he hit the nail on the head. First off, he told her that she was parenting in a backwards manner. The real issue is that her 18yo daughter already has a child and NOW she feels the need to start having some heart to hearts with her? Her daughter is grown now and her mentality is warped. She equates male attention with love therefore she doesn't need to know their first name because her main goal is attention. Not only does she need positive male influences in her life STAT, but a therapist to assist in getting her mind right would be essential.

As women we know that any man will give you attention; attention is not something that's hard to come by. Bums give you attention on the street when you walk by. The guys that bang their drum sticks on buckets on State St. will start singing to you when you cross their line of vision. Hell, the door guys in my bldg make me feel special everyday. lol... Male attention in its most basic form is nothing special.

This situation made me think back to when I was in high school and my Aunt that helped raise me would always spazz out if guys called the house. "What's his name? Who are his parents?" I was always bombarded with questions and at the time I didn't understand it. All teenagers want to talk on the phone with boys. I remember feeling so embarrassed that guys would call the house and she'd grill them... but I now understand that her efforts were not in vain. She wanted me to set certain standards for myself and those are standards that I still practice to this day. I'm very adamant that I know someone's real name -- first and last. I don't save people in my phone under "Pookie", "Ty Ty" or any other hood moniker. I save birthdays and like to actually use the many other contact options I have in my blackberry. Company? Check. Position? Check.

I have never been one to call a grown ass man by a nickname. I always probe a person for their real name, you know... what's on your birth certificate. It's a huge turn off to see a man exist in the realm of nickname land. Womp womp. You don't pass go. Don't collect $200.

So, my question to everyone: How many guys have you been involved with and never known their real name? Do you save people in your phone by first/last name? Maybe I'm just a little OCD when it comes to this stuff...

Mar 12, 2009

I tweet, therefore I am

I just joined twitter and I'm not exactly sure what the point of the site is but I figured I'd give it a try. It's funny because I despise people that constantly update their facebook status. Like, I don't care if you're in the bed sick, or walking down the street, or doing whatever normal thing it is you're doing...but twitter seems different. Maybe facebook would be better if I could figure out how to control who I got updates about because while I care what my friends are doing, that random guy from high school? Yeah, not so much. He can kick a pile of rocks.

With all that said, if you decide that you care what I'm up to - - want to hear my random thoughts - - or just exchange 160 character tweets lol... feel free to hit me up:

What you talkin bout Willis?

This morning the story broke that Willis Group Holdings, a London based insurance broker, would be moving their offices into the Sears Tower (occupying more than 140,000 ft) and as part of the deal get to change the name of the building to Willis Tower. This has me bothered. Not only has the Sears Tower been a Chicago landmark since 1973, but I feel like it's wrong to change the name of something so historic and meaningful to the city. Will city landmarks such as the Water Tower, Hancock Building or even Michigan Ave. be sold to the highest bidder? Like many Chicagoans I have grown up with the Sears Tower being the "Sears Tower" and will find it impossible to start referring to it as something else.

Mar 11, 2009

Designer Inspired

Anyone that watched Bravo TV's season 4 of Project Runway had to be blown away by the amazing talent of Christian Siriano, 23. I was a fan from the beginning and excited when he won the show. I think that his designs were not only creative, but technical perfection and fun.

It was recently announced that Mr. Siriano would be joining the likes of designers such as Lela Rose, Alice + Olivia, and Patricia Field (of Sex and the City fame) to design a line of shoes and bags for Payless Shoes. His line is scheduled to debut in Fall 2009 and will range in price from $25-$45.

They say that imitation is the finest form of flattery and let's hope that is the case because after taking a look at the preview of Christian's shoes it's safe to say that they were a bold swagger jack of another Christian's (Louboutin to be precise) black, spiked heel design for Rodarte. I mean, Mr. Siriano didn't even try to downplay the swagger jack.

Christian Louboutin for Rodarte - Black, Spiked heels

Christian Siriano for Payless - Runway Samples

Despite being runway samples, I know that Christian's shoe/bag line will be hot and being offered at Payless will ensure great prices.

For any Chicago folks that are interested in checking out some of Christian's clothing designs, they can be found at:

Bonnie & Clyde's Boutique
1751 W. Division St. 1C
Chicago, IL 60622

...and might I add that I found the cutest purse there! Though I don't promote violence this bag is HOT!

Vlieger & Vandam - "Guardian Angel" Satchel, $365

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