Apr 30, 2009


If you're ready to get your weekend started here are a few options for tonight:

Al B Sure will be hosting his album preview party at Griffin Lounge (formerly Climax) from 9p-2a. I wasn't aware that he was still making music but the event is free and sponsored by Uptown Magazine, Hidden Beach Recording and the Chicago Defender Newspaper. It is sure to be a great networking opportunity at the least.

Griffin Lounge
324 w. Chicago Ave.
No Cover
RSVP to rsvp@richmondgrouponline.com

The same people that bring you Chicago's First Friday events are hosting their usual Thursday night "ButtaSoftSol" at Butterfly Social Club. It's hosted by DJ Mark Fulla Flava and features everything from Afro-Beat to Neo-Soul and Disco.

Butterfly Social Club
722 W. Grand
No Cover

For any fans of "Rock of Love Bus" on VH1, be sure to come out to Enclave tonight and see Mindy (one of the "finalists") from the show. She'll be hosting the night along with rock guitarist Joy Basu. The event is sponsored by Enclave, Surreal Global Adrenaline. There will be complimentary Rock 'n Roses t-shirts, tattoos, and giveaways - - as well as a private cocktail reception from 10p-11p. Be sure to rsvp for free cover before 12a. Click here.

220 W. Chicago Ave.
free cover before 12a with rsvp (must rsvp before 8p)

Apr 29, 2009

Dancing with the Stars

As a young girl my mother and I always watched Ballroom Dancing together. PBS routinely featured competitions and we'd sit mesmerized at the eye-catching outfits, dazzling dance moves, and over the top personalities. When 'Dancing with the Stars' began on ABC I was instantly a fan and excited that Ballroom Dancing was able to go mainstream.

This season one of the standout competitors has been Lil Kim. I've always loved Kimberly Jones. When I was little I used to be obsessed with the idea of having her as an older sister (please don't ask why... lol... I have no clue) She has impressed everyone with her dynamic dance ability. Not only is she graceful and powerful, she is high energy and exciting to watch. I'm rooting for her to pull out a win this season. Last night she performed in the 'Team Tango' challenge. I thought she did a wonderful job. Check it out below:

Dancing with the Stars airs on ABC Monday and Tuesday nights. Click here for more info.

**Fast Forward to the 2:15 mark if you want to skip the behind-the-scenes footage**

Apr 28, 2009

Dangerously Unique?

Long gone are the days when shows like "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" ruled the airwaves. VH1 has pretty much taken over the dating show market with their "Love" shows. Last night was the reunion episode of "For the Love of Ray J". I, for one, was thrilled to see the ladies back on the stage (mainly Danger... my favorite of the season) and catch up on what everyone had been (or not been) doing since the show wrapped.

One thing that always intrigues me is the makeover most of the ladies undergo by the time the reunion show is taped. I believe this is due in part to them seeing themselves on TV and realizing that the look they rocked all season and swore was the business actually didn't look so hot.

Now, of all the weave-tastic, insanely big, prom hair gone wrong styles under the sun, Unique (Danielle Pastorino) chose to throw this wig in her hair. This goes down as the worst weave in the history of bad weaves. It looked awful. Repulsive. I actually think that her "crazy curls" natural look worked much better than this. It literally looked like they sat this 'do on top of her head... I'm actually quite sure that's EXACTLY what they did!!

Unique Before

Unique After

One of my favorites of the season was Danger (Monica Leon). Despite going from "Crazy Sexy" to "Crazy Psycho" over the course of the show, I still was a Danger fan and wanted her to win (.... even if she "smashed the homies" lol...) If you were watching the reunion last night you can recall noticing the "fuck me" eyes her and Ray J were shooting one another when she came on the couch to be interviewed by La La. Oh yes, I know those eyes well and it's obvious that they're still gettin it crackin. I think that Danger is a cute girl and I was a fan of her wild curls (I could go w/o the face tat but for some reason it actually fits her). She busted out a new color/weave combo for the reunion show and kind of reminded me of Lil Kim. I don't think it looked bad but her original style was better to me.

Danger Before

Danger After

The "mystery" of creepy Chicago Larry's true identity was revealed last night. I must say that I don't know what was creepier: his voice, sunglasses, or camera (was he planning on taking any pics). My girl told me that she saw him in Sound Bar last week snapping pics and handing out cards. She confirmed that he's just as creepy in person and did her best to avoid him.

Chicago Larry

As with all of the VH1 "Love" shows I'm sure there are 2 more seasons brewing for Ray J to find lust, sex, his next jumpoff love. Will you be watching?

Apr 26, 2009

My Weekend...


It was an absolutely beautiful day and I couldn't fight the urge to head to Water Tower with my partner in crime K Dot and waste some time before getting ready to head out. After a few minor glitches (my "roommate" accidentally drank the alcohol that clearly was not theirs) we threw back a little wine (no longer a reason to save that bottle for July 3rd) and hopped a cab to Excalibur.

I'm not a prompt person. In fact despite having a great sense of time I'm usually late... for everything. I'm not proud of this but I'm aware and it is what it is. Fortunately, we made it to the club at 11:20p and were able to pay our $5 cover and head to the bar for drinks. I've never been to Excalibur before and was unfamiliar with the layout but this club is HUGE!!! I mean, seriously... there are so many nooks and cranies for you to explore and get lost in (be careful tho, legend has it the entire club is haunted...).

As I'm downing some shots of Patron (I lost count after 5) a guy at the bar proceeded to speak to us:

Guy: What's your name
Me: Ishea
Guy: Do you know that your name is Muslim?
Me: Yeah, it is.
Guy: Are you Muslim?
Me: Nope... *shakes head*
Guy: *disappointed look*

Now, that conversation was pretty standard until the rest of his clan approached and every single one of them proceeded to inform me that my name was Muslim, ask if I was Muslim...and one then (clearly the drunkest of them all) asked if I was a TERRORIST!!!! Umm... the issue with this is that dude had a straight face the entire time... but to make matters worse he was from Pakistan. Not to be Captain Obvious but if anyone was at risk of getting mistaken for a terrorist it sure as hell wouldn't be me!! The guy at the bar apologized for his drunk friend and we kept it moving.

There's always a point in the night when you've reached your limit. I wasn't sloppy drunk but I was definitely in need of a place to sit down. We saw a room marked "World Wide Lounge" and figured that this would be the perfect place for us to rest our feet. Before I knew what happened we were both knocked out getting GREAT sleep. I've never fallen asleep in the club before but it was a Friday, we had worked all day, were wasted, and the room was full of big comfy couches. I'm not a deep sleeper so I easily awoke when I felt the weight of someone sitting next to me. I opened my eyes to be met with the frame of a tall African guy.

"Are you okay"

I had to adjust my eyes a bit and remember where I was. lol...

"Yeah, I'm fine" I said as I began to pull myself up off the couch.

"Well, can I eat your pussy?"

It was as if the record scratched and everything came to a halt.

"Excuse me?" I replied, half astonished half disgusted. "Hell no...I need to leave."

I turned to K Dot and proceeded to call her name and inform her that we needed to leave immediately...

The guy must have not understood what "no" meant because he slipped me $40 and then asked if he could go down on me again!!!

"FUCK NO!" was my response and I more urgently informed my girl that it was time to roll. The guy was on some next level desperation shit. I've never in my life heard of a man offering YOU money to go down on YOU!!!! Is this real! People actually think stuff like that works. I'll pass...

As my girl got up we made our way out of the room and started heading for the stairs.

"Can I at least get my money back"

I had been in such a rush to leave that I hadn't realized that I still had his cash. I gave him his money and kept it moving. I was beyond drunk and not in the mood for any bullshit antics.

After that debacle we headed for the Gyros spot. To our surprise Shawnna was there with her "entourage" of hood-ish friends. We didn't approach her because they looked fairly, unfriendly... but we did think about it:

Me: That's Shawnna. Should we say hi?
K Dot: I think she got dropped by her label so she may be sad

lol... gotta love drunk, simplistic conversations.


Started my day with a hangover and breakfast at Yolk in the South Loop. After breakfast and laying around the house (wasting hours of my life that I'll never get back) I hopped in the shower and threw on some clothes to head out for a friend's bday celebration. We went to the Chicago Indoor Racing track in Buffalo Grove. I didn't race but enjoyed watching everyone's competitive streaks ooze out. The birthday boy ended up coming in 1st place overall and that's all that mattered. lol...

After, we went for food at Hooters and I was amazed at the lack of ass and titties on the girls. Just gonna throw something out there, but shouldn't you have hooters to WORK FOR Hooters??? lol... The food was great ($6.99 for a lb of crab legs) and I indulged in another Patron Margarita. It was a nice way to spend the day - - with friends, great conversation and what could be better than ending my night with a behind the scenes episode of "To Catch a Predator" (one of my favorite shows to watch... these men are idiots!)


Along with the rest of Chicago I watched as the Bulls pulled out an AMAZING double OT win against the Celtics. I saw the ending of the game while on the treadmill at LA Fitness. I'm sure I looked a little nutty clapping it up while running.

Weekend Haunts

632 N Dearborn St.
Chicago, IL 60654

1120 S Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60605

Chicago Indoor Racing
301 Hastings Dr.
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

1110 Perimeter Dr.
Schaumburg, IL 60173

Apr 24, 2009

Next Day Air

Today is BEAUTIFUL and really too nice to be writing about on a pc... you need to be out living and enjoying this weather before Mother Nature swagger jacks it back.

For all of you looking for something a little different to do tonight, the red carpet premiere for Next Day Air will be going down at Excalibur. Click here to RSVP ( $5 cover before 1130p) for the event.

Apr 22, 2009

Nail Art - Dippin Dots Edition

I've been pretty lowkey with my nail art lately and with the weather finally warming up I was inspired to try something new. Now, my boyfriend said this design reminded him of a galaxy and proceeded to call me "galaxy girl" but I think it looks like dippin' dots ice cream! You be the judge...

My Nails

Dippin Dots Ice Cream

Apr 20, 2009

Style Watch - Ethnic Flavor

As of late everyone seems to be rocking some ethnic/animalistic inspired stuff. I've peeped a few items from H & M (2 zebra print things I had to cop), GUAM by Brian Cromley jewelry at Urban Outfitters and the latest creation from Louis Vuitton - - his "Spicy" collection of stilettos that make my mouth water and heart cry out for a pair in my size.

"SPICY" by Louis Vuitton

"GUAM" by Brian Cromley @ Urban Outfitters

My Weekend...


I want to thank everyone that came out on Friday for the happy hour at Devon Seafood Grill. Fellow bloggers Awesomely Luvvie, The Fab Giver, Caramel Kisses, The Sassy Peach and Sexy and the Chi as well as a few of my non-blogging friends were able to make the night wonderful. I was extremely impressed with Devon Seafood Grill. Their happy hour selection is nice, the prices were affordable, and the food was delicious. The entire upstairs of the restaurant is designated as the bar and there was plenty of seating, which was one of my main concerns.

After we finished our happy hour most of us went our separate ways, but a few of us social butterflies continued things at Sofitel (after a quick trip to water tower). I love the bar at Sofitel. It has a somewhat sultry feel, complete with numerous drinks to wet your palate. After indulging in their Backyard Blackberry Margarita (it has a light, summery feel with a healthy kick) to my delight some guy from South Carolina decided it was his duty to buy rounds of drinks for my friends. 2 rounds of Patron shots later and we all had smiles on our faces. He really was a sweet guy - - kind of a typical white guy, minimal game, making out at the bar with some chick in between buying our drinks, and insisting that he loved my friend's hair and that we all give him a hug. lol...

Next we went to McCormick & Schmick's across the street for their happy hour. Unfortunately we were a few minutes late and the kitchen had already closed so we partook in some more drinks. The bartenders were funny and the restaurant was nearly empty so we were free to roam and do our own thing. I have been sticking to Patron lately so I ordered a margarita and was more than disappointed when I saw the bartender pull out Pepe Lopez.

"What's that?" I asked slightly horrified and unable to mask my extreme disappointment.

The bartender went into some story about how Pepe was like Jose and I immediately had to cut him off.

"I don't want Jose's cousin Pepe. Give me their Uncle Patron!"

The bartender flashed me a smile and got his mind right, making my drink with Patron and not Pepe. I mean, what the fuck is Pepe? Really... it's so bootleg. I can't believe someone actually called their tequila that. I need to know who authorized that name and speak to their superior STAT!!!

Moving on, after we finished up at McCormick and Schmick's we headed for some late night eats at Bijan's Bistro. This restaurant is a top choice in satisfying your late night cravings. They are open to 4a (kitchen open until 3a) and have a full menu. I was feeling tipsy and adventurous and ordered some escargots along with some pasta. Their food is great and to my surprise the escargots was tasty. I would highly recommend going there and trying it out. As we were wrapping up our meal we noticed a group of women waiting for a table. I kept thinking to myself that this one lady looked familiar but couldn't figure it out. Then it hit me - - that's Kimberly from the Real Housewives of OC. We ended up saying hello and taking a picture. She was really nice and didn't look as plastic as the rest of the housewives in person.


After nursing my hangover with Portillo's and relaxing for the better part of the day, I got ready for a friend's birthday celebration later that night. We headed to the opening for Griffin Lounge (formerly Climax) and enjoyed free cover and open bar until 1030p. I had never been to Climax so I obviously didn't notice the change, but the club was nice and let's be honest... free cover and open bar is usually enough to win anyone over. I thought the staff was friendly, the drinks were good and the DJ kept my attention playing a lot of hip hop. As the night went on in started tweaking and switched things over to house but by that time I was already 4 drinks into the night and didn't really care. The layout of this lounge is nice and is easy to navigate. Something funny was the female bathroom attendant... boy oh boy was she a hustler. She kept reminding the hoards of white chicks that she worked off tips and it was humorous to see these girls running back in the bathroom to give her tips. She kept screaming out how she had whatever you needed and she really wasn't lying. Anything from tampons to Mizani hair spray, to candy and condoms... she had it all and it was all for sale. lol...


I went to an early morning body works + abs class at LA Fitness and thoroughly got my ass kicked by the instructor. I had buckets of sweat pouring from every crevice on my body. It was a hard but much needed workout. (sidebar: the summer is almost here and I've been getting back into my workout routine. It feels good to have my AZ workout mentality back). After I recuperated from my exercise I went to grab some food at Leona's with friends and had fun convos about what else - - sex and relationships! One of the more interesting things we discussed was whether or not you could date or sleep with an openly bi-sexual man. The verdict was pretty much a big NO across the board. Any thoughts?

Weekend Haunts:
Devon Seafood Grill

39 E. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL 60611

20 E. Chestnut St.

Chicago, IL 60611

McCormick & Schmick's

41 E. Chestnut St.
Chicago, IL 60611

Bijan's Bistro

663 N. State St.

Chicago, IL 60654

Griffin Lounge

326 W. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL 60654

Leona's - Hyde Park
1236 E. 53rd St.

Chicago, IL 60615

Apr 16, 2009

Happy Hour Menu

I found the happy hour menu for Devon Seafood Grill and it looks pretty darn good! I'm excited and know that everyone will have a wonderful time. Click here for the menu.

Also, the restaurant is located at 39 E. Chicago Ave. (2 blks west of Michigan Ave.)

I am not sure of what the parking situation will be like so I highly recommend everyone take a cab/train/bus...especially during rush hour.

After Happy Hour...

After we're done downing drinks at Devon Seafood Grill we're going to continue things at Sortie. You can RSVP for free cover before 9p and know that you'll need to have the confirmation email with you (on your iPhone/Blackberry) because they'll ask to see it.. and keep in mind that at 9:01p they will be charging $20 cover for both men and women. I'll save you a "shit face" and let you know that if you don't want to pay $20 get there around 8:30/8:45 because they aren't going to make any exceptions... and believe me, I got played at 9:30 last weekend thinking it'd be a $10 cover and it was $20 so we left. lol...

Other options for tomorrow night include:

HD Fridays at Libertine 1615 N. Clybourne (Clybourne/North Ave.)
Free before 12 with RSVP
to collectiveqwest@yahoo.com

Flaunt Fridays at Vain
2354 N. Clybourne (Clybourne/Fullerton Ave.)
Ladies free before 1130p
Men free before 11p

Happy Hour - 4.17.09

Friendship is Essential to the Soul - 4/17 Happy Hour

Just a reminder that the happy hour is still scheduled for tomorrow at Devon Seafood Grill. I hope to see everyone there.

Date: Friday 4/17/09
Location: Devon Seafood Grill - 39 E. Chicago Ave. (corner of Chicago Ave. and Wabash)
Time: After Work (530p - until)

*Please note that while Devon Seafood Grill has a Happy Hour from 4p to 7p and 9p to close, it is only available at the bar so that's where we'll be posted... and it's definitely first come first serve with the seating. This isn't like some professionally planned event. lol... just something casual and laid back for everyone to get together... just wanted to throw out that little FYI :)


Thursday is the new Friday and most people are ready to get their weekend started. 312DD always posts the latest happenings around the city so here are her picks for this weekend:


Long-time party-thrower Lincoln Park Young Professionals hosts its infamous Billionaire bash, this time at the Blackstone Hotel (636 S. Michigan Ave.). Event includes tours of the hotel's $139 mil renovation, appetizers from the highly regarded Mercat a la Planxa, $1 million diamond fashion show, high-end cocktails and more. You get all these golden goodies for $25 if you buy your ticket here. 6-8pm.

Speaking of luxe livin', Barneys New York officially debuts today in its new home, and to celebrate the grand occasion they're doing an open house. Enjoy comp bubbly and donuts 10am-7pm as you check out the multi-level venue. Also, try to get over to Fred's at Barneys New York for a luscious lunch of artisan pizzas, pastas or sandwiches.

We can never get enough of good ole 1980s music, so we're all about Landmark's free wine-tasting party pairing the best of the best. Hope they pull out some Tears for Fears, Thompson Twins and Thomas Dolby! 6:30-8pm.

Don't sleep on the deals going down at Crimson Lounge. Every Thursday you get $3 sparkling wine, draft beers and house wine. And if you're hungry, you'll also get 50 percent off a small plate gourmet menu by Bin 36. Deejays Funky Couture, Mwelwa and Lego spin. 9pm-2am. No cover.

If you're craving some late-night fixins, head over to 44th Ward Dinner Party for Photo Club. Here, you'll get complimentary gourmet grilled cheese (after midnight) and A:M vodka (10-11pm). New Wave party starts at 10pm. Free.

Steam up the dance floor at Coco Restaurant & Lounge, as Planeta Azul performs live. Luciano Antonio leads a dynamic group of musicians accompanied by samba dancers. 10pm-2am. No cover and free parking.

For more information feel free to check out here site by clicking here.

Apr 15, 2009

Akira - New Location

After work I headed North to Water Tower Place in hopes of "window shopping" and maybe picking up something cute for this weekend. To my surprise I was delighted to see a new addition to the 4th floor - Akira! The store just opened on Monday so the merchandise is fresh and not picked over. The sales staff is extremely friendly and ready and willing to assist in any way possible. With the help of Matt I was able to leave with 2 cute skirts and 1 dress, only 1 of which appears on the website so I feel like I walked away with at least 2 jewel pieces I doubt anyone else will have. I love Water Tower Place not only for their 2 story Forever21, but Sephora, Victoria's Secret and Aldo/Aldo Accessories - - Now I have another store to tickle my fancy whenever I'm there. Here are few photos from the new location:

Akira Downtown - Women's Clothing
Water Tower Place - 4th floor
845 N. Michigan Ave.

"I never lose my google hits, just my underwear..."

This has got to be one of the funniest videos I've seen in a while. I must give Lindsay Lohan a few props for being able to make fun of herself. Tried embedding the video but couldn't so click here.

Music & Martinis - 4/16

Music & Martinis will be hosted on 4/16 by BYPOC (Black Young Professionals of Chicago) at Exposure Tapas Restaurant in the South Loop. The event will last from 5p-2a and is free, no RSVP needed.

For $20 you can enjoy the following:

~ Chef's selection buffet

~Unlimited martinis from 5p-8p

Live music will be provided by the Alpha Clef Project (never heard of them... maybe that's why they need people to down all those unlimited martinis)

Exposure Tapas Restaurant is a decent place, overpriced for dinner so I wouldn't recommend going unless there's a special event. Since it's free you really can't go wrong and if you're looking for something to do after work, $20 isn't bad for food and unlimited drinks for 3 hrs.

Exposure Tapas Restaurant
1315 S. Wabash (Just south of 13th/Wabash on the East side of the street)
Chicago, IL

Apr 14, 2009


No, it's not the newest street drug promising an amazing high but Kentucky Fried Chicken's latest attempt at luring back the health conscious consumer. KGC, Kentucky Grilled Chicken, made its debut last month at select stores across the US in hopes of regaining customers that had given up the fried version due to diet or guilt for indulging in the juicy, fattening treat.

Unlike most black people in the US, I am not a huge fan of chicken, especially fried. There's something about biting into a piece and being met with veins that just bugs me out. If I'm going to eat something fried I'd prefer it be catfish or shrimp (2 of my favorites). While I'm on the topic (kinda) I don't like watermelon (or any melon for that matter) either and please save your comments about "taking my black card" not only is that beyond annoying, but rest assured, I suffer from constant CP time (but have managed to be on time for work 2 straight weeks... my friends know that's a big deal.)

Anyways, I found this to be interesting because given the current state of the economy companies everywhere are in a rush to create new ways to market their products and appeal to a larger consumer base. I think that KFC has their niche, fried chicken. I do not think they'll be able to captivate and blow people away with their foray into the world of grilled chicken.... Which kind of leads me on another tangent, do people really go to KFC because they want a healthy dinner for their family? Or lunch for themselves? If health is your top priority I'd suggest bypassing fast food altogether, heading to the grocery store and reacquainting yourself with your kitchen. There's nothing like a home cooked meal.

Groupie Tales - Phoenix Edition

I've become intrigued by the Tales From a Groupie blog and more specifically Monday's post about Amare Stoudemire. Now I would paraphrase what this chick had to say but I'll just copy and paste it so I don't downplay her wackness:

It all started All-Star Weekend. Amare hosted several events with Grand Hustle in which me and my girls were VIP's. We get to his mansion for A fully nude stripper event which included A-list celebrities like Fabolous, Young Jeezy, TI, Tiny, etc. Anyways, we were a t table popping bottle with his best-friend B.I. when Amare came over and whispered to his friend. B.I. whispered in my ear and asked if me and two of my friends would like to join them in the lounge. So we go to the lounge and Amare was feeling all over me, with his lame ass!! He asked for some head right there on the spot for him and his friend B.I. and told me and my friends he would "make it worth our while." So I give him and B.I. some head. Amare came so quick, with his big d*ck! He almost seemed as if he had been horny for hours! Needless to say, he ended up going back to his room with my two home girls. Since Valentine's day was the next day, I went back to his best friend B.I.'s hotel room because I didn't want to be lonely. I'm glad I did because it was worth while! Not only was he "packing", but he caressed me all night, as we sexed. Him and I are still in contact and I don't mind being his groupie. Anytime we are together we go to expensive restaurants and he showers me with whatever I want! How about that for groupie love!!!

Umm... as someone that called Arizona home for 5 years I can attest to the fact that not only is this chick on super lame status, but Amare Stoudemire is a certified club rat. He's nothing special walking around in the valley of the sun. You will get tired of seeing his lanky, awkward looking ass at events. I try to remember that he's still a young guy so he has to feed his inner club rat, but I mean, I saw him riding a souped up tricycle to Chipotle once. It was a horrific sight... back to the "groupie". The fact that she was hyped off the fact that she basically got passed off to his homey and thought that she was getting shown some real "groupie love" as she put it... I'm seriously side-eyeing her whole operation. Can you even be a "groupie" for someone in the entourage? I'm baffled...

Apr 13, 2009

My Weekend...

Friday Night

I met up with my friend Cathy and headed to Sortie for the "Good Friday" event I blogged about here. It was free before 9p with an RSVP and we headed up there around 930p expecting to pay about $10 cover. After we found a park and walked the few blocks over to Sortie we entered the lounge/restaurant with high expectations. The crowd, though small, seemed nice (sea of attractive brown faces) but I could overhear the guy in front of us having issues with the door girl regarding the cover.

"That'll be $20"

I heard her tell him. I started thinking to myself that it better be $20 for men and $10 for ladies. It was 930p and the first night they were even doing anything at this spot. I had NO INTENTIONS of paying $20 for a little lounge. As we approached the door girl I told her that we had RSVP'd and she asked to see my email. Thank God for my blackberry - - I was able to pull up the message with ease.

"Can you scroll down a bit..."

Damn...I knew she was looking to see if it said "1/2 off cover after 9p" or just the regular "free before 9p"

"There are different emails and yours was only good for free cover before 9p so that'll be $20"

I shot a glance at my girl and we agreed that it wasn't worth it. We were not alone either because NUMEROUS other women weren't feeling the $20 cover and decided to find something else to do with their Friday night. Now in all fairness, the venue was nice, the crowd was cool and the door girl wasn't a total bitch. I understand that she was just doing her job (and let me tell you, Arizona is home to one of THE bitchiest door chicks... Her name is Rhonda. Yes, she can kick a pile of rocks. Her crazy attitude is for the birds... and just a side note, if my cell phone says 958p that means that's it IS before 10p. I don't care what your watch says... :) needed to vent a little...)

After a quick stop to the atm and brainstorm session we decided to go to one of my favorite neighborhood haunts, Cuatro. Cuatro is a "Nuevo Latino" restaurant in the South Loop that plays live music at night. I think their drinks are superb and the food, while pricey if you're paying for your own meal (go there on a date... his treat lol) it's definitely tasty and worth it. I recommend any of their signature margaritas (Cuatro Margarita, Fresca Margarita, Blood Orange Margarita, etc... and upgrade it with Patron!) We had dinner, convo, and an overall good time. There is no cover before 10p and only $5 after. If you're looking for something lowkey to do on a Fri/Sat night come by... or go anytime during the week for dinner/drinks.

Saturday Night

I was on a limited budget and while I wanted to go to my friend's fashion show, the $25 ticket wasn't working with my budget. One of my girlfriends had passes to Sound Bar so that was on the line-up for the night. To start things off we headed to Wicker Park for drinks at Par Lounge. I had never been to this lounge before, nor was I familiar with Wicker Park but I definitely fell in like with the area this weekend. It's a hip area full of 20/30 somethings, boutiques, bars/lounges and cheap food. The lounge itself was really nice. I'm a fan of the exposed brick, artwork and the lofty feel which the place had. The seating was nice but limited. I don't think this place could hold more than 75 people... it's pretty small. Nevertheless, we grabbed some drinks, a seat, and killed some time until we headed to Sound Bar. Now, I've become a fan of Patron (thanks LaRicia) and it bothered me that they didn't have any. Instead, I was forced to drink my margarita with Jose Cuervo 1800. Umm, I don't care if 1800 is like top of the line Jose... it's still Jose.... and Jose and I aren't friends. We aren't even frenemies. I clearly don't fuck with Jose and Jose doesn't fuck with me. I didn't want to waste a drink (I'm not equipped with the skills to turn down a drink... or waste one...) so I soldiered up and finished the toxic margarita. The only other complaints my group of friends had was the dj. He wasn't bad... I actually liked what he played, but the men with us wanted more 80s/90s hip hop and they were playing more top 40s. This is a good spot if you're in the area, want something intimate, and to enjoy some drinks and actually be able to have a conversation with the people next to you. It's not overly noisy or crowded so you'll be able to chill out and enjoy yourself and the art work on the walls.

After leaving Par Lounge we made our way to Sound Bar. I had never been to Sound Bar before but figured that since Saturday was their 5th year anniversary it was as good of a time as any to check it out. Walking up to the club the line was crazy... insane.. bananas (as Ashanti would say..lol.. I know people don't quote Ashanti for anything but I kinda like that expression. lol...) Thankfully, my girlfriend Lontier had passes and we were able to bypass the line and go straight to the front. The only thing better than skipping a line is getting in free! I'm a fan of all things free and I like being able to have a little VIP moment at the club. lol... We made our way in and instantly I knew this was going to be an interesting night. Now, I don't mind partying with white folks. I am, however, not a fan of drunk white girl antics or the "white boy let out" (swagger jacked that from Cathy). These white chicks were riding one another like it was a porno set... and when I say riding, I mean RIDING. The only thing missing was a strap on. I shouldn't see your goodies hanging out, literally, at the club. To make matters worse, the next thing up on the menu was seeing this chick get fingered while making out with this guy (both sloppy drunk) and her getting up to only once again be another chick with her Peek-a-choo hanging out. I was beyond words. Something a little different the club had were hot tubs featuring bikini clad go-go dancers bouncing around. I also spotted a few male dancers that were working it on the stage. Upstairs was techno while hip hop was downstairs. I liked the feel of the upstairs better but couldn't handle the techno for too long. Downstairs was a cool set up, though 10 degrees warmer and twice as crowded, but I stuck it out for the music alone. My boyfriend wasn't a fan of the club and ended up falling asleep (whether it was out of boredom or the fact that he had partied the night before with no sleep is anyone's guess...) so we ended up splitting rather early around 2a (the club closed at 5a). Side bar: This was another club that didn't have patron. They had the Jose 1800 (which I'm officially allergic to) and this other tequila that I can't recall. It wasn't bad and actually a step higher than patron so I wasn't making a stinky face while downing my drinks.

Late night clubbing always stimulates my appetite so with my boyfriend passed out in the passenger seat and his guy in the back, I headed to my favorite Gyros spot on Halsted. The conversations that you're privy to at late night eateries are always a trip. I was fascinated by the group of Puerto Ricans that were behind me and their uncanny ability to slip in and out of Spanish and English. Ever more so, the stuff that was coming out of their mouths had me rolling.

Puerto Rican #1 (slightly flaming guy) - "I ordered 2 shots of patron and when she said it'd be $29 my heart started to hurt... I was like Giselle, you better come in the bathroom and give me some head. These drinks are expensive."

Puerto Rican #2 (slightly hood chick) - "You know he wanted to come over and beat it..."

Puerto Rican #1 - "Did you Let him bruise it?"
Puerto Rican #2 - "Nope... but he wanted to eat it. I almost let him too."

Puerto Rican #1 - (referencing the cook at the Gyros spot) "Oooh, look who's making yall's food. He looks like he plays in his booty all day long."

Their convos had me rolling. On a side note, why was there not 1 Greek person working at the Greek spot? I was slightly annoyed that they muffed up my order. I thought Arizona was the only place you needed to speak Spanish to get by but I see that Mexicans have the fast food game on lock in Chicago too. Now that I think about it, the sushi spot in my bldg is run by Mexicans as well... Maybe now's a good time for me to look into getting Rosetta Stone.

If anyone is interested in checking out any of the spots I visited this weekend here's the info:

Par Lounge
1415 N. Milwaukee
Chicago, IL 60622

1212 N. State Pkwy
Chicago, IL 60610

2030 S. Wabash
Chicago, IL 60616

Sound Bar
226 W. Ontario
Chicago, IL 60610

Apr 10, 2009

Good Friday - Good Party

Most people didn't have to work today (I'm not one of them) and everyone will be looking for something to get into tonight. I was just told about this party going on tonight and wanted to pass this info along. I hope everyone is able to make it out and have some good times, good drinks, and good convo on this Good Friday!

Where: Sortie (formerly Bella) 1212 N. State Pkwy

When: Tonight (4/10/09) 6p-2a

Cost: Free before 9p with RSVP (click
here to RSVP)

Spring Style

Spring is here and it's time to start phasing out my sweaters and adding more warm weather friendly pieces. I've resolved myself to only buy things that I really "need" and that are able to be mixed/matched with stuff I already have.

I've been searching for a romper for quite some time now and it seems like everything is either too cheap, too expensive, or ill-fitting. Being petite and curvy makes the task even harder. I lucked up on this black, silk, fully lined romper at Forever21 the other day. It was affordable and had a nice fit. It's not everyday that I keep "the girls" tucked away so this was a refreshing way to change up my typical "busty" style. I actually like the way it fits - -I don't look like I'm going to the club, but this could be worn to any event. Keeping your boobs covered and having your garment be lined will work wonders! From the picture there isn't anything special or unique about this romper but it's definitely a nice, neutral piece to add to my wardrobe.

Next on my list of "needed" items will be a new purse and springtime fragrance. My boyfriend made it a point to let me know that I needed a new purse (my current everyday Kathy Van Zeeland bag is supposed to
yellow but has managed to turn some shade of brown in certain areas. Yeah, that's a bit wack but I've had this purse for a few years now and really like it. Anyways, I'll be on the hunt for something new and I'll be sure to post it.

Apr 8, 2009

(insert angelic sound here)

Guess who's no longer living in the stone ages back in action? When I came home from work today I said a little prayer as I prepared to turn the key and voila - - I was met with a wall of warmth! The lights are back on... and along with the lights are the computer, tv, heat, fridge... everything that makes life so wonderful. I instantly started thanking God and doing my happy dance. After, I plopped down on the couch and rejoiced at the fact that my DVR had been in overdrive recording shows that I had missed this week! I feel like after a few days of roughing it, I'm back to my old self - - It's 12am and I'm blogging! Last night I was fast asleep! I'm once again a night owl! Thanks Com Ed...

The Hills - The season premiere was decent. They pretty much showed us everything that they'd been hyping up in the previews for the season which leaves me to wonder what else there is. I guess the only thing left to do is have Audrina hook up with Brody and Spencer apologize to LC (all of which is supposed to happen according to the teaser). We were able to see Heidi and LC's emotional moment at her surprise party. I honestly didn't think it was that serious. It seemed like LC was a little drunk and they were just doing the drunk, emotional thing. Spencer flirted with some bartender and ended up getting into a fight with his sister's ex-boyfriend because he sent Stephanie a text... which of course got back to Heidi. Don't all people flirt with the bartenders? What else... the next day LC, Audrina and Lo talked about what happened. *yawn* Heidi was pissed off at Spencer and hopped a flight back to Colorado to see her fam. *another yawn* I'm glad that The Hills is back on because MTV's previous Monday night snooze fest of The City and Daddy's Girls was making me contemplate ways to slit my wrists. I'm remaining hopeful that there's a little more spice to come this season.

This is me...

I like using my blog as an outlet to write about my life and what's going on in my world. I don't live in the land of gum drops, candy canes and rainbows. This is real life and real stuff happens. I am a very open person and I do realize that while my scope of what I'll talk about is larger than most, everyone is not like that. However, I don't like feeling as if I'm being limited in what I can talk about because people feel like their business is being put on blast. I talk to my friends and family about what's going on in my life. I like to talk - - I've been blessed with the gift of gab :) I do also realize the benefit of having people around to support you and never having to totally go thru things alone. I don't put on this ridiculous veneer for the world; I wear my heart on my sleeve. When I'm happy you can see it in the smile across my face. When I'm pissed you can tell from the *crickets* and continuous eye roll. Everyone has things happen in life.

So what, we have no lights right now... I bet you I'm still waking up every morning getting dressed for work with a smile on my face because even in the candlelight I'm managing to find my stilettos. My apartment search has turned into this daunting task and I was bummed out that I didn't qualify for the Hyde Park 1bdrm that I wanted but I'm not some emotional wreck. I've been thru so much in my life and I refuse to let someone else throw their insecurities on me. Times like these make me want to send out a mass "KICK ROCKS"...

So, my little advice for the day: Don't let people deflate your swag or make their issues your issues.

Day 3 - Back to Basics

Today marks day #3 of my existence sans electricity. Day 1 was rough but enjoyable. Day 2 was slightly annoying (thankfully my bff K-Dot let me bum around on her couch using her electronic gadgets) and well, Day 3 - - I'm kind of over this whole 17th century burning candles and going to sleep when the sun sets lifestyle. It's been real, but I'm going to need Com Ed to get with the program and turn the lights on. I miss the delicate glow of the tv screen or seeing the time on the stove. I miss hearing the low hum of the refrigerator... knowing that my DVR was recording my favorite shows! I miss having the option of turning on a light, using my computer, saying that I got dressed in the dark and not having it be a literal thing. *sigh* Life without electricity is rough. I'm trying to remain optimistic because Com Ed is going to turn it on either today or tomorrow but it does kinda suck. On top of that I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed searching for a new place to live. It dawned on me today that I've been looking at places way out of my price range. So, after I did a few calculations I was knocked off of my high horse and came back to reality. I cringe at the thought of living in a studio. Really, it breaks my heart... so I'm going to try and meet with apartment finders and see if they can find me my dream apartment. (Did I mention how much harder this apartment search is when you're a homeowner. A few times I've thought to myself that going from a 1600 sq ft townhouse in wonderful Scottsdale to a 750 sq ft condo in the South Loop was hard... but I'm now faced with the possibility of having to cut that damn near in half as most studios/1 bdrms in my price range are under 600 sq ft.) *sigh*

Apr 7, 2009

Back to Basics

**After an angry phone call I decided to edit this post as to not embarrass anyone, which in turn slightly angered me. Edit my blogs for your ego? Wow... that's a whole other post in and of itself***

I came home from work and instantly went to turn the TV on. The Hills season premiere was going to be coming on and I needed to make sure my DVR was set up to record. I hit the "power" button and nothing. I pushed it again and still nothing. I pushed it a 3rd time... nothing. "What the hell?" I walked over to the kitchen and noticed that the time wasn't displaying on the microwave or stove. "Fuck..." I thought to myself... our power must be off. I went over to the circuit breaker and in vain tried to restart our power.

At first I was livid that we were without power. After my rage subsided a bit we pulled out the chess set, lit the candles and had a good night. It's amazing how you really can enjoy yourself and life won't stop without the use of all your favorite electronic items. I think I was most saddened by having to throw away all of my melting popsicles, but I rejoiced that I had not yet bought groceries.

So, today marks the end of another day and my return to an apt that is without any electricity. I feel like I'm living in the stone ages but the situation could be worse.

Apr 6, 2009

Friendship is Essential to the Soul - 4/17 Happy Hour

In a previous post I mentioned planning a happy hour for Friday 4/17. It's a way to bring together the wonderful female bloggers that consistently interact with one another on the net - - in a effort to put faces and names together, exchange great conversation, delicious food, and throw back some drinks! I've decided on a location and wanted to give the info to everyone:

Date: Friday 4/17/09
Location: Devon Seafood Grill - 39 E. Chicago Ave. (corner of Chicago Ave. and Wabash)
Time: After Work (530p - until)

*Please note that while Devon Seafood Grill has a Happy Hour from 4p to 7p and 9p to close, it is only available at the bar so that's where we'll be posted.


I have been posting irregularly as of late due in part to my search for a new apt. My boyfriend and I are on the hunt for a new place to lay our heads and it has been more challenging than I anticipated. First off, moving is never fun... but when you've been spoiled with amenities and location everything seems like a downgrade. Oh, the dilemma of champagne taste and a wine cooler budget!

I have grown to love my life in the South Loop. I love having everything in my backyard - - work, the lake, soldier field, my gym, restaurants, nightlife... everything is only a quick walk or cheap cab ride away. Not to mention having a washer/dryer in our unit, balcony with lake views, and PARKING!!! I've been slowly wrapping my mind around Hyde Park... a little further South than I'd like to live, but a nice area nonetheless. We looked at some apts yesterday and wow... well, all I can say is that anyone that is able to live in a studio, I commend you!!! Some of the studios I saw blew me away (in the worst way possible). Actually paying someone $700+ for a 350 sq ft space, bootleg kitchen, decently sized closet, little bathroom, and well basically 1 room to live in! Ouch... I guess I didn't realize that a studio truly is 1 room. Imagine throwing a mini fridge and mini stove in your bedroom - - BAM! You have yourself a studio apt. Now imagine paying over $700 for that space? Well, then you have yourself a problem.

-location (close to public transportation)
-lake or city views
-1 bdrm
-1 bath
-walk in closets
-gas range
-laundry in unit
-utilities included
-did I mention location? lol...

I ran down my list of "must haves" and realized that what I need is a house. Unfortunately, my house is 1700 miles away in Scottsdale, AZ....

So, now I find myself staring at a list of everything I "need" and thinking that it sounds like some magical fairy tale because getting all of this for under 1k is not an easy task. After a few disappointments, I came across a diamond in the rough. It's in Hyde Park, has an awesome view, and a few of my other wants. Pray for me that everything works out!!

Apr 2, 2009

It could always be worse...

As a comedian once said, if you're ever feeling down just turn on an episdoe of cops and that should cheer you up. What could be worse than you're mother wearing a mumu, rollers in her disheveled hair, drunk and staggering around beating your father with a broom? Well, she could have signed the release to have it aired on tv! Yes, there is always someone somewhere whose situation is worse than yours... so you have a reason to take a deep breath, smile and know that it's never really that bad.

If you find yourself at work and in need of a little pick me up, try visiting the following sites:

1. www.secrettweet.com
2. www.fmylife.com
3. www.postsecret.com

All of these sites remind me that everyone thinks crazy thoughts from time to time, are random, have bad days, do outrageous things, sometimes feel bad and their pride won't let them apologize, are funny.... are HUMAN! It's refreshing to have the veneer stripped away and to read the thoughts of everyday folks.

Nutritional Soda?

Yesterday when I felt the beginnings of a migraine manifesting itself in my brain I decided to head to CVS and grab something with some caffeine in it. My main goal was to get the caffeine sans the overload of calories. I am a sucker for branding and packaging and the colorful label caught my eye. Regular coke would have done the trick but if I could get some vitamins and minerals thrown in the mix, why not!

Nia... Nia-cina.... Nia-cina-mide? Cya... Cya-noco-ba-lim?

I felt like the little kid in the Breyer's ice cream commercial trying to sound out the ingredients in my soda. A while back Coke introduced a new product called "Diet Coke Plus" that is fortified with vitamins B3 (niacinamide), B12 (cyanocobalamin) and minerals. Like many, I don't drink soda for its nutritional content, but more so for the tingling sensation it gives my throat.

I am a water person. I love drinking bottles of water all day long. Soda is good every once in a while (with pizza, when you're hung over, eating McDonalds, etc...) so I didn't drink the whole thing... but it had nothing to do with the taste. I actually think it was pretty good.

Could I taste the vitamins? No.
Minerals? No.
Did I feel a difference in my body or energy level? No.

I don't know if this drink really does anything outside of the ordinary but if you're in the mood for something "diet" I'd recommend grabbing this and getting your daily dose of Vitamins B3 and B12 (whatever those do) while you scratch your soda itch.

Apr 1, 2009

Adventures on the CTA - CTA Bandit

I don't know why I give this guy this much face time on my blog... but look who I saw this morning - - yet again rocking his white tee with the green bball hoop... and the same gymshoes (of course with the pulled up white socks). It's the CTA Bandit. At least his outfit has started to match the weather... or I guess he's been rocking the same thing since the winter so I maybe the weather has caught up to his outfit. I didn't even bother taking a picture of his blonde highlighted finger waves - my camera couldn't bear to see it... I did, however, manage to snap a pic of the ash that was taking over his legs. This dude is starting to irk me...
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