Apr 8, 2009

This is me...

I like using my blog as an outlet to write about my life and what's going on in my world. I don't live in the land of gum drops, candy canes and rainbows. This is real life and real stuff happens. I am a very open person and I do realize that while my scope of what I'll talk about is larger than most, everyone is not like that. However, I don't like feeling as if I'm being limited in what I can talk about because people feel like their business is being put on blast. I talk to my friends and family about what's going on in my life. I like to talk - - I've been blessed with the gift of gab :) I do also realize the benefit of having people around to support you and never having to totally go thru things alone. I don't put on this ridiculous veneer for the world; I wear my heart on my sleeve. When I'm happy you can see it in the smile across my face. When I'm pissed you can tell from the *crickets* and continuous eye roll. Everyone has things happen in life.

So what, we have no lights right now... I bet you I'm still waking up every morning getting dressed for work with a smile on my face because even in the candlelight I'm managing to find my stilettos. My apartment search has turned into this daunting task and I was bummed out that I didn't qualify for the Hyde Park 1bdrm that I wanted but I'm not some emotional wreck. I've been thru so much in my life and I refuse to let someone else throw their insecurities on me. Times like these make me want to send out a mass "KICK ROCKS"...

So, my little advice for the day: Don't let people deflate your swag or make their issues your issues.
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