Jul 18, 2012

Japon Sparkling Sake

Japon Sparkling Sake
Think "Sake meets Riesling" - - Japon Sparkling Sake is the perfect blend of sake with a little something extra. I had this for the first time at South Coast Sushi Monday night and it was love and first sip. I ordered 2 bottles and am now their biggest fan!

Sidebar: South Coast Sushi is a beautiful restaurant in the South Loop offering 1/2 off bottles of Sake and Wine every Monday night. The outside demeanor doesn't do this place justice - - it's gorgeous inside! The service is phenomenal, the food delicious, and the sake? Well, need I say more! The sake selection is amazeballs.

South Coast Sushi
1700 S Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60616

Jul 16, 2012

Blast from the past

Have you ever randomly logged into your Myspace profile to reminisce through your old pictures? Well, I did just that last night... don't judge me. What I found were tons of photos from years past and one in particular caught my eye.

A drunken, obnoxious, yet extremely fun night and me in my total element being part jokester/part brat - - I mean, hasn't everyone fogged up their friend's car windows at one time or another? lol...

I'm counting down to my vacation (much needed) and looking forward to sharing what will be amazing footage with everyone. Here's to having a happy Monday!

Jul 13, 2012

The Countdown Begins...

Next week this time I'll be getting ready to see The Dark Knight Rises!!! I'm definitely on 10 (do people say that anymore? lol) to see the flick... especially after how disappointing movies have been thus far in 2012. I wish so badly they cast Scarlett Johansson as Cat Woman, I mean... Anne Hathaway? Really? But the tickets were bought a few weeks ago and I know the movie will not let me down. I feel like everyone that isn't living under a rock has had their tickets lined up for the past few weeks. So, did you land coveted IMAX tickets? Unfortunately I didn't lol... but I'll be catching it VIP @ The Icon in the South Loop.

Sidebar: Is anyone else feeling disgruntled with the shift the ICON has taken? I don't know if it's the free parking, proximity to the Red Line or what... but the crowd that frequents there now is not what's up in these streets.

Jul 12, 2012

Thick Neck Thursday: David Oliver @doliversub13

Have you ever wondered what 6'2", 205lbs of Track & Field Thick Neck looked like? Look no further than Team USA Olympian David Oliver!!! I was watching E! News when the 30 yo cutie graced the screen and was mesmerized by his main vein... well, the veins in his neck. You know thick necks make me weak in the knees lol. Oliver will be representing Team USA in the London Olympics this year and I can honestly say he's giving me a reason to watch. Between his thick neck, traps and perfect smile, I think every woman will find the motivation to watch him go for the gold.

If you wanna continue to drool, you can learn more about David via his website or twitter page.

Full Disclosure: I've been a bit biased in the past about weight when it comes to a man. I'm a firm believer that the bigger the better, and by bigger I mean thick necks pushing 240-250lbs.... but let me just say that David Oliver is repping for the home team and making that 205 weight class quite tempting. 

Jul 11, 2012

Nail Art: Gel Obsession


With my vacation quickly approaching I've been racking my brain for creative, yet cute ways to make my manicure last. I've debated experimenting with Gel Nails and seeing if they can stand the test against the elements - - heat, pools, scuba diving, jungle adventures... so the above design I found on Gabi Fresh is definitely in the running. I have a soft spot for anything gold, so I'm thinking I'd do a white base and add gold glitter on the tips. Has anyone tried Gel Nails and had a great experience? Any recommendations for where to go in Chicago?

Jul 10, 2012

I'm a @PADI Certified Scuba Diver!!!

Underwater and still photogenic lol
I've been missing in action the last few weeks because I was in the process of studying for my PADI Scuba Certification!! I'm so freaking excited to scream from the blogging rooftops that this past weekend I passed all of my tests and am now a PADI Certified Open Water Scuba Diver!! What does that mean? That means I can scuba dive with the best of them to depths up to 130 ft. I got in 5 dives this past weekend at Haigh Quarry (check out my review here), and am looking forward to logging a few more on my vacay in a few weeks.

I did all of my training at Underwater Safaris in Lincoln Park (2950 N. Lincoln Ave.) and had the amazing instructor Orest (like Forest without the O). His combination of experience, patience and comforting humor made my time in the water and classroom top notch. I would highly recommend him and the center to anyone curious about scuba diving.

As long as you know how to swim and have an overall comfort in the water scuba diving could be for you. Underwater Safaris offers a nice "Discover Scuba" course for $50 which gives you an opportunity to have an instructor brief you over the basics and try the gear out in the pool. It's a lot of fun and offers the chance to see if scuba diving is something you want to pursue.

Scuba Gear
** On a side note, I want to say that I wish more black people would get into the sport. Let's dispel the stereotype that we can't swim, don't get our hair wet, or do anything active. Over the weekend there were at least 100 divers at the quarry and I was the only black woman - - *insert crickets here**

I have a quick video from one of my dives this past weekend, but need to edit it. The visibility in the quarry averaged 10-20 ft so it's not the best, but it's still pretty cool to see yourself underwater. Like always, if you have any questions please feel free to ask away in the comments section! Happy Diving :)
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