Jun 27, 2014

I'm officially 30 years old...

"Sometimes you have to forget what’s gone, appreciate what still remains, and look forward to what’s coming next."

Jun 23, 2014

Sew-in using Indique BOUNCE Collection Coil Curl Hair (via @IloveIndique)

I've always thought of myself as low maintenance when it comes to my hair, but dropping a ton of coins on a hair weave is the least low maintenance thing I can think of.... however, y'all  - - can I just say how AMAZING. Scratch that, FUCKING AMAZING this Indique BOUNCE Collection Coil Curl hair is! It's the best hair weave decision I've ever made. Ever.

I filmed a quick video showing the results of the weave, how it blends, and my initial thoughts since rocking the weave a few days. Take a look and let me know what you think!

Sidebar: Indique sent me a "mystery discount code" valued at anywhere between 5% - 20%, but it expires at 11:59 pm on 6/27. If you are going to purchase hair from them this week, leave a comment below and I can send you the discount code! I promise you this hair is game changing.

Jun 22, 2014

Turning 30 kinda hurts lol...

My 30th birthday is in a few days and I'm currently trying to process how in the world I have so many breakouts popping up over my body. It's like night of the living dead! Actually, that reference makes no sense... but suffice it to say that I've never been one to have more than one or two zits, so having a bunch is like a fucking nightmare! I don't want to remember the end of my 20s with zits everywhere.

*insert scrunch face here*

I'm sitting here debating  between whether or not to Google the latest natural skin care fix by Hey Fran Hey, go to Sephora and cough up some coins for my old favorite Murad, or simply wash out my makeup brushes... which makes me realize that I can't actually recall the last time I washed them out (which means it's been too long).

On top of the breakouts my throat is super sore and I've had a slight pain in my lower back for a few days. Is this what turning 30 is all about? Is my body making the change towards being bootleg in this next decade of life? Lol... Yes, I'm being dramatic, but you always hear people speak about how "everything changes once you're 30," so all of it is making me wonder.

I'm sure someone in their mid to late 30s is reading this and rolling their eyes lol...

Jun 20, 2014

Indique BOUNCE Collection Coil Curl: Unboxing 10" Bundle + Initial Impression (via @ILoveIndique)

 So, I bit the bullet and bought the Indique BOUNCE Collection Coil Curl hair. It was a splurge. Actually, more than a splurge. I reached deep down into my pockets and pulled out all of my coins (and fucks) and decided to go for it. This is officially the most expensive thing I've ever done with my hair... and the sew-in isn't even installed yet (read: when I'm writing this).

It's currently the night before my big weave adventure with the priciest hair in all of the land, and I'm lying to myself about how tired I actually am. I should be sleeping, but I'm up cranking out this post. I still need to seal the weft (because I can't recall or find any information online stating whether or not the weft came sealed), wash my face, and get my life together so I can make my 8am hair appointment. In hindsight I was probably being a bit too ambitious when I made that 8am appointment. Blame it on the excitement of my summer/birthday weave.

While living in loft ranks high on the "cool factor," but finding a place with doors, quiet, and lighting to film is a nightmare. I finally said eff it and filmed outside on my patio. I did manage to wait for the sun to set a bit so the lighting wasn't terrible.

In the video I show the unboxing of my hair, share my initial thoughts, and how I still feel like a slight d-bag for dropping so many coins on a weave. Take a look and let me know what you think!

Jun 13, 2014

How much is "too much" to pay for a weave?

My 30th birthday is right around the corner, so I've been brainstorming what kind of hair I want to rock for my special day. My hair appt has been made, but I'm wavering on whether or not to go all out and cop some high end weave.

One of my blogging boos, MsDanti, has been rocking the Indique Bounce Organic Curl and slaying IG in every pic. You know how you see someone rocking something and want to jump on the bandwagon? Well, that's exactly what happened to me... until I went to the Indique website and say the price started off at $189/bundle... and I'd need 2 bundles. Plus shipping and tax... you can only imagine how quickly my heart sank.

The idea of spending close to $500 JUST on some hair? I don't know... it's just crazy to me. I know that it could be spun as an investment and "worth it." I also know that it's some of the best hair out there, but something inside of me is causing me to get cold feet and be unsure about jumping ship and diving into the world of high end weave.

Am I crazy? What's the most you've paid for hair weave? Was it worth it?

Jun 11, 2014

Broadway Musical 'Passing Strange' comes to Seattle (via @ACTtheatre)

One of my favorite musicals has touched down in Seattle, and I'm thrilled to have scored tickets to a preview show this week.
"Featuring LeRoy Bell (The X Factor), this award-winning Broadway hit is finally taking the Seattle stage. Passing Strange is a young black musician’s odyssey of self-discovery, complete with sex, drugs, and above all, rock-and-roll. It’s a musical, but don’t expect show tunes or sequins. Instead, this gritty, heartfelt show will shake the house—and your conceptions of manhood, race, and identity." -  A Contemporary Theatre
The show is slated to run through 6/29 at the ACT Theatre in downtown Seattle (7th and Union). Tickets are $40 and can be purchased in person at the box office (Tues-Sun) or online (there's an additional service fee). Check out the trailer below!

Jun 5, 2014

Beard Season: Know your History

The official start of summer is only a few weeks away and I know some dudes are deciding whether or not to ditch their beards. Before I lose my shit and go on a rampage regarding how all men look 1000% better with facial hair, I thought it might be nice to give everyone a formal history on beards! Yes, there are levels to this shit...

Jun 4, 2014

Blending Zury 'Wet and Wavy' Jerry Curl Sew-in with my Natural Hair

So, I totally meant to post this video back in April, but you know the usual excuses... life got in the way, I was busy with work, wrapping up a class, getting ready to travel... just doing me. So, yeah... this is late lol.

Blending. It's one of the most important aspects of a sew-in and was at the forefront of my concerns when using the 'Wet and Wavy' hair. Overall, I was happy to try out the Wet and Wavy hair because I felt it was a good match for my actual hair texture. When straight, the hair had texture to it and blended easily. I also enjoyed having my hair and the weave sweat out at the same rate. That's winning, all day, every day.

Below is a quick video showing how the hair blends.

Jun 2, 2014

Using Instagram Pics to make a Custom Phone Case (Via @Sticky9HQ)

Last year I blogged about discovering StickyGram (now known as Sticky9), and how they allowed me to transform my favorite Instagram pics into magnets. Well, Sticky9 has lured me in once again, this time with a customized iPhone case!

I didn't know which direction I wanted to go, but opted to create an homage to myself in honor of being awesome and turning 30 this month. It probably looks a bit egotistical, but it's basically taking my love of photography, selfies, phone cases and my many moods... then slapping them together old school collage style. Plus, this is pretty much as custom as a phone case can get.

The cases retail for $34.99 and come with free worldwide shipping. If the phone case isn't your speed, you can still choose the magnets or tablet case. Icing on the cake - - Use code FRIENDMAA5  to receive 15% off your order! 

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