Jun 4, 2014

Blending Zury 'Wet and Wavy' Jerry Curl Sew-in with my Natural Hair

So, I totally meant to post this video back in April, but you know the usual excuses... life got in the way, I was busy with work, wrapping up a class, getting ready to travel... just doing me. So, yeah... this is late lol.

Blending. It's one of the most important aspects of a sew-in and was at the forefront of my concerns when using the 'Wet and Wavy' hair. Overall, I was happy to try out the Wet and Wavy hair because I felt it was a good match for my actual hair texture. When straight, the hair had texture to it and blended easily. I also enjoyed having my hair and the weave sweat out at the same rate. That's winning, all day, every day.

Below is a quick video showing how the hair blends.

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