Jan 7, 2019

Trouble Don't Last Always

"Trouble don't last always, b*tch." - Amber Wagner 
(IG: @jstlbby)

This is my personal mantra and mood for all of 2019. It's a reminder that life is full of ups and downs, peaks and valleys, highs and lows... and the only constant in life is change. For me it means there will be a lot of seasons and my focus should never become too consumed on the discomfort of change, but rather channel my energy on enjoying the journey... because regardless of what's happening, the journey will be constant. I want to become my own star player this year and take more time to love myself more deeply, exercise grace and patience in the midst of trials and tribulations, and allow myself to celebrate the milestones and achievements, big and small.

My nail art continues to be an outlet for self-expression and my way of adding a bit more fun into my daily routine. For more information about my nail artist, Peka Grayson, check out her recent feature on King 5 Evening (I got to be her hand model).

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And for the real icing on the cake... my amazing manicure

Peka Grayson is still the best nail artist in Seattle

I first sang the praises of my nail artist and friend, Peka Grayson, back in January 2017 hailing her the best nail artist in Seattle. 2 years later and I'm so excited to see her getting recognized for the exceptional work she does - she was recently featured on King 5 Evening! Icing on the cake? I got to be in the studio with her as a hand model! Check out the video and full post on their site. Kudos to Elle Meny at King 5 Evening for covering the story!

Peka has been my nail artist since 2016 and is someone whose talent I continue to scream about from the rooftops! She's currently accepting new clients (which is rare), so be sure to check out her IG page (@ImpekableNails) for more information.

Jan 2, 2019

Recap: TLC's "90 Day FiancΓ©" - Season 6 Episode 8

Isn't it funny how you start a post and then forget to hit "publish" lol... well, that's what happened to this episode of the podcast! Super (duper) crazy late, but enjoy!

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