Oct 21, 2014

Lesson 15: "A back-up plan is if the first plan doesn't work."

"Well, first of all you're supposed to have a plan. Let's have a plan first. A back-up plan is if the first plan doesn't work. If you put your life and view yourself as somebody else's: I'm so-and-so's wife, I'm so-and-so's mother, I'm so-and-so's daughter... and you haven't created a "you" - - what happens when all those other things leave you? Your husband can leave you. Your children will hopefully grow up and fly away and do their own thing, as will your grandchildren, and your parents ... if they go before you, you'll have nothing left. So, you have to have a plan first. Then your plan is prepare yourself for life as a whole person." - Judge Judy

Oct 20, 2014

Fluffed out Afro on Natural Hair or Weave

So, I'm back in a sew-in using the same Indique Bounce Coil Curl hair I originally bought back in June. I remember clutching my pearls at the price ($189 and up per bundle), but it turned out to be one of my best hair investments to date. I'm currently about a week into this 2nd install and the hair is doing great.

After a night full of wine and Jimi Hendrix, I was in a 60s/70s mood and wanted to fluff out my hair. So many naturals are obsessed with getting perfectly sculpted ringlets, kinks, or curls... but I wanted an old school fro.

The night before I'd thrown my hair into a high ponytail and went to sleep, so I was already working with less defined hair.

To add more volume and further diminish curl definition, I used my Denman Brush to fluff out my leave-out and the Indique hair.

I'll admit that I initially felt a bit intimidated by having such big hair. I almost pulled it back up, but my bf helped ease my worries... he was like, "if you're gonna rock it, you need to really just rock it." Wearing a fro is dope, but it does feel like the spotlight is on you... and honestly it really is. You have this big ass, dope hair! It's big, fluffy... blowing in the wind. It's awesome, but not for the faint of heart.

Anyways, in person the hair was SUPER big, but my iPhone 4s didn't truly capture it.

Oct 10, 2014

Faux Fur Stole (via @Zara)

I was completely obsessed with the idea of getting a stole for winter. Initially it didn't matter if it was real or faux fur, but I knew I wanted a cinnamon color and for it to not break the bank.

Considering my budget (under $100) I figured that my options for real fur would be slim to none. Well, heaven saw it fit to smile down on me and bless me with the last faux fur stole in Zara!

Y'all... the moment I saw this my heart started to race and I quickly looked around to see if anyone else was eyeing it. I speed walked right over to the table and snatched it up... taking a moment to relish in my find.

If you're looking too add some joy to your Fall/Winter wardrobe, run (not walk) over to your nearest Zara or go online and snag yourself the perfect Fall/Winter accessory. They retail for $59.90

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