Jul 10, 2009

King of the Thick Necks

As many of my friends know I have an absolute weakness for men with thick necks. I think my fascination began in college once I truly started noticing (and appreciating) the football physique. Something about the way they'd hold their necks in team photos would send me into a frenzy. Today I stumbled across a spectacular sight - - Takeo Spikes, aka King of the Thick Necks. This guy is a thick neck GOD!! I want to erect temples in honor of the neck on this man - - he's half man, half amazing! I've never seen him or heard his name before today but I'm glad I can now put his neck (my dream neck) into my mental rolodex. This guy is definitely a 10 on my "need to wring out my panties" scale. My God... I could stare at his neck for hours!!!

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