Aug 31, 2012

NARS 'Dragon Girl' Velvet Matte Lip Pencil on Brown Skin (Video Review)

Since discovering this shade through a friend a few months ago, I've worn it religiously and it is my hands down #1 pick for a red lip. It beats out the other 3 red lipsticks I have: MAC's Viva Glam I, Lady Danger, and Ruby Woo. Yes, even Ruby Woo lol. It baffles my mind that every black woman is not wearing this shade religiously! It is the perfect matte, red lip with insane staying power that won't dry your lips or bleed out.

NARS has hit the jackpot with this all-in-one product. It's a liner and a color in one, and super simple to apply. The price is $24 at any Sephora or NARS counter and before you cringe at the price (because I most certainly did at first), please know that this is worth every cent. You know how there are some products you can easily get a dupe for? Well, this isn't one of them. Don't spend $5-$10 on a knockoff because that'll be money wasted. Put that change towards buying this stuff and I promise you will not be disappointed. Not sold yet? Go to any Sephora store and try it on for yourself! See how effortlessly it glides on. Walk around for a bit. Go get something to eat and be blown away that you're not having to reapply. Even after 2 meals when it felt like the product couldn't possibly be on my lips, a quick glance in the mirror confirmed I was still going strong.

Okay, okay.. I'm sounding like some on charge infomercial guy (aka Vince w/ the Slap Chop lol), but seriously... I'm just so excited to find a red lip that works. I go so hard for this... I want to scream from the roof tops that the makeup Gods have answered our prayers! They've delivered the most amazeballs matte red lip ever.

My girlfriend that told me about this shade is white, and even after letting me try the color out I was still a bit on the fence. I went to  YouTube looking for some reviews to see how it looked on brown skin and was shocked to find only 1 or 2 videos. Alas, I knew I had to record a video and share with the world so anyone that too was on the fence could get a 2nd opinion lol.

In the first part of the video I showed what the color looked like after a 12 hour day. No touch-ups. I had eaten breakfast and lunch. Had drinks out of the can and bottle. The wear was amazing. Towards the end of the video I reapply and show you what the color looks like fresh! Enjoy.

** The key to looking great in a red lip is having a great base. Be sure to exfoliate your lips and remove all dead skin so you don't look ratchet. While this product isn't drying, I do try and keep my lips moisturized and exfoliated when I'm not wearing this. So after removing the product at the end of the night, I'll wash my face lip normal and put cocoa butter on my lips. About twice a week I exfoliate with a wash cloth **

Aug 30, 2012

Miami Dolphins Erotic Workout (video)

It's still Thick Neck Thursday, so here's a little visual eye candy to get you through the rest of the day! It's work-appropriate porn.

I was watching Hard Knocks: Miami Dolphins last night (when am I not watching that show) and my jaw dropped watching them stretch. I mean, is this type of thing common practice in the weight rooms for NFL players?

Anyone that knows me can probably imagine there's a slight twinkle in my eyes... and my favorite player Jared Odrick has a quick appearance. Throw that head back, Odrick!

Thick Neck Thursday: Bernard Pollard @CrushBoy31

Not just a Thick Neck, Bernard Pollard is a Thick Neck that can twerk! A defensive back for the Baltimore Ravens, Pollard had a breakout scene a few seasons ago on HBO's Hard Knocks: Kansas City Chiefs. Although the 6'1" 225 lbs thick neck no longer plays for the Chiefs, he definitely left a lasting impression when he dropped it low and showed how they get down in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Watching such a big guy pop his ass in the middle of an NFL locker room was surprisingly not as strange as I imagined it would be. Though, I must be honest and say my jaw completely dropped when he broke it down and landed in a split! I mean, he clearly has spent a lot of time in the strip club picking up the latest moves.

What do you think? Does Bernard's twerk session inspire you to throw some 1s at your screen?

Aug 29, 2012

Where to Color your Natural Hair in Chicago

It'd been nearly a year since I last got my hair professionally colored, well... roughly 10 months to be exact, but I was itching to get some color again. The only stylist in Chicago that I trust to color my natural hair is Cori @ Justin's Salon Studio. Last Fall Cori took my hair from it's natural brown color to an awesome lighter brown with highlights (see below) and it changed my world. My curls had so much added dimension and truly popped.

After almost a year of living my life (i.e. not using a color shampoo/conditioner lol) my hair started looking brassy, so I ended up throwing a level 2 color in it to get it back dark ( my blog avi pic), but the dark hair was starting to bore me and I wanted a change. I was excited to book an appointment with Cori and get some more color in my life. I went in there not sure of what I wanted, but knowing that I needed something to excite me about my curls again. I told Cori that I wanted something to brighten me up, but lower maintenance than what I had previously had. Her suggestion? Heavy highlights sans the overall base color. I was game! Once again she used 2 different Wella colors for highlights, but I did opt for bleach this go-round. So far I'm loving my hair and it was just what the doctor ordered.

New Highlights

I've come to realize that I prefer color in my natural hair. It's a fun way to make my curls pop and a reflection of my bubbly personality. I also had a pow-wow with myself and said that I'm going to take better care of my color this time. I'll be alternating between color conditioner and hydrating conditioner... maybe even pre-pooing from time to time. I want to retain more length and minimize the chops I've been getting... so, reducing the amount of blow drying I'm doing and using a scarf at night. I'm secretly happy that the temps are cooling off in Chicago because that means less shrinkage! Score.

If you're in the Chicago area and looking for a stylist you can trust to color your natural hair, you must see Cori.

Who: Cori @ 773-609-4884
What: Color, Cuts, & anything else for your natural/relaxed hair
Where: Justin's Salon Studio (1919 S. Michigan Ave - South Loop)
Cost: Varies. You can get a free consultation.
Connect: Twitter -

Aug 27, 2012

Zigi Soho Leena Booties (via @DSWShoeLovers)

Founds these in DSW and instantly fell in love! Zigi Soho Leena Booties currently $99.95 at DSW.

DIY Cutout Shorts (via @mayasworld)

Summer is nearly gone, but you can still do something funky to make the most of your wardrobe. YouTuber Shameless Maya posted this fun DIY for her "shameless shorts" aka cutout shorts. All you need to copy this style are a pair of high-waisted shorts and some scissors.

Aug 23, 2012

Bitch Bad. Woman Good. Lady Better. (via @LupeFiasco)

I've never aspired to be the baddest bitch of anything. I can't even recall my mom using the term "bitch" until recently when someone was picking on me. Even then it was used with a strong negative connotation. If someone was a "bitch" they were either acting catty, petty, mean, rude... you get my drift. But being a bitch, a "bad bitch" at that was not ever the epitome of success and having made it. Listening to Lupe's song actually made me wonder when the term became something positive.

I have the mouth of a sailor and jokingly drop curse words like the rent is due and they accept f-bombs as a form of payment. For as dirty as my mouth can be, I don't think I've actually spazzed out on someone and cursed them out. Actually, I'm lying. I remembered about 2 times as I was typing this lol.. but definitely under 5 times have I used my curse words as weapons, and never have I used them to mean something great. No awesome bitches. No amazeballs bitches. No bad bitches. Definitely no "she's the epitome of everything I want my life force to be" type of bitches. But listening to this song makes me want to better myself and the vocabulary I use. There's so much to me and if someone just heard a little blurb they may write me off as a proper speaking "bitch" with a dirty mouth and little depth. Is is possible for me to do away with the term "bitch" altogether? I mean, it's not a positive thing and nothing I want to be, so I might just strike it from the record.

When Red Tails came out I blogged about how amazing it was to see how great black people once were. Past tense. Looking around today it's a shame to see the level of coontastic ratchetry that has become mainstream.VH1 reality TV shenanigans, yuck mouth rappers with no talent making it rain 1s on strippers that gave up on their college dreams, even some of the lackluster Chicagoans I see on the CTA... it's enough to make me frown... and I'm a person that typically shits out sunshine and sparkly glitter, so it takes a lot for me to frown. I know music with a meaning isn't popular today, but I really do wish this stuff would get a bit more shine.

It's nice to have some thought provoking music with superb lyrical content, and his song makes me even reconsider my use of the word bitch (among others). Does Lupe's song touch a nerve with you?

"Bitch Bad"

I say bitch bad, woman good, lady better
Hey, hey, hey, hey

[Verse 1]
Now imagine there’s a shawty, maybe five maybe four
Ridin’ ’round with his mama listening to the radio
And a song comes on and a not far off from being born
Doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong
Now I ain’t trying to make it too complex
But let’s just say shawty has an undeveloped context
About the perception of women these days
His mama sings along and this what she says
“Niggas I’m a bad bitch, and I’m bad bitch
far above average”
And maybe other rhyming words like cabbage and savage
And baby carriage and other things that match it
Couple of things that are happenin’ here
First he’s relatin’ the word “bitch” with his mama, comma
And because she’s relatin’ to herself, his most important source of help,
And mental health, he may skew respect for dishonor

Bitch bad, woman good
Lady better, they misunderstood
(I’m killin’ these bitches)
Uh, tell ‘em
Bitch bad, woman good
Lady better, they misunderstood
They misunderstood
(I’m killin’ these bitches)

[Verse 2]
Yeah, now imagine a group of little girls nine through twelve
On the internet watchin’ videos listenin’ to songs by themselves
It doesn’t really matter if they have parental clearance
They understand the internet better than their parents
Now being the interent, the content’s probably uncensored
They’re young, so they’re maleable and probably unmentored
A complicated combination, maybe with no relevance
Until that intelligence meets their favorite singer’s preference
“Bad bitches, bad bitches, bad bitches
That’s all I want and all I like in life is bad bitches, bad bitches”
Now let’s say that they less concerned with him
And more with the video girl acquiescent to his whims
Ah, the plot thickens
High heels, long hair, fat booty, slim
Reality check, I’m not trippin’
They don’t see a paid actress, just what makes a bad bitch


[Verse 3]
Disclaimer: This rhymer, Lupe’s not usin’ bitch as a lesson
But as a psychological weapon
To set in your mind and really mess with your conceptions
Discretions, reflections, it’s clever misdirection
Cause, while I was rappin’ they was growin’ up fast
Nobody stepped in to ever slow ‘em up, gasp
Sure enough, in this little world
The little boy meets one of those little girls
And he thinks she a bad bitch and she thinks she a bad bitch
He thinks disrespectfully, she thinks of that sexually
She got the wrong idea, he don’t wanna fuck her
He thinks she’s bad at being a bitch like his mother
Momma never dress like that, come out the house, hot mess like that
Ass, titties, dress like that
All out to impress like that
Just like that, you see the fruit of the confusion
He caught in a reality, she caught in an illusion
Bad mean good to her, she really nice and smart
But bad mean bad to him, bitch don’t play your part
But bitch still bad to her if you say it the wrong way
But she think she a bitch, what a double entendre


Bitch bad, woman good
Lady better, they misunderstood
You’re misunderstood
Bitch bad, woman good
Lady better, greatest motherhood
(I’m killin’ these bitches)

Thick Neck Thursday: Jared Odrick @JaredOdrick98

The thicker the neck, the bigger my smile. At 6'5" 302 lbs, Jared Odrick is mouthwatering, delectable, orgasmic goodness causing a cheesy grin to spread across my face! This is the finest specimen of man and this week's Thick Neck Thursday feature.

I saw Odrick last night as I was watching the Miami Dolphins training camp show on HBO and couldn't hide my grin. "Who is THAT?" I grabbed my phone and the Google search commenced.

Reading his stats sent a heavenly chill down my spine. 302 lbs of thick ass man! My God... you are real and at work! I'm only 28, but part of me feels like a cougar looking at 24yo Odrick. Still, I wish men were mass produced like this. I would seriously sell all of my worldly goods to order my own "Odrick 2.0". Put it into production... I want it now!

I can barely look at him without ratchet things pouring out of my mouth. I don't know whether to wring out my panties or finish writing this post lol. This Miami Dolphins Defensive End could get it. All day. Every day. No questions asked. Well, maybe a few... you all know I'm inquisitive lol... but seriously, Jared - - Where are you and when are you free? (Are you high right now? Do you ever get nervous? Are you single? lol... I kid, I kid)

I think Takeo Spikes will have to give up his throne as "King of the Thick Necks." There's some new blood in town and he just got crowned.

Jared Odrick - A thick neck you could take home to meet your parents!

Aug 22, 2012

D-Rose Rises (via @throttle_nerd)

I'm not the biggest sports nut, but this video @throttle_nerd shared with me this morning was pretty freaking amazeballs! I mean, my eyes watered up and everything... and that could either be due to the fact I love the Dark Knight Rises score or I'm about to start my period lol... (you choose)...  but one things for sure - - Chicago is ready for the return of D-Rose!! I'm hoping he's good this upcoming season. Hell, I'm hoping he can at least play lol.

Aug 21, 2012

The Perfect Red Lip for Brown Skin: NARS "Dragon Girl"

Thanks to a friend I found the perfect red lip for brown skin. No, it's not MAC's Ruby Woo (which is a favorite of mine), but even better - - NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in "Dragon Girl."

The pencil allows for flawless application in under a minute and for anyone that consistently rocks a red lip you will know that this is amazing! You basically apply the color and line your lips in one simple step. It's divine. The best part? The lasting power! This stuff can last HOURS... through breakfast and lunch, kisses, coffee... just when you think it's fading away a quick look in the mirror will show that it's still going. I prefer my reds to be matte and not glossy, so this is a match made in heaven.

I was nervous to pay $24 for it (from Sephora), but rationalized that it was covering the cost of a lip liner and color in one. Plus, there are many imitations out there, but I assure you that NONE come close to this. I go hard in the paint for certain products and this is one of them.Since buying it I haven't worn any of my other red lipsticks (MAC's Ruby Woo, Viva Glam I, and Lady Danger - - all great shades of red). The ease of being able to apply one product and go is awesome.

The next time you're in Sephora or Macy's, go to the NARS counter and give this stuff a try. Your lips will thank me!

Aug 20, 2012

Chicago Singer Sam-U-L

Have you ever been walking down the street and accosted by a young, R&B singer? Well, it happened to me this weekend.. Typically the men yelling out cat calls and hollers in Chicago are, shall we say... smelly and homeless lol... but my girlfriend and I were pleasantly surprised to meet someone with an ounce of actual talent!

Sam-U-L is a Chicago vocalist that serenaded us on the streets of Viagra Triangle. I was digging his sound and think he could probably get signed... but I do think hopefuls and anyone, for that matter, trying to get "put on" should be more about their business. Yes, getting in the streets and singing it awesome, but why not take it a step further and have a business card ready. You only need to include your name/stage name, email address, website... pretty standard information.

Sam-U-L told me to find him on YouTube.Okay... easy enough, but after doing a few searches all I could really find was the below video. It's free to create a YouTube page so I say go for it! Get yourself a page for self-promotion. Get a business card. Have some legit way of having people follow-up with you. Life is one big game of "6 degrees of separation" and you never know who you're meeting or who they may know. So, while his voice was on point his business savvy was lacking.

Aug 17, 2012

Basic Black Pump

Since I started my new job a few weeks ago, it dawned on me that I need a total overhaul on my current wardrobe. I still have a casual dress environment, but the older I get the more "quality pieces" I feel I should have. I mean, I'm 28... should my closet be over taken by yellow F21 bags? lol...

On my search to update my wardrobe I'm hoping to cancel out trendy items, instead building a foundation of basics and staple pieces. It's not that I want to spend a lot of money either... but I need things that can last a while and easily pair with other item... all without breaking the bank.

Working from the ground up, I wanted to find the perfect black pump. My favorite colors are black and gold, and these Steve Madden "Ilussion" pumps are perfect! They're 4.5 inches which satisfies my craving for height, black which goes with everything, and feature a gold toe which gives them a little something extra.I envision rocking these with a pair of skinny jeans, simple tee, and red lip! It sounds magical in my mind right now, but like many ideas I'll have to see how it actually comes together.

Steve Madden "Ilussion" Pump - $99.95

** Sidebar: I have no clue why Steve Madden misspelled "illusion" but yes, that was his doing lol... I know how to spell the word :) **

Aug 14, 2012

Domestic Violence and Reality TV: The Court of Public Opinion

A while ago I grew increasingly tired of Reality Trash TV. Between VH1 and Bravo, it seemed like I couldn't go 15 mins without seeing women acting crazy, fighting, yelling, and making fools of themselves for the sake of a reality check. I decided to put down the remote and stop watching. I didn't want to sit around complaining about the way they were representing women (black women in particular), yet continue to watch - - so I stopped watching.

Everyone knows Evelyn Lozado from VH1's "Basketball Wives" series and can attest to her feisty, immature nature... always ready to curse someone out or go up someone's head... with her hand or a bottle. It's a mess. When she made news for getting involved in a domestic dispute with NFL husband Chad Johnson folks were surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly) jumping to his defense and painting her as the bad person. Now, nobody was in the car so who knows how things actually went down... and in all honesty, who cares! She has a 3 inch gash on her forehead. Period.

What I care more about is her recently issued statement regarding domestic violence and wanting to take a stand against it... be the voice of women. I think that's all great, but how about taking a stand against violence in general. Don't be the chick that's ready to crack a chick's head open, then cry victim when your man cracks yours open. Violence really is violence. Keep your hands to yourself and treat people the way you want to be treated.

I found this ESPN coverage of the incident refreshing and I liked their stance. It's nice to hear real opinions and not the overly constructed, typical coverage most news organizations present. Violence and domestic violence is a very sensitive subject, but I'm curious to know everyone's thoughts on this.

Steve Madden shoes for Fall 2012

It's safe to say that Steve Madden will be getting a pretty penny from the bank of Ishea this Fall. I was browsing his site last night and fell in love with 4 pairs of shoes, all of which will make great additions to my Fall Wardrobe.

$149.95 - Steve Madden "Awwsome Pump"

I'm obsessed with Gold (someone even calls me Xerxes lol) and these stilettos satisfy my craving for spiky, gold  goodness! I'd rather pay $75 or less for these, but Gold is a wardrobe staple for me so it's a solid buy.

$109.95 - Steve Madden "Buzzer Pump"

When I first saw these shoes my mouth watered!!! I love the color and can envision pairing them with just about everything in my closet. I tend to prefer wearing black/white/gold so these will be the perfect pop of color.

$149.95 - Steve Madden "Hilight Wedge Sneaker"

I'm not really into sneakers, but I am into black suede lol. These shoes are sophisticated, casual and right up my alley. I don't know what I'd do in them, but I want them in my closet. My soul won't let me pay over $100 for sneakers, but I feel these could be worth the price. I don't know. I'll have to try them on.

$89.95 - Steve Madden "Kimmie Flat"

These remind me of the Steve Madden "Studlyy" spiked flats I already have, but with a a twist. You can never go wrong with gold and leopard... and both at the same time? Yes, please.

Aug 13, 2012

Where to go for Senegalese Twists in Chicago

UPDATE: Click Here for PICS from my 2nd go round with Senegalese Twists - February 2013
Update II: Click Here for PICS from my 3rd go round with Senegalese Twists in Seattle - March 2014

A few months back I was at my local hangout (The Scout) and saw a lady with gorgeous Senegalese Twists. I didn't want to seem like a stalker, but I had to pick her brain to find out who had done her hair. After a short conversation she gave me the name of her braider/twister... fast forward 24 hours later and I had an appointment booked for that weekend.

I initially wanted the twists in preparation for my 8-day vacation to Playa del Carmen. Fun in the sun seemed even sweeter without the hassle of doing my hair. However, I ended up getting my scuba certification before the trip and after weeks of training and multiple pool and quarry dives, my hair had been ravaged. So, I only had my Senegalese Twists for a handful of weeks, but while I had them it was pretty cool.

For anyone in Chicago looking to find a super professional braider/twister, I'm more than excited to refer you to Nana! She does hair out of her home in South Shore, has wifi, and is super friendly. I'm often wary of going to someone's home to get my hair done, but her house was very clean, and she has a room solely for braiding. It took about 8 hours to do my long Senegalese Twists, costs $250 (she provided the hair), and was all-in-all a nice experience.

I didn't have a sore scalp and thought the quality of the Senegalese Twists was on point. Nana did cut each twist one-by-one to clean up the stray edges, and followed up with the use of the lighter on the top to finish it off. You could always choose to have her ditch the lighter if this could be a problem for you. When I took my twist out I didn't notice any damage that could've come from this process.Oh, and I might opt for the medium length twists ($200) the next time around. I liked having long ones, but the summer was hot/humid and I didn't like having the long hair after a while.

If you'd like to get your hair braided/twisted and live in the Chicago area, please give Nana a call @ 773-363-0711. Tell her that Ishea sent you!

Who: Nana - 773.363.0711
Where: South Shore (Chicago)
What: Braids & Twists
Costs: Varies - $250 Long Senegalese Twists, $200 Medium Senegalese Twists

Aug 10, 2012

The Bourne Legacy: A mini review + Rant

People act completely nuts when it comes to free stuff. Seriously. I don't know if we're technically still in a recession, but Tuesday night I had the opportunity to attend an advance screening of The Bourne Legacy (free event), and people were showing out.

The other half of #TeamDoubleTrouble gifted me the tickets and I was excited to check out the film. It was held at the Icon Theater in the VIP section, and I think that's what started most of the issues. Those unfamiliar with the way the VIP section works messed up the entire process. Seats, though free, were assigned. Tickets were handed out and people should've had the sense to actually sit in their assigned seat. I mean, it's very simple. Look at the number on your ticket. Sit in that seat. Well, that proved challenging for the masses.

20 mins into the movie and folks were still looking around crazy because they weren't in the right seat. We weren't in the right seats because the people next to us (in our actual seats) couldn't move. Know why? Because the people next to them were in their seats... refusing to move... and all this started because someone was in their seats too! It was a mess. I could see the frustration on the faces of the Icon employees (not to mention they were bitching and moaning), but seat issues aside the move was pretty good!

I had never seen any of the Bourne movies, but as a newbie I felt it was easy to follow the story line. It was action packed, good acting, and a solid 3.5 out of 5 stars. I wouldn't have had any issue paying for the film and think it'd make a great date night show. If you need some weekend plans I say go for it!

Aug 9, 2012

Thick Neck Thursday: Cris Cyborg @CrisCyborg

This edition of Thick Neck Thursday has a surprising dose of estrogen. Those close to me know that I'm a huge fan of MMA, but one of my favorite fighters is actually a woman - - Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos. The Brazilian champ is 145lbs of raw power and has completely dominated her female weight class. One of my favorite fights featured her demolishing MMA pretty girl Gina Carano... it was almost painful to watch. 

With a neck similar to a pitbull, Cyborg has a Thick Neck that gives most men a run for their money. I mean, this 145lb fighter has the neck of a seasoned NFL Linebacker lol. And for those that want to crack jokes, please watch out. Cyborg managed to snag fellow MMA Fighter Evangelista Santos as her man. The two are one ass kicking couple that will gladly hand out some curb stomps to people with something negative to say. On another note, I can only imagine the legion of thick neck kids they'll have running around the streets of Brazil!


Aug 8, 2012

Working at the Pyramid Tonight

I've been completely obsessed with Frank Ocean's newest album "Channel ORANGE" the past few weeks, my favorite song being "Pyramids." I've listened to that song at least 100 times, no joke. I don't know what it is, but I can't get enough of it. If you haven't copped the album yet I'm not sure what you're waiting for - - but be about that life and go to iTunes for the download asaptually.

The 2nd part of the track is my favorite...

Aug 1, 2012

Shade and a Vacay

Riu Palace Mexico Hotel -  Playa del Carmen, Mexico

I just returned from 8 amazing days in Playa del Carmen, Mexico!! This was my longest vacation and one that was very much needed. Despite getting sick (strep throat) and nearly eaten alive by mosquitoes (currently nursing the wounds of 20+ bites), I came back to the states feeling refreshed, recharged, and ready to make some changes! The first thing? Keeping my island/beach bum zen.

Touring the Mayan ruins I realized how quickly life passes by. Days, months, years, centuries! Entire civilizations have come and gone and all that's left is some rubble. If we're lucky - architectural accomplishments... otherwise? Time passes on and takes with it everyone. Life is precious and I've decided too precious to waste any time living in the past or a current situation that brings you down. Quite simply life is simple and we make it more difficult than it should be. It's cliche, but we should all be living our best lives now. Wake up and make the changes you need in order to have the life you want. Don't get so caught up in the bigger picture that you fail to acknowledge the small steps. Even looking at my personal life it doesn't feel like much change has happened, but when I reflect on the past 6 months I'm a completely different person. The past few years? I barely recognize my former self.

Let's get to living!!
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