Aug 1, 2012

Shade and a Vacay

Riu Palace Mexico Hotel -  Playa del Carmen, Mexico

I just returned from 8 amazing days in Playa del Carmen, Mexico!! This was my longest vacation and one that was very much needed. Despite getting sick (strep throat) and nearly eaten alive by mosquitoes (currently nursing the wounds of 20+ bites), I came back to the states feeling refreshed, recharged, and ready to make some changes! The first thing? Keeping my island/beach bum zen.

Touring the Mayan ruins I realized how quickly life passes by. Days, months, years, centuries! Entire civilizations have come and gone and all that's left is some rubble. If we're lucky - architectural accomplishments... otherwise? Time passes on and takes with it everyone. Life is precious and I've decided too precious to waste any time living in the past or a current situation that brings you down. Quite simply life is simple and we make it more difficult than it should be. It's cliche, but we should all be living our best lives now. Wake up and make the changes you need in order to have the life you want. Don't get so caught up in the bigger picture that you fail to acknowledge the small steps. Even looking at my personal life it doesn't feel like much change has happened, but when I reflect on the past 6 months I'm a completely different person. The past few years? I barely recognize my former self.

Let's get to living!!
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