Aug 30, 2012

Thick Neck Thursday: Bernard Pollard @CrushBoy31

Not just a Thick Neck, Bernard Pollard is a Thick Neck that can twerk! A defensive back for the Baltimore Ravens, Pollard had a breakout scene a few seasons ago on HBO's Hard Knocks: Kansas City Chiefs. Although the 6'1" 225 lbs thick neck no longer plays for the Chiefs, he definitely left a lasting impression when he dropped it low and showed how they get down in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Watching such a big guy pop his ass in the middle of an NFL locker room was surprisingly not as strange as I imagined it would be. Though, I must be honest and say my jaw completely dropped when he broke it down and landed in a split! I mean, he clearly has spent a lot of time in the strip club picking up the latest moves.

What do you think? Does Bernard's twerk session inspire you to throw some 1s at your screen?

1 comment:

Lontier V. Hicks, CPA said...

I have no words!!! LOL. That was definitely a sight to he actually had skills. Million dollar question is how did he acquire those skills?? Wow lol.

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