Aug 20, 2012

Chicago Singer Sam-U-L

Have you ever been walking down the street and accosted by a young, R&B singer? Well, it happened to me this weekend.. Typically the men yelling out cat calls and hollers in Chicago are, shall we say... smelly and homeless lol... but my girlfriend and I were pleasantly surprised to meet someone with an ounce of actual talent!

Sam-U-L is a Chicago vocalist that serenaded us on the streets of Viagra Triangle. I was digging his sound and think he could probably get signed... but I do think hopefuls and anyone, for that matter, trying to get "put on" should be more about their business. Yes, getting in the streets and singing it awesome, but why not take it a step further and have a business card ready. You only need to include your name/stage name, email address, website... pretty standard information.

Sam-U-L told me to find him on YouTube.Okay... easy enough, but after doing a few searches all I could really find was the below video. It's free to create a YouTube page so I say go for it! Get yourself a page for self-promotion. Get a business card. Have some legit way of having people follow-up with you. Life is one big game of "6 degrees of separation" and you never know who you're meeting or who they may know. So, while his voice was on point his business savvy was lacking.

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