Aug 31, 2012

NARS 'Dragon Girl' Velvet Matte Lip Pencil on Brown Skin (Video Review)

Since discovering this shade through a friend a few months ago, I've worn it religiously and it is my hands down #1 pick for a red lip. It beats out the other 3 red lipsticks I have: MAC's Viva Glam I, Lady Danger, and Ruby Woo. Yes, even Ruby Woo lol. It baffles my mind that every black woman is not wearing this shade religiously! It is the perfect matte, red lip with insane staying power that won't dry your lips or bleed out.

NARS has hit the jackpot with this all-in-one product. It's a liner and a color in one, and super simple to apply. The price is $24 at any Sephora or NARS counter and before you cringe at the price (because I most certainly did at first), please know that this is worth every cent. You know how there are some products you can easily get a dupe for? Well, this isn't one of them. Don't spend $5-$10 on a knockoff because that'll be money wasted. Put that change towards buying this stuff and I promise you will not be disappointed. Not sold yet? Go to any Sephora store and try it on for yourself! See how effortlessly it glides on. Walk around for a bit. Go get something to eat and be blown away that you're not having to reapply. Even after 2 meals when it felt like the product couldn't possibly be on my lips, a quick glance in the mirror confirmed I was still going strong.

Okay, okay.. I'm sounding like some on charge infomercial guy (aka Vince w/ the Slap Chop lol), but seriously... I'm just so excited to find a red lip that works. I go so hard for this... I want to scream from the roof tops that the makeup Gods have answered our prayers! They've delivered the most amazeballs matte red lip ever.

My girlfriend that told me about this shade is white, and even after letting me try the color out I was still a bit on the fence. I went to  YouTube looking for some reviews to see how it looked on brown skin and was shocked to find only 1 or 2 videos. Alas, I knew I had to record a video and share with the world so anyone that too was on the fence could get a 2nd opinion lol.

In the first part of the video I showed what the color looked like after a 12 hour day. No touch-ups. I had eaten breakfast and lunch. Had drinks out of the can and bottle. The wear was amazing. Towards the end of the video I reapply and show you what the color looks like fresh! Enjoy.

** The key to looking great in a red lip is having a great base. Be sure to exfoliate your lips and remove all dead skin so you don't look ratchet. While this product isn't drying, I do try and keep my lips moisturized and exfoliated when I'm not wearing this. So after removing the product at the end of the night, I'll wash my face lip normal and put cocoa butter on my lips. About twice a week I exfoliate with a wash cloth **

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