Aug 14, 2012

Domestic Violence and Reality TV: The Court of Public Opinion

A while ago I grew increasingly tired of Reality Trash TV. Between VH1 and Bravo, it seemed like I couldn't go 15 mins without seeing women acting crazy, fighting, yelling, and making fools of themselves for the sake of a reality check. I decided to put down the remote and stop watching. I didn't want to sit around complaining about the way they were representing women (black women in particular), yet continue to watch - - so I stopped watching.

Everyone knows Evelyn Lozado from VH1's "Basketball Wives" series and can attest to her feisty, immature nature... always ready to curse someone out or go up someone's head... with her hand or a bottle. It's a mess. When she made news for getting involved in a domestic dispute with NFL husband Chad Johnson folks were surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly) jumping to his defense and painting her as the bad person. Now, nobody was in the car so who knows how things actually went down... and in all honesty, who cares! She has a 3 inch gash on her forehead. Period.

What I care more about is her recently issued statement regarding domestic violence and wanting to take a stand against it... be the voice of women. I think that's all great, but how about taking a stand against violence in general. Don't be the chick that's ready to crack a chick's head open, then cry victim when your man cracks yours open. Violence really is violence. Keep your hands to yourself and treat people the way you want to be treated.

I found this ESPN coverage of the incident refreshing and I liked their stance. It's nice to hear real opinions and not the overly constructed, typical coverage most news organizations present. Violence and domestic violence is a very sensitive subject, but I'm curious to know everyone's thoughts on this.

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