Apr 27, 2015

Raw Apothecary's Unrefined Raw Shea Butter (Video)

You know that moment you get put onto an insanely dope product and start thinking about what a sham your life was before the discovery? That's how I feel about Raw Apothecary's Raw Shea Butter. It's life changing.

For years I went to my local beauty supply to buy what I thought was "good" shea butter, but I was basically buying crap. The butter would be really hard, sometimes have a lingering scent that was hard to identify, terrible packaging, the list goes on and on.

Then my best friend put me on to the magic that is Raw Apothecary. Y'all... this is hands down the BEST Shea Butter you can buy online right now, and in all honesty, the best shea butter I've ever used... ever.

It's made of out rainbows, sunshine, and unicorn tears. It's like crumbly, shea flakes on my skin... moisturizing my situation and helping to preserve my life force. I can't imagine what my life was like before this stuff, and I'm glad I'll never have to.

If you visit the Raw Apothecary website, it'll send you to their Amazon page to buy the product. I currently have Amazon Prime, so that 2-day shipping is a dream! Also, you get 1 pound/16 oz of shea butter for $11.95! Such a sweet deal.

I use this shea butter daily for my entire body (and sometimes hair) and may be considered a heavy-handed user. A pound of product lasted be about 2 months. I have absolutely NO complaints. They currently have 5 stars on Amazon with nearly 500 reviews. This product is the only shea butter you should buy.

Tip: I take the portion of shea butter I want to use out of the package they ship in and move it to a plastic container. This makes it easier to work with a smaller amount and ensure the remainder of shea butter not being used stays fresh.

Apr 5, 2015

Theme for 2015: Wholeness

 Continuing the theme of finally posting old ass blog posts, I wanted to share something I originally intended to post back in January (1/20 to be precise). I ended up reading a blog post about the idea of having one priority, instead of multiple competing ones each month. It really appealed to me to have one main focus each month that could work toward my overall theme of "wholeness" for the year. Below is a YouTube I filmed explaining everything.

In short, my idea was to have one priority each month which would ultimately work towards accomplishing my overall theme for the year. In January I focused on humanity. Essentially I wanted to care more about people. I think I did an okay job. I tried making simple changes like having more patience with strangers, removing my annoyance at the random "gutter punks" (yes, that's what they're really called) who seem to be everywhere in Seattle... just treating people the way I'd want to be treated, not saying anything if I didn't have something positive to say... you get the point.

February and March were a blur and basically spent focusing on my health (working out) and not losing my shit. Tons of change/stress were going on, but I managed to weather the storm. My focus for April is healing -- but with an added focus on my home. I need to buy a new love seat, donate some clothes, just get my house in order. Also under the umbrella of healing my home is my actual well-being. I want to heal myself (emotionally/spiritually) and really just get back in touch with who I am. Hell, maybe even get a new introduction lol.

Apr 4, 2015

1st Trip to NYC + Wand Curls on Natural Hair

What's funny is that I meant to post this on March 3rd explaining my brief blogging hiatus -- but fast forward to today, April 4th, and it's like wow! Time popped a molly. Wait, do folks still do that? I can't keep up with the latest designer drugs. Anyways...

I haven't blogged in a long time. Why? The normal stuff -- life, work, moving a million miles a minute and not making the time. Actually having the time and then realizing I don't have the energy, creative juice, or desire to put my feelings on paper. It's crazy how an overcast day in Seattle can zap you of your motivation to do anything and everything.

As I'm writing this the sun is peaking out and I'm trying to seize the moment before I once again lose an inkling of motivation to write. The vlog below is a month old, but I still wanted to share. It's kinda funny because my "NYC High" has worn off and I've realized that the city that never sleeps may just be full of assholes and jerks. I don't know if I could actually live there, be happy, and productive... or if I'd turn into an asshole/jerk/workaholic. #KanyeShrug

In other news, I still am obsessed with wand curls lol. They're the BEST go-to hairstyle if you want something guaranteed to look cute in like 15 mins.

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