Apr 30, 2014

Sew-in Weave using Zury Indian Remy 'Wet and Wavy' Jerry Curl hair (Initial Thoughts)

Hey Y'all! So in addition to getting a snazzy new blog layout (what do you think?) I also got some new hair! I took some time to decompress from the epic marley twist fail I previously blogged about, and reemerged ready to face the world with a freshly laid sew-in!

I went to Rigat at Hands of Artistry Salon in Renton, WA and y'all... her ability to lay a weave super flat is truly mind blowing! This is the first time I've used a weave net and had a weave lay down this flat. I'm in hair heaven.

Also, I was flip flopping between curly and straight hair, but knew I didn't have enough time to order high quality kinky curly hair online... so, I ventured into my local beauty supply and decided to take a leap of faith with Zury's Human Indian Remy "Wet and Wavy" Jerry Curl hair (color #2 in 14 inches).

I'll be doing separate posts on my experience at Hands of Artistry Salon, using the Zury 'Wet and Wavy' hair, and filming weekly vlogs to show how the hair is holding up. Below is a video of me showing the results and sharing my initial thoughts on the weave.

Apr 11, 2014

Marley Twists from Hell...

I took a few weeks to calm down and find my way out of the deep emo hole I live in so I could give an honest review of my experience with Marley Twists... or at least what the shop out here was trying to pass off as Marley Twists.  ** Super Pause **

Okay, so a few weeks back I was beyond excited to give Marley Twists a try, but after getting them installed and coming home in tears, I realized that I wasn't about that life and took them down. A quick-ish vlog sharing my experience with what I've deemed the "Marley Twists from Hell."

Apr 10, 2014

Island Thick Necks... the prototype

A while back I posted about no longer being moved by Thick Necks and making the transition to beard season... well, that's not entirely the case anymore.

Yes, I still go hard for beards and #BeardSeason, but I'll go ahead and blame @SexyAndTheChi for reigniting my love affair with Thick Necks - - primarily island thick necks!

My God. They make me salivate. I was listening to Drake, googling pictures, fucking LOST in my feelings. I'll venture to say island men (primarily Samoan looking dudes) are the freaking prototype for thick necks everywhere.

Of course Samoan men don't come in size small or medium... they're damn near all XL at the very least. It can, however, be rolling dice as to whether or not they'll ride the fine line between being good thick or break the scale at obese / large and in charge. Either way, I probably wouldn't kick a Samoan dream boat out of my bed. I'm keeping it 100... the bigger the better, as long as his heart isn't about to stop. I mean, let's be able to do adventurous things.

Anyways, I've been updating my Pinterest Thick Neck Board with island eye candy and wanted to share a pics of the men sending me into a tizzy!

Apr 8, 2014

Lesson 13: We all have "off days"

I'm an outgoing, charismatic person... full of personality and spunk! I love having a good time and radiating good vibes, but I too, am capable of having an "off day." Over the weekend I had a moment where I took every last fuck I could find and threw them all into the air. Yeah, it happens lol...

Apr 1, 2014

Island Soul, Improv & a 6 hour Brunch

Back in the day when I took up residence in and throughout the streets of Chicago, I used to blog recaps of how amazing my weekends were. As I got older and shed my club rat ways, I stopped blogging about my weekends... mainly due to the fact that I could only say so many wonderful things about watching TV, going to the dog park, or attempting (and failing) to finish laundry.

This past weekend I was once again out and about and decided it'd be fitting to blow the dust off my "weekend reviews" and share the shenanigans!


Dinner @ Island Soul Caribbean Cuisine
We started our night with dinner reservations for 12 at this quaint Columbia City eatery. In hindsight this probably wasn't the best choice for 12 people, as the restaurant is small and difficult to accommodate large parties, but the food was pretty good. I ordered the tapas size pork ribs, side of collard greens and hush puppies. The ribs were great! So tender and delicious. The greens were pretty good, but I didn't care for the hush puppies.

Tip: Not the best place for parties larger that 4-6. Service is on the slower side, so give yourself a buffer if you have plans afterwards. Food is pretty good.

In front of Seattle's infamous Gum Wall

Improv show @ Unexpected Productions Improv Comedy Show
After dinner we headed over to the Market Theater to catch the Unexpected Productions comedy show. This improv show featured 2 teams battling it out to be crowned winner for the week. The returning champs were His and Hernia, while "Nerds in Costumes" were the challengers. Tickets to the show were $15 and I actually won "runner up" for best audience contribution of the night (I suggested "Mister Rogers" when asked for a childhood show). My prize: VIP tickets for 2 to another show! Can't wait to head back there with my boyfriend and see how he likes it.

The good? The show is actually pretty entertaining and a nice way to spend your night. The drinks are also super cheap and they had Strongbow cider (one of my favs) for $4/bottle so I was a happy camper.

The bad?
The cast isn't that diverse, which makes for limited diversity in jokes and material. Not just that, but with the audience contributing to the show, if you have a wack audience the show has the potential to fall flat. There were a few contributions from the crowd that were very boring when I was there. Luckily the teams were pretty good and did the best to roll with it.


Brunch @ Toulouse Petit
The only thing I love more than a good brunch is a brunch with bottomless drinks. Unfortunately Toulouse Petit doesn't offer a "drunk brunch," but they DO have a happy hour brunch from 8a - 11a, with happy hour pricing ... a considerable savings from their regular pricing. Because of this their brunch is a hot commodity and usually packed.

Yay for Spring and spring clothes!!
Lucky for us, one of our girlfriends made her way to the restaurant before everyone else and camped out to secure us a table in the bar. We were able to fit our group of 12-14 and proceeded to down amazing food and drinks for roughly 5-6 hours. Yeah, shit got real! I actually had an amazing time and would suggest everyone give this place a try.

I've been here for brunch, dinner, and their late night happy hour. I'd suggest going for happy hour first because the price point is awesome and the selection is vast. A great way to try out numerous items on the menu and see what's worth paying full price for... granted I've never had anything I didn't like.

Tip: Go for Happy Hour and order the Catfish Bites, Fried Okra, and Fried Green Tomatoes.

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