Jan 20, 2012


I'm currently stuck in Hartford, Connecticut waiting for my flight back to Chicago, and what better way to pass the time than downing drinks with my coworker and looking at pretty condos.

I came across this post on one of my favorite blogs, Made by Girl, and was instantly reminded of my love for interior decorating and city living. I'm on the apartment hunt (yet again) and have a few rentals lined up to view this upcoming weekend - - yet another reason why I'm eager to get back to Chicago.

Jan 17, 2012

Hotel Vlog #1

Who would have thought being 10 mins late to my gate would cause my day to be thrown off by12 hours. 3 flights and 1 emergency landing later I finally made it to Connecticut for my first official business trip! It's been forever since I had down time and the opportunity to be completely alone. I'm excited to be able to catch up on blogging and vlogging - - I even was able to crank out a video!!! My goal is to record each day this week... let's see how that goes. Am I reaching for the stars on that one? lol

Jan 16, 2012

Happy New Year

New Year's Eve
I started writing this post on January 2nd, but my life force has been on shenanigans as of late so I'm finally finding the time to post this now! The new year is in full swing and I'm slightly ashamed to admit I spent the first few days on a 72 hr champagne diet. Yes... I solely survived on champagne, orange juice, and restaurant food for 3 days. It was kind of amazing. Oh, and a hookah! Can't forget about the hookah. I'm not a smoker, but I'm always down to light up a hookah. Homemade cocktails, great friends, and a hookah - - what better way to start 2012!

Dominican Republic

Adding to my blogging struggles was my highly anticipated trip to the Dominican Republic with my bestie LadyLa83. We spent 5 days frolicking on the beaches of the DR and taking our ratchet shenanigans international! I had a lovely time, learned so much, and actually appreciated the fact we were without cell phones and internet access. It was refreshing to be unplugged from the matrix for a few days, and I don't think we could've done it any other way - - cold turkey like an addict.

I got back to the states last week and intended to blog about my trip, but realized that there's a certain beauty in keeping some things just between the people that were there. I'll share a few funny moments in another post, but I won't be my usual self and OD on Facebook albums lol.

I can't believe that I'm boarding another flight in the AM to head East for work. This is my first official business trip and I'm looking forward to it, but slightly dreading having to fly again - - only because we were JUST flying and I literally just washed the sand out of my clothes from the DR vacation. Nevertheless, I'm blessed to have a job and will rise to the occasion. Maybe the down time in the hotel will allow me to crank out a few blog posts.

If you're still reading my blog, muchas gracias. I always realize that when I get busy living life, I sometimes start to slack on my blogging... which is a good thing because everyone needs to pull their head out of the computer long enough to enjoy the people around them... plus I'm getting TONS of blog material lol.

So, what posts are in store?

1) Update on my hair color/Brazilian Blowout
2) Brazilian Blowout (the company) sent me a wonderful, handwritten thank you card for the posts I've written along with the entire line of products
3) Finally posting my full review/video (hopefully) of the curlformers
4) Art of the Ninja Vanish
5) Interior Design and Apartment hunt updates
6) A few random things about life, love, and reality TV lol

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