Aug 29, 2008

Barack the Vote!

Last night we went to this black owned lounge off of 16th and Wabash and watched the speech. I almost teared up a few times...just the idea that we as a people have come so far! It amazes me that we were slaves, then separate but not really equal...and now we're actually going to be running the country! I think that Barack is extremely eloquent in his speech delivery but still to the point. He kept my attention and I was proud, for one of the first times, to be a black American and feel like my voice, my opinion and my best interests were being represented at the highest level! Barack the Vote!

Sexy is in the eye of the beholder?

Are you only physically attracted to someone because they have something you don't?

This is the question that was posed in an article I read yesterday


and it got me to start I find myself attracted to guys simply because they have something that is foreign to me? Unlike some, I don't go for guys with nice legs because I have no clue what it's like to have them...nor do I like a guy with a nice smile because it's completely unknown to me! I find myself attracted to people that share qualities which I myself possess and have, over time, placed a high value on. I was curious as to what others thought - male and female.

Hop Haus Review

Hop Haus
646 N. Franklin St.
Chicago, IL 60610

We left Citizen Bar disappointed and hungry and walked to Hop Haus. I had never been there nor heard any feedback on the restaurant, good or bad. We were starving and stopping there turned out to be the best decision! The place was somewhat empty on a Sunday afternoon, but the food was full of flavor in every bite! There are tons of burgers to choose from ranging from something simple all the way to a wild boar burger! I was pleasantly surprised to see a beer pairing recommendation along with every burger was definitely a nice addition. Our server was spectacular. She remembered everything and was on top of the extras like water, napkins, sauces...we didn't have to wait long nor remind her for anything. After our bad experience at Citizen Bar it was nice to have great service. I would recommend getting the chicken noodle soup if you're a little hungry and don't want to wait the 12-15 mins for your burger to get cooked. It tasted so actually made you wish you'd be sick! The only down side to this restaurant is that the El basically sits on top of it so you'll definitely hear the trains passing by. Other than that, the service was great, the burgers were exceptional, and I'll be going back.

As an added bonus they are open until 4am every night so this should be your late-night eatery, hands down!!

**I must warn you, last night we went there to grab some late night food and were greeted by the slightly unpleasant sounds of like some hip hop/pop/techno trance mash up while we ate our food. If you can stomach listening to this music then please go! The food is so tasty is might distract you...

Citizen Bar Review

Citizen Bar
364 W. Erie St.
Chicago, IL 60610

I went this past Sunday afternoon with friends to have drinks and food. Upon entering I was optimistic because of their outdoor patio. However, that quickly changed. The seating upstairs was lackluster and rickety. The table wobbled and the chairs did as well. The menus were water and sun damaged and only 1 of 4 was laminated. The drink menu, on the other hand, was put together nicely in a bound book...but they apparently only had 1 because when another party entered the bus boy asked if he could take it from us to give to them. That was the first problem. If you're a restaurant/bar you should have enough menus to handle your number of guests. Secondly, it was like we were asking too much to have our table wiped down (which had crusted hair...yes, hair from someone's head) stuck on the table. Next, the bartender kept staring at our table, as if he was nervous or irritated or "fill in the blank" but it was not appreciated. Our server was nice and the only thing that was pleasant about the experience but then again, servers work for tips so I didn't expect anything less. After staring at the menu, or lack thereof, for a few minutes...and being disappointed at the food options (definitely DO NOT GO HERE IF YOU'RE HUNGRY...FOR REAL FOOD) we decided to leave. The crowd was pretentious...a mix of Hollywood wanna-bes that seemed to remind me of being stuck in "The Hills" or some other show. There were dogs on the patio, young 20 somethings with attitudes and irrelevant conversation and the sun was going down so it started to get cold. I would not recommend this place to anyone...ever! The service is bad, the menu sucks, and you'd feel better spending your money somewhere else!

Sidenote: I don't like to throw out the race card...but unless you're white washed, can handle the "Scottsdale/LA" type of crowd or like being stared at because you're the only black person in the place, I would not recommend going here!

Yang Restaurant Review

Yang Restaurant
28 E. Roosevelt Rd.
Chicago, IL 60605

My boyfriend was starving so we dropped into Yang's to try it out. The ambiance was non-existent so we opted for take-out. The prices are affordable and you get a decent amount of food so I'd say it's a good value. The service was fine...until we asked for additional soy sauce packets! The girl at the counter said it'd be an additional 10 cents per packet. We didn't have any change so asked to just buy a bottle of soy sauce for $2.99. They advised us that it was a $6 min. to use your debit/credit card...this was after we spent over $20 on our take-out. It's safe to say that this beyond irritated me. We grabbed our food and went to Jewel where we got a large bottle of soy and sweet and sour sauce for under $4...and were able to use our credit card to pay! I think that the food was good, but due to the service I would not return. I don't like to be nickel and dimed. Times are rough when a restaurant can't spare a soy sauce packet.

Tabu Ultra Lounge Review

738 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60610

One word to describe this club would be Overpriced! I went this past Saturday night with a few friends and it was ridiculous. $20 for valet. $20 for women, $30 for men! 2 drinks - 1 Hennessey on the rocks and 1 Margarita were $30! The crowd consisted of 20-somethings (all under 25) looking to get their itch for a club scratched. Thank God we were in VIP (just a velvet rope with a few tables and seating bordering the dance floor (our section of the rope was flanked by fat chicks...not the best source for eye candy). There was 1 Go-Go dance that did a good job of dancing all night...but her pink, wook leg warmers were a bit humorous. (the 80s called....they want their style back!) I can say that the door guys were really nice...and nicely told my friend that he could not wear his long sleeve shirt in the club. I later found this to be interesting since a girl in the club was wearing gymshoes, jeans and a hoodie...another reason to not go. When a club doesn't set a certain standard for the women they want in can they come down on men? The dj played a pretty nice mix of music and though the drinks are pricey, the bartenders are nice. I personally didn't care for the club, had a decent time, but would never go back!

On a side note: The narrow, steep stairwell leading up to the 2nd floor club is a definite fire hazard waiting to happen. If something were to go wrong it'd be a death trap!

Toss the Hair Salon and Spa Review

Toss the Hair Salon and Spa
60 E. 13th St.
Chicago, IL 60605


I just relocated back to Chicago (South loop) from Arizona and I was dreading the task of finding a salon that specialized in African-American hair...especially a salon that was in the South Loop and within walking distance --that was until I stumbled upon Toss The Hair salon and spa. The staff is really warm and professional. They accepted me as a walk-in and made sure to stress that it was no problem trying out a few stylists to see who I liked. Well, they hit it out of the ball park by matching me with Phaedra! While all the stylists are good, Phaedra is definitely my favorite! Her personality is so upbeat and her energy is contagious! I walked in there with damaged ends and in need of a magic wand...and I left with shiny, bouncy vivacious hair! In addition to a wonderful team of people, the salon and spa has a great layout and even a boutique section! It was great to browse the racks of trendy clothes/bags while waiting for my hair to dry. If you're looking for a salon that has a great atmosphere, wonderful stylists and is worth every penny...please go here! Request Phaedra and I promise you'll leave tossing your hair!

What's a Pay Phone?

*Originally posted on 8/28/08 on my myspace blog*

Whatever happended to Pay Phones?
I know that we've all used it at one time or another...but like, where have they gone? It wasn't long ago when people scraped for change to make that oh so necessary phone call...or even return a page! Remember pagers! "Did someone call (your name here) from this number?" lol...but that's another topic. Back to pay phones. Listening to a conversation going on between co-workers, they talked about pay phones and how they are non-existant anymore...and if you do find one that isn't occupied by some sketchy person, you have to struggle to remember phone numbers! Which brings me to the fact that people don't memorize anything anymore. I know a few numbers by heart...but other than those lucky few, I'm totally dependent and clicking on whoever's name is in my phone! When people lose their cell phones it's like their world falls apart! Another topic they discussed was sucessfully raising kids without having a cell phone! Today it's not uncommon to find kids as young as 8 carrying around cell phones! However, if you're a parent w/out a cell phone some question your ability to effectively raise, or keep tabs on your kids! I grew up in a time when most people didn't have cell phones...and a few lucky ones had car phones! Remember the car phones that had those tangly cords and cost like a million dollars to make a call? lol...I don't think that you need to have a cell phone to raise children. I think that the culture of today is one of instant gratification and sometimes it's nice to actually turn off your phone, tv, email...just get away from it all and maybe reading a book or going for a walk is too granola for you...but catching up on sleep or pampering yourself with a bubble bath is a nice treat!

Starbucks 101

*originally posted on 8/28/08 on my myspace blog*

Yesterday I was freezing cold in my office (they keep the a/c on like 65 degrees) so I was in dire need of coffee. The problem is that I've never went to starbucks and ordered like a plain coffee! So, I put my research skills to use and google'd a site that broke down the ABCs of ordering starbucks coffee! The site:

was full of information and gave detailed descriptions! I reviewed the site and headed down to Starbucks...ready to order like an old pro! The line was kinda long and after waiting for a little while I decided to stick to what I like (lol) and got a Tall White Chocolate Mocha! It was delicious...and better yet, WARM! If anyone is curious to try out a new drink or just figure out what in the world an Espresso Con Panna is ( it happens to be an espresso with whipped cream. "con panna" means "with cream" in Italian) check out the site!

City Life...

*Originally posted on 7/6/08 on my myspace blog*

I've been adjusting back to the city life in Chicago! I absolutely love being here...and despite the good days, bad days, and cloudy days...things are great! I start my new job tomorrow with a publishing company downtown and am excited! So, like always, I keep my sidekick handy to jot down any blog topic ideas that cross my mind!

1. Thongs - - are sometimes necessary! Walking arond the city I am beyond disappointed to see the vast amount of panty lines. PANTY LINES! People..this is 2008, damn near 2009, and there is NO reason to jet around town with visible panty ever present reminder that yes, we can ALL see your underwear riding their way up your cheeks...moments away from permanently wedging in your ass!

2. This must stop: Hanging onto "non-quality" hair just to be the girl with the long hair...but you're really the girl with the scraggly, damaged hair! The girl that everyone notices NOT for your luscious locks...but instead your fried, split ends...that girl that makes you cock your head in a 45 degree angle, squint your eyes and ponder WHY in the world doesn't she just cut her hair and look fabulous!

3. While I was at the DMV getting a state eyes were bombarded with so many fashion choices...gone TERRIBLY wrong! I have to say that the fashion free for all that was displayed at the DMV was none other than a hot ass mess!...sometimes a dress code...or uniforms...are not a bad thing! I'm all about being unique and rocking your own personal style, but your loud shirt, hair style, 10 inch long overly designed nails, etc...are just making everyone's eyes throb...and it doesn't make the waiting time go any better!

4. Neck tattoos...never a good decision! I don't feel it's necessary to expound on this, but unless you're should NOT get a neck tattoo. They aren't professional, cute, or..well, they aren't anything good at all! Just leave the neck tattoo thing alone!

The devil lives in Phoenix

*originally posted on 5/20/08 on my myspace blog*

Can someone explain to me why it's 110 degrees outside right now? Please...anybody? Anybody? Bueller.....Bueller? lol...okay...but for's hot as hell outside...I'm convinced that the Devil has come to permanently reside in the valley of the sun.

Can you picture yourself stepping foot outside and inhaling...only to feel as if you're choking...on pure HEAT??

Can you imagine getting into your car and within 10 seconds having your earrings heat up so much that you have to take them out because they're burning you?

What about trying to put your car into reverse...but not being able to handle touching the gear shifter thingy for longer that 2 seconds because the skin on your hand is damn near being burned off?

Well...this is currently my reality and I have to say that it's ridiculous that it's this hot out here...I'll be so glad to feel the brisk wind of my hometown hitting my face in a few days!

Fat does NOT = Happy

*originally posted on 5/17/08 on my myspace blog*

I'm quite perplexed by all of the blushing brides I've seen as of late. I thought that people turned into bridezillas and thus lost weight in the months leading up to their nuptials. Everywhere I look brides are looking quite plump...and not pleasantly plump...but more like " this a shot gun wedding because you've had MORE than an adequate amount of time to look your best."

I'm not going to buy into the idea of being fat and happy. There's nothing "happy" about being overweight, buying ugly clothes, getting winded from walking across a room...a small see where I'm going with this. I think that we as black women need to really make our health a higher priority. You can't walk into the club, 300 lbs...with a crew of 300 lb friends and really think you're the baddest bitches in the club! Baddest, no! Fattest, probably!

I'm not saying that people need to be skinny because anyone that knows me KNOWS that I'm not an advocate of the bobble head movement. Black women take pride in the figures we have! We have been blessed with curves for days...but unlike some may think, round is NOT a shape! lol...

I think that everyone should get into a gym, meet with a trainer and get their fitness level assessed. The idea of being in your peak shape with a good level of fitness, healthy diet, and overall healthy lifestyle really appeals to me. Lately I have been gotten into running and circuit weight training...pretty hard core. I workout at least 4 days a week and love the feeling of actually seeing my body change. Though I have only lost 9 lbs, I've dropped inches and feel great.

Whenever I do decide to take the walk down the aisle, it will be in my peak fitness condition. Pictures and memories are forever and best believe I won't be pleasantly plump.


*Originally posted on 5/15/08 on my myspace blog*

It has been a while since a tv show has really surprised me or caught me off guard enough to let out a gasp. lol...well, Tuesday night's episode of Law and Order SVU managed to do just that. I have to say that I'm a complete nut over the show...which isn't hard to be with TNT playing reruns literally every Benson, Stabler, Tutuola, Munch, are my people! Anyways, I was just really pleased with the episode, which I believe to have been the season finale. Will Finn go to prison? Will Casey get suspended for a year? Oh me...Oh my! lol...I'm on the edge of my seat...

In other TV news (yes, I've allowed tv to rot my

1. I love Gossip Girl! Everyone should watch this's like a more fashionable The OC...with better story lines.

2. The Hills is on my list of shows to catch...but I really wonder if there are NO black people that interact with any of the characters in their day to day life.

3. An interesting late night show (conan o'brien) that I managed to catch last night while at the gym actually surprised me! He's funny...and I think I may have to catch another episode...

4. Keeping up with the Kardashians! They have the cutest blended family and I really like this show. People can hate Kim if they'd like...but it's simply hating...she's beautiful, has a bomb ass body, money, a loving family, clothes for days, and a GORGEOUS boyfriend. lol...She really has all the ingredients to hate on. She should walk around with a sign up list because you know people don't like her...

5. Chelsea Handler - she's one of the few late night women on TV and she's hilarious. Watch her show, on E!, at least once and I promise that you'll be balling. lol...

6. Deadliest Catch - this comes on the discovery channel Tuesday nights and is a great, accurate account of what life is like as a fishermen on the Bering Sea. Don't count this show until you watch. I am HOOKED on crab legs and to actually see what all goes behind getting those delicious little's intense...

Obviously the other shows that I'm obsessed with are The View, Oprah,Grey's Anatomy...and they need no introduction, explanation, or paragraph! lol...

America's Next Top...Model??

*originally posted on 5/15/08 on my myspace blog*

Despite being in their 100th season, I still find myself tuning in on Wednesday nights to see what drama Tyra has cooked up for the eager model hopefuls. Though half of them tend to have no potential, each season there is one that stands out. This cycle, for me, it was definitely Anya! From her first photo she was high fashion and leap and bounds ahead of the other girls. I just knew she was going to win. She had to. Nobody else came close to her in beautiful pictures, challenge wins, and actual model potential. Well, to my disappointment they announced Whitney - - the "plus size", cheesy robotic pageant smiling girl from the South. I am convinced that this show is a joke. There is no way to justify giving her the win. Anya was superior to her in every way imaginable...and the fact that Whitney actually won...I'm in total shock and disgust.

To me it goes slightly deeper than just the ANTM show, but the Tyra Banks' Bankable Productions corporation as a whole is quite suspect to me right now. Her Tyra Show talk show went from being a "must see" to a "who cares". She started strong but how many "don't lose your man" or "how old do I look" or celebrity interviews can you have? Does Jordan Sparks really bring in the high ratings? Heidi and Spencer? Give me a break....

After last night's huge let down, I'm officially letting go of Tyra in terms of providing entertaining tv. She is in the works to bring a new show to the CW network (Stylista) which is pegged to be an Apprentice meets the world of high fashion. We'll see if she can redeem herself.

I knew he was old when...

*Originally posted 5/14/08 on my myspace blog*

I knew he was old when:

- He pulled, ever so gently, out of his pocket a *brace yourself* DISC MAN! Yes, a bonafied disc man, portable cd player...whatever you want to call it...he pulled it out of his pocket and actually pressed pause! Lord...I didn't know that people still used these things...but I guess so. Aren't iPods and MP3 players pretty affordable nowadays?

- I made a comment about Miami Vice to which he made a comment about Ricardo Tubbs. *blank stare* Who is that?? Apparently we were discussing 2 completely different eras in time. I was referencing the talented Colin Farel and Jamie Foxx. lol...he was talking about the 80s show with Don Johnson. :( lol...

- He used the words "free spirit" and "groovy" in a sentence and it wasn't a joke.

- We had this conversation:

ME: How old are you?

HIM: Late 30s

ME: What does that mean?

HIM: 38, is that a problem? Do I look like I'm 38?

ME: I don't know what 28 looks like, let alone 38.

--end of convo--

Flashing Lights

*Originally posted 5/12/08 on my myspace blog*

Driving home from the gym tonight (after a great workout) I noticed the po po's behind me...and I KNEW that I was about to get pulled over...and not because I'm black in Scottsdale...or because I was because I drive with a purpose, unlike most arizona residents...I don't have molasses in my ass and I know how to use my gas pedal! ANYWAYS....que Kanye's "flashing lights..." lol...the cop walks up to my car, officer friendly, and asks the oh so dumb question "ma' you know why I pulled you over?" to which I responded "no" lol....and then he told me that he noticed how I "pulled out ahead of the pack" at the light (turning left) and I had "really left the pack behind" to which I said "officer, I was watching my speedometer...and I never went over 45." to which he said he had "clocked me going 54" *sigh...and eyeroll* Long story short, I gave him my license, registration, insurance, and got my ticket...$145! That's my weave money. lol....and things were done. Might I add that just because everyone else is going into a turn at 10mph and I am going 35mph doesn't mean I'm speeding. Get your fucking mind right. I have somewhere to go! lol...I was trying to get home to watch The Hills finale...on a brighter note, this is the first time I have ever gotten a speeding ticket...and those "flashing lights" are a WHOLE lot better to deal with when you KNOW you haven't been drinking. lol...
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