Aug 29, 2008

Fat does NOT = Happy

*originally posted on 5/17/08 on my myspace blog*

I'm quite perplexed by all of the blushing brides I've seen as of late. I thought that people turned into bridezillas and thus lost weight in the months leading up to their nuptials. Everywhere I look brides are looking quite plump...and not pleasantly plump...but more like " this a shot gun wedding because you've had MORE than an adequate amount of time to look your best."

I'm not going to buy into the idea of being fat and happy. There's nothing "happy" about being overweight, buying ugly clothes, getting winded from walking across a room...a small see where I'm going with this. I think that we as black women need to really make our health a higher priority. You can't walk into the club, 300 lbs...with a crew of 300 lb friends and really think you're the baddest bitches in the club! Baddest, no! Fattest, probably!

I'm not saying that people need to be skinny because anyone that knows me KNOWS that I'm not an advocate of the bobble head movement. Black women take pride in the figures we have! We have been blessed with curves for days...but unlike some may think, round is NOT a shape! lol...

I think that everyone should get into a gym, meet with a trainer and get their fitness level assessed. The idea of being in your peak shape with a good level of fitness, healthy diet, and overall healthy lifestyle really appeals to me. Lately I have been gotten into running and circuit weight training...pretty hard core. I workout at least 4 days a week and love the feeling of actually seeing my body change. Though I have only lost 9 lbs, I've dropped inches and feel great.

Whenever I do decide to take the walk down the aisle, it will be in my peak fitness condition. Pictures and memories are forever and best believe I won't be pleasantly plump.

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