Aug 29, 2008

I knew he was old when...

*Originally posted 5/14/08 on my myspace blog*

I knew he was old when:

- He pulled, ever so gently, out of his pocket a *brace yourself* DISC MAN! Yes, a bonafied disc man, portable cd player...whatever you want to call it...he pulled it out of his pocket and actually pressed pause! Lord...I didn't know that people still used these things...but I guess so. Aren't iPods and MP3 players pretty affordable nowadays?

- I made a comment about Miami Vice to which he made a comment about Ricardo Tubbs. *blank stare* Who is that?? Apparently we were discussing 2 completely different eras in time. I was referencing the talented Colin Farel and Jamie Foxx. lol...he was talking about the 80s show with Don Johnson. :( lol...

- He used the words "free spirit" and "groovy" in a sentence and it wasn't a joke.

- We had this conversation:

ME: How old are you?

HIM: Late 30s

ME: What does that mean?

HIM: 38, is that a problem? Do I look like I'm 38?

ME: I don't know what 28 looks like, let alone 38.

--end of convo--

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