Aug 29, 2008

Flashing Lights

*Originally posted 5/12/08 on my myspace blog*

Driving home from the gym tonight (after a great workout) I noticed the po po's behind me...and I KNEW that I was about to get pulled over...and not because I'm black in Scottsdale...or because I was because I drive with a purpose, unlike most arizona residents...I don't have molasses in my ass and I know how to use my gas pedal! ANYWAYS....que Kanye's "flashing lights..." lol...the cop walks up to my car, officer friendly, and asks the oh so dumb question "ma' you know why I pulled you over?" to which I responded "no" lol....and then he told me that he noticed how I "pulled out ahead of the pack" at the light (turning left) and I had "really left the pack behind" to which I said "officer, I was watching my speedometer...and I never went over 45." to which he said he had "clocked me going 54" *sigh...and eyeroll* Long story short, I gave him my license, registration, insurance, and got my ticket...$145! That's my weave money. lol....and things were done. Might I add that just because everyone else is going into a turn at 10mph and I am going 35mph doesn't mean I'm speeding. Get your fucking mind right. I have somewhere to go! lol...I was trying to get home to watch The Hills finale...on a brighter note, this is the first time I have ever gotten a speeding ticket...and those "flashing lights" are a WHOLE lot better to deal with when you KNOW you haven't been drinking. lol...
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