Aug 29, 2008

The devil lives in Phoenix

*originally posted on 5/20/08 on my myspace blog*

Can someone explain to me why it's 110 degrees outside right now? Please...anybody? Anybody? Bueller.....Bueller? lol...okay...but for's hot as hell outside...I'm convinced that the Devil has come to permanently reside in the valley of the sun.

Can you picture yourself stepping foot outside and inhaling...only to feel as if you're choking...on pure HEAT??

Can you imagine getting into your car and within 10 seconds having your earrings heat up so much that you have to take them out because they're burning you?

What about trying to put your car into reverse...but not being able to handle touching the gear shifter thingy for longer that 2 seconds because the skin on your hand is damn near being burned off?

Well...this is currently my reality and I have to say that it's ridiculous that it's this hot out here...I'll be so glad to feel the brisk wind of my hometown hitting my face in a few days!

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