Aug 29, 2008

Tabu Ultra Lounge Review

738 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60610

One word to describe this club would be Overpriced! I went this past Saturday night with a few friends and it was ridiculous. $20 for valet. $20 for women, $30 for men! 2 drinks - 1 Hennessey on the rocks and 1 Margarita were $30! The crowd consisted of 20-somethings (all under 25) looking to get their itch for a club scratched. Thank God we were in VIP (just a velvet rope with a few tables and seating bordering the dance floor (our section of the rope was flanked by fat chicks...not the best source for eye candy). There was 1 Go-Go dance that did a good job of dancing all night...but her pink, wook leg warmers were a bit humorous. (the 80s called....they want their style back!) I can say that the door guys were really nice...and nicely told my friend that he could not wear his long sleeve shirt in the club. I later found this to be interesting since a girl in the club was wearing gymshoes, jeans and a hoodie...another reason to not go. When a club doesn't set a certain standard for the women they want in can they come down on men? The dj played a pretty nice mix of music and though the drinks are pricey, the bartenders are nice. I personally didn't care for the club, had a decent time, but would never go back!

On a side note: The narrow, steep stairwell leading up to the 2nd floor club is a definite fire hazard waiting to happen. If something were to go wrong it'd be a death trap!
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