Feb 26, 2014

When did we get so miserable?

This morning I decided to stay in the bed 45 mins past my alarm and catch all of the Z's I could manage. Unfortunately I didn't have time to prep my usual breakfast (smoothie/oatmeal/snack), so come 10:30a I found myself sitting at work, fighting hunger pains and chronic bitch face. I had sworn off going to Evolution Fresh because I get raped $10 for a smoothie I can easily make at home, but the struggle was real so I took my mean mug and walked over to get some sustenance.

As I walked back, smoothie in hand, a homeless man yelled out something incoherent to me, to which I scrunched my face... kept walking... and saw the cutest little baby looking back at me as her dad carried her. Her face was lit up bright and full of joy. She was blissful, happy and it instantly made me smile.

Staring into her eyes I started to wonder when I got so miserable... when WE as adults became owners of "chronic bitch face," out of this world attitudes, and constant gripes. Even if you don't see miserable people in person, just pull up any social media site and you'll be bombarded with the bitching, moaning, and whining of adults around the world. Being miserable is universal and misery loves company.

Yet, we don't start off like this. Is it inevitable that life "gets real" and some degree of miserableness comes with the territory? Or is there a way to elevate ourselves and radiate that childlike happiness all the time?

Feb 18, 2014

5 minutes later... I'll be there in 5 minutes

I'm usually running late for things. For those who know me this is not a revelation. However, being fresh to Seattle, I'm in the beginning stages of new acquaintanceship and these folks have no clue about my fuck deficiency and lack of promptness.

My first inclination is to say that I genuinely don't care about making it there on time. Yes, I know that sounds a bit wack... but it's more from the standpoint that nothing is "that serious." Yes, I'd like to get somewhere sooner than later, but  if I get there within 30 mins of the start time, that's great in my book.

Also, I do tend to move slowly as I get ready and am never honest about how much time I truly have to get ready and what I can realistically accomplish in said amount of time. On top of that, I have started to identify dead zones in my getting ready process... you know, the tasks you do where it seems all of your time goes to die (i.e. standing in the closet feeling like I have "nothing" to wear, having to deal with my puppy, not having prepped my hair, suddenly wanting to give myself a manicure then realizing I can't do anything else while my nails dry lol)... Yeah, all of that. And in all honesty, whenever I do allow for more time, I always tend to find more randoms tasks to cram in there, thus defeating the purpose.

Anyways, I was supposed to have my intro gun safety course this weekend, but that didn't end up happening. I left the house with ample time to get there, then remembered that I needed gas. Fail #1. I don't know why I wait for my tank to hit E and the light to come on, but it usually does. I then proceed to not get gas whatever day the light comes on and tell myself I'll do it another time. Of course that usually ends up being when I absolutely need to be somewhere and don't have an extra 15 minutes to grab gas.

Traffic in Seattle is also shitty for no apparent reason. So, as I rushed to make up the lost time I spent at the gas station, I got on the e-way just to be met with a solid wall of traffic. I mean, who told them to close the two left lanes on a holiday weekend, when I need to get somewhere! How dare they... the horror.

As I sat in traffic it slowly dawned on me that I'd be late for my class, so I gave the gun range a ring and asked if it was okay to be 15 mins late to the course (it's 3 hours long). They advised me that the first  15 mins of the course were the most important and it would be better to reschedule. Thus, I'm not scheduled to attend my gun course in a few weeks and this time I'll do ample prep work so I can get there on time... if not early.

In other news I had a semi-social weekend with some of the folks I've met in Seattle. Drank more wine than normal for me lol... made up for it with extra time in the bathroom. I know I'm not the only one who pays the price for a night of drinking the following day. Tell the truth and shame the devil lol.

Feb 14, 2014

Lesson 12: The Grass Isn't Always Greener

I can recall dancing around with girlfriends singing "I ain't got no worries..." at the top of my lungs. In that moment I was tipsy, happy, and literally had no worries in the world. However, whenever I came down from that intoxicated high, I remember thinking about all of the actual worries I did have and how it seemed everyone else in the world was doing awesome, except for me.

At this very moment, there is someone in the world who is looking at you, your life, your social media persona, and thinking that you have it all! They're probably scrolling through pics with you smiling and happy, imagining you haven't a care in the world. What's funny is that while someone is doing that to you, you could easily be doing that to someone else... thus continuing this cycle of "the grass is always greener."

As life would have it, the grass isn't always greener on the other side. Ever before social media came into existence it was easy to believe  your shit sucked and someone else was a million times better. Yes, in some cases this is actually true... BUT life has a way of balancing things out and nobody is without struggles.

For instance, we look at celebrities and see their money, fab lifestyle, etc... but many are lonely and slaves to their popularity and success. Can you imagine not being able to go to the grocery store b/c a picture of you will make the front page? Or have a fight with your boyfriend/girlfriend because cheating/breakup rumors will run rampant? Or hell, just have a bad day and "be off" without getting called an asshole by a random fan? Even online celebs (i.e. regular people with an insane of followers) can find themselves the subject of scrutiny and ridicule.

With every negative there can be 5 positives, but don't get caught up in counting someone else's coins or blessings and fail to see the beauty in your own life. The grass isn't always greener... sometimes it just looks better. Looks can be deceiving.

Feb 12, 2014

Lesson 11: Life is short... or is it?

We're all familiar with the saying, "Life is short..."but is it really? In actuality we have no clue how long or short our lives will be. For instance, some people will have amazing plans for this weekend that they'll never experience... and nobody knows who that'll be. Time moves swiftly... even more so as we get older, and while it's exciting to see the years passing by, it makes me wonder the age old question, "what am I doing with my life?"

Sometimes I feel like I'm just existing... passively moving through life while having moments when I yell "time in" and start playing massive d... just to yell "time out" and catch a breather, all the while life keeps carrying on.

As my 30th birthday approaches I've started to become more introspective. In addition to wanting to finally "get my life together," I've decided that fear is stupid and something I'd like to conquer. A few people know my intense fear of guns. Like, next level fear. I don't want to be around them, I don't go to gun ranges, I don't want them around me... I just don't like guns, don't trust the people with them. None of that. So, imagine how much progress I made when a few weeks ago I stepped foot into a gun range!

As we drove up my heart started racing. Yes, just being in the parking lot made me anxious. Stepping out of the car I could hear the loud POPs and realized that this was the real deal. It's one thing to exist in a world with fears you can for the most part avoid... but to willingly face your fears head on! It takes a lot of gumption.

Anyways, while I didn't have the nerve to actually fire the gun myself, being in the range was a huge, huge, HUGE step for me. I also decided to take it a step further and signed up for the introductory course! I want to be formerly introduced to guns and gun safety in a controlled environment with a professional instructor. I can't believe I actually had the courage to sign up for the class! It may seem silly, but this was a huge step for me and I'm excited to report back next week on how everything went down.

Like my bf said, how else will I be prepared for the zombie apocalypse!  

Feb 10, 2014

Aye Aye Captain

You know how people proudly proclaim that this is "their year" at the beginning of every year? Well, I do that same shit but every Sunday... I am all optimistic and full of good vibes proclaiming that I'll change my entire life that week.

Be it eating cleaner, working out more, cursing less, watching less TV, making an effort to be nicer, walking my dog more... the possibilities are endless and I'm down for all of them. Then I get halfway through  Monday morning and I'm like... ugh.... what was I thinking lol.

So, last night after I ever so kindly told someone to "get the fuck out of my face" I realized that I curse... a lot. And while this typically doesn't bother me, I thought about it and felt like I should cut back. Growing up I wasn't much of a sailor, but as I've gotten older the number of F-bombs and other expletives that leave my mouth have skyrocketed. I honestly don't know where it even came from because I didn't grow up in a house hold full of cursing and chaos, but nevertheless here I am... 29 yo and full of fucks.

In an effort to clean up my mental space and remove the residual clutter all of my cursing has left behind, I've decided to cut back on cursing... and maybe, just maybe... phase it all the way out!!

I'm currently gasping and clutching my imaginary pearls... and I'm sure anyone who really knows me is giving me a combination of a blank stare or a belly laugh. Ishea is going to stop cursing? Bwahahahaha....  but for real y'all. I'm going to give the expletives a break and maybe learn a new word each week. Speaking of which, Dictionary.com features a word of the day. Today's word is: Blatherskite.

definition of blatherskite

Mind you, I actually had to look up what "voluble" (talkative) meant lol... don't judge me.. but consider that 2 new words for the week! How ironic... someone who curses all the time could actually be considered blatherskite!

Feb 3, 2014

Downtown Seattle after @Seahawks Superbowl Win (video)

While Floyd Mayweather was somewhere counting out the 10.4 million he lost betting on the Broncos, folks in Seattle were putting their "freeze" on hold and turning all the way up!

The BF and I opted to avoid the crowded bar scene and watch the game at home, but once we saw it was going to be a victory, we knew we had to get in these Seattle streets.

Y'all... what a wonderful time to live in Seattle! The Seahawks demolished the Broncos, and the win was just what the city needed. The celebration was next level and oh, so much fun!

This is our adopted city for the time being, and I am continuing my "when in Rome..." attitude. Can't wait to cop a Seahawks jersey... though the BF is making me buy him a Bears jersey first lol. He still loves his Bears.

Here's a taste of the festivities tonight... and what was crazy to me was the fact folks were drinking, smoking, and all in the streets... but everything was relatively safe and the cops didn't really have to get involved. If this was Chicago, some shit would've been went down lol.

Anyways, for this moment in time, I ... along with every other transplant, can feel GREAT about calling Seattle home. Let's relish the moment... this week is OUR week!!! #GoHawks

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