Feb 3, 2014

Downtown Seattle after @Seahawks Superbowl Win (video)

While Floyd Mayweather was somewhere counting out the 10.4 million he lost betting on the Broncos, folks in Seattle were putting their "freeze" on hold and turning all the way up!

The BF and I opted to avoid the crowded bar scene and watch the game at home, but once we saw it was going to be a victory, we knew we had to get in these Seattle streets.

Y'all... what a wonderful time to live in Seattle! The Seahawks demolished the Broncos, and the win was just what the city needed. The celebration was next level and oh, so much fun!

This is our adopted city for the time being, and I am continuing my "when in Rome..." attitude. Can't wait to cop a Seahawks jersey... though the BF is making me buy him a Bears jersey first lol. He still loves his Bears.

Here's a taste of the festivities tonight... and what was crazy to me was the fact folks were drinking, smoking, and all in the streets... but everything was relatively safe and the cops didn't really have to get involved. If this was Chicago, some shit would've been went down lol.

Anyways, for this moment in time, I ... along with every other transplant, can feel GREAT about calling Seattle home. Let's relish the moment... this week is OUR week!!! #GoHawks

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