May 31, 2010

Beauty Blender Knockoff

Everyone doesn't have $20 to spend on a Beauty Blender, let alone $34.95 for the set. Still, this is a product that I've heard nothing but great things about and was interested in trying myself. Browsing around Ulta I came across a Beauty Blender knockoff, Ulta's Super Blender, for $4.99. I jumped at the opportunity to try the more affordable alternative. It's a little tricky getting used to handling the larger sponge, but I did notice that the application of my liquid foundation was smoother. The only downside is that they recommend washing the sponge after each use (which can be a bit annoying) so I may just wash it on a weekly basis... but if anyone out there has been curious to give the Beauty Blender a try, go to Ulta and try their Super Blender first.

Beauty Blender - $34.95 @ Sephora

Super Blender - $4.99 @ Ulta

"We're not old, we're grown!"

I remember when I used to anxiously await a holiday weekend. The excitement of which club would be having whatever party, picking an outfit to wear, pre-gaming before we went out to save money on drinks... those were some good times.

Fast forward to Memorial Day weekend 2010.

I could honestly care less about the parties at the clubs. I'd rather do some daytime shopping and curl up for a nice evening of interior decorating blogs and HGTV. Oh, and a few cups of hot green tea with lemon & honey! Yes... that sounds like an amazing night (well, it sounds like my Saturday night lol)

I probably sound like the Grinch that stole club nights, but I did manage to get together with one of my favorite girlfriends (and the mother of my god children lol) for afternoon mimosas, a few shots, cotton candy and brunch on Sunday. We were going to brave the club scene but decided to pass. As my girlfriend said, "We're not old, We're grown."

Yes - - grown! I feel like such a grown up now. Obviously my priorities in life have changed. Last year this time seems like a distant memory... one I was glad to leave behind. The older I get the more I realize what's important in life and what's for the birds. What you should give your energy to and what (and who) you should tell to kick rocks. Life is so short and I'm happy to say that everyday I wake up and realize that I'm grown and living the life that I've always wanted. I like that I'm more secure in myself, my friendships, my interests... I'm excited to be alright with not being up in someone's club wasting money. I love not being thirsty for the same ole, same ole.

This is somewhat of a little rant, but this June I'll turn 26 and I'm so happy for where my life is and where I'm going. Usually I try to keep my joy to myself because let's be real - - most people don't like happy people lol. Not that misery always wants company, but sometimes you don't feel like hearing how wonderful someone's life is. I get it. Been there before... but I just wanted to take a moment to scream from my blog rooftop that I'm madly in love with my husband and deeply in love with my life!!!

I think New Year's Resolutions are ridiculous because you can make a change at any time... so the year is halfway over, what is it that you're still looking to do? Know that anything is possible and as I like to say, "It doesn't take forever to change your life - - it only takes 15 days!"

N♥il Art: Neon Stripes

I came across this pic on and it was instant nail art inspiration. It's been quite some time since I've tried a new design but this one was so funky and fun, it was begging to make its way on my nails.

In order to recreate this look I used China Glaze 871 "Lemon Fizz" as my base color and Stripe Rite's pink and black for the stripes. This is a rather easy design to do and you can feel free to go crazy with any color combo you'd like - - mine is a bit bright (like my inspiration photo). It feels good to be inspired to do some nail art.

Have you tried any fun designs for the summer?

May 29, 2010

1 year Relaxer Free

I looked at the date and realized I've been relaxer free for a year now! I never thought I could go 8 weeks without a relaxer, let alone a year. It's not a huge deal, but one of those things I didn't think I was capable of doing.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend!

May 28, 2010

UFC 114: Grudge Match of the Year

In what many are calling the grudge match of the year, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson will face "Suga" Rashad Evans in the octagon at UFC 114 Saturday night. The two starred as coaches in the Ultimate Fighter last year, which was supposed to end at UFC 107, but the bout was scratched after Rampage decided to take a movie role.

It's been a long layoff for Rampage, but his desire to put Evans to sleep has lit a fire under him. Evans on the other hand has had two bouts since wining the light heavyweight championship from Forrest Griffin at UFC 92 in 2008. The two have been trading verbal jabs for almost a year, with Evans recently calling Jackson an "Uncle Tom". Jackson has repeatedly poked fun at Evans' knockout loss by doing the "stanky leg" after being punched by Lyoto Machida. Although many believe the bad blood between the two began on the Ultimate Fighter, it actually dates back to Jackson's UFC 96 win over Keith Jardine (Evans' teammate).

Since Evans' brutal knockout loss to Lyoto Machida last year, he's taken the GSP (UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre) approach and fights extremely cautious. He'll look to utilize his wrestling and speed against Jackson en route to a decision victory. Evans' new style is actually a return to his original roots in wrestling. I don't believe Evans wants to stand and trade with Rampage for too long, considering his questionable chin. He was able to effectively outpoint Thiago Silva in his most recent bout at UFC 108. He was dominating the fight with his wrestling while taking little damage in the process, but the moment he decided to trade strikes with Silva he was caught with a punch and became visibly staggered. Evans was able to maintain his wits but barely survived for the win. Evans definitely has the tools necessary to defeat Rampage this Saturday, but will he?

On the other hand Rampage's game plan is quite simple - - stuff every take down attempt of Evans and put him to sleep with either the left hook or the massive right hand. Jackson has too much power for Evans to successfully bang with him. Look for Rampage to stalk Evans around the cage and effectively trump his take down attempts throughout the fight. The only real concern for Rampage is the amount of time he's spent away from the cage. His last fight was in March of last year, so there will be some ring rust on his end. People often talk about his conditioning and how he doesn't like to train, but that's never really been an issue considering his accomplishments as a fighter. A motivated Rampage is a dangerous one and it seems that Evans has pushed all the right buttons to motivate him. There's no doubt, Rampage is looking for a knockout and all it takes is one shot to put Evans to sleep.

Even with all the animosity between the two Rampage won't fight recklessly. There are major title implications hanging over this bout, as the winner gets a title shot against current light heavyweight champion Mauricio "Shogun" Rua. Despite the ring rust from Rampage, I cannot pick against him as I've gone back and forth on how this fight will play out, but my prediction is Rampage will perform his infamous howl at the end after viciously removing Evans from consciousness.

The Verdict: Quinton "Rampage" Jackson by knockout in the 2nd round.

- Julian Arnold, resident Sports Analyst for Six Twenty Seven

Ebony Socialites

Last night I had the pleasure of joining the Ebony Socialites for an evening full of cocktails, conversation and positive energy. Mindi Abair provided the background music as we enjoyed the picture perfect grounds of the Hyatt Regency in Scottsdale. Since moving back to Arizona earlier this year, I've been in need of expanding my social circle of girlfriends... especially energetic, professional black women. I found Ebony Socialites on (a site I highly recommend for anyone looking to branch out) and can say that my first experience with them was great. Has anyone else used before?

Wonderful Ladies of Ebony Socialites

I'm 3rd from the left)

May 27, 2010

Time for a Summer BBQ

Hot weather is here and summer is around the corner, but for those living in a city apt or condo finding space to host a BBQ can a real issue. Thankfully companies like Bodum have created the most adorable, practical and small space friendly BBQ grill. The FYRKAT charcoal grill comes in 6 shades and a small size convenient for a city patio or outing at the park. It's easy to transport, clean and anyone can feel like a fashionable cook. This grill is a steal at $49.95 and sure to add some color to your summer activities.

May 26, 2010

Cocktails & Shopping @ Macy's

Monday night I attended the Macy's Sex and the City 2 Cocktails and Shopping event. I was excited to combine 2 of my favorite things (shopping and cocktails) for a night of fashion and socializing. Models wore fashions by designers like Rachel Roy and were styled by Phoenix Fashion Week designers.

Dirty Blonde kept the drinks flowing with their signature ready-to-drink cocktails. Ladies, these are a must have for any summertime get together. Currently they have 4 flavors and can be found at your local BevMo.

Mr. P-Body manned the 1s and 2s (even letting me jump behind the turn tables for a photo opt)

SJP NYC was the featured fragrance. Don't let the loud packaging fool you - - this stuff smells great!

Sex and the City 2

I was among the lucky few to attend the Arizona premiere of Sex and the City 2 Monday night! As expected the fashion did NOT disappoint. Keep an eye out for Miranda's dress at the wedding. To.Die.For!!! They really stepped it up with Miranda's character this go round.

In my opinion, the 2nd movie was MUCH better than the first. I enjoyed the natural progression of the characters' story lines, unlike how forced it seemed in the first movie (i.e. Carrie being jilted at the altar, Steve cheating on Miranda). The marriages felt more authentic and realistic in this film and I think more people will be able to relate.

I don't want to give anything away but the movie is good. Grab your stilettos, best girlfriends and cocktail of choice and head out to see it on Thursday night! I'm looking forward to hearing what everyone else thinks.

May 25, 2010

Arizona... where rappers come to die?

I'm starting to feel like you have to be on a 1 way trip to the D-List to book a gig here. Don't get me wrong, It's nice to have folks acknowledge this little oasis in the desert, but Marques Houston, Too Short, 112 and now Vanilla Ice have been the latest additions to the valley club circuit this week .... and while I'm all for making a buck I must ask, "Phoenix, is this as good as it gets?" I'm sure if it was 1990-something I'd be thrilled at the possibility of seeing any of those artists, but father time managed to keep things moving so I wish Phoenix would follow suit.

I'd love to see Kid Cudi, Santogold, Ryan Leslie... Why can't we get these artists to come here and put on a show? Even better, why can't Sprite, T-Mobile, or Patron host some of their wonderful events here!! I've attended great parties thrown by all 3 of those companies in Chicago and think Arizona definitely has the demographic for them. Here's to hoping Arizona steps it up for the rest of the year.

May 24, 2010

Valley Social: Cocktails & Shopping

Got a case of the Mondays? Well, you're in luck! All of the buzz surrounding Sex and the City 2 has brought numerous events to the city of Scottsdale - - definitely keeping a smile on my face and social calendar. Retail giant Macy's was a partner on the movie and will be featuring looks from the hit film (styled by Phoenix Fashion Week designers) @ The Impulse Room on the 2nd floor of Macy's Scottsdale Fashion Square. The party will feature drinks by Dirty Blonde Cocktails, music by Mr. P-Body and a chance for the best dressed lady to win a $1000 "skin care makeover" to Paradise Valley Skin Klinic (yes, clinic spelled with a K and no they aren't kappas lol). Mondays can be a bit sluggish so this will be the perfect end to a hard day of work. Things start @ 5p so swing by on your way home and enjoy some great fashion, tasty drinks and cool sounds.

May 23, 2010

Reality Check: Celebrity Apprentice

Tonight the finale of Celebrity Apprentice aired with Holly Robinson Peete going against Bret Michaels. As someone that watched the majority of the season, I can attest to the fact that Holly was the favored winner going into the finale - - that is until Bret Michaels nearly died after suffering a brain hemorrhage last month. I won't deny the fact that Bret worked hard during the season, but he didn't match up to Holly. I think his recent medical nightmare was the major reason for his win. Don't get me wrong, he's definitely a survivor - - but after watching Holly bust her ass the entire season and lose because of a sympathy vote... well, it was a bit hard. On a positive note, both of their charities received MAJOR press because of the show and that's what it's really about. Some blogs were happy to see Holly on the show because she has natural hair and I give that a 0_O because her work ethic and charity went BEYOND hair - - some folks are so simple. She was an incredible businesswoman, mother and competitor. It was nice to see her in action. Did anyone else watch?

May 22, 2010

I want a book deal

Friday night as I walked around Barnes and Noble it hit me - there's an f'ing book for EVERYTHING! Travel books, sex position books, books on 1 million baby names, biographies, tarot cards for dummies - - there's literally something for everyone (even stuff you'd never care to read). It seems as if anyone can write a book nowadays so why not give it a try! I've often had it cross my mind that I could write a book. I've experienced so much stuff in my life and would love to share my story with others. I have no clue what I'll focus my book on - - telling my life story would be a semi-clusterf*ck - - but I'll figure it out. Writing is therapeutic and I think everyone should give it a try!

May 21, 2010

Phoenix Fashion Week: Fashion Fwd 2010

Thursday night the beautiful people gathered once again for Phoenix Fashion Week's Fashion Forward "Sex and the City 2" themed fashion show. The models strutted their stuff in fashions provided by Macy's with the W Hotel Scottsdale providing a gorgeous backdrop. Unlike the previous fashion show PHXFW hosted, this one didn't feature up and coming designers. Macy's is a great store to find a few things here and there, but I've never been one to really shop there. That being said, the styling wasn't too bad, but there's only so much you can do with Macy's clothing.

The highlight of the show for me was watching the belly dancers mesmerize the crowd, as the show transitioned from sexy NYC to the sultry allure of Abu Dhabi. There's no form of dance that praises the female body better than belly dancing. It was refreshing to see women with curves working the runway. I may even look into taking a belly dancing class!

Hidden in the sea of typical models was this man that I affectionately started referring to as the "Juiced up Ken Doll". Peep him and his abs below. His body was quite intense but something about it seemed plastic - - too perfect almost.

May 19, 2010

A&E: The Clean Up Woman

Hoping to give Tyler Perry a run for his money, playwright JD Lawrence is bringing his play "The Clean Up Woman" to Dodge Theatre on June 4th. Alongside Lawrence, you will find Thelma Hopkins (Family Matters) and Jackee Harry (Sister Sister, 227) starring in this tale of what happens when career takes over and journalist Terri Adams neglects her home. She quickly learns that the cleaning lady she hired to keep the house clean and her husband at bay may be doing a bit more than she bargained for.

I must admit that I've never seen a black stage play, but the reviews for this one aren't too bad. Tickets are available via Live Nation and start at $45.

Adventures in ... Yoga!

Breathing is something that is stressed in the practice of yoga. However, what do you do when the person next to you sounds like their breathing is taking them to another level... the "getting off" type of level! I was in yoga tonight and found myself trying to ignore the deep, grunt-like breaths of the guy next to me. I know everyone breathes differently, but I don't want to feel like I need to watch out for the "money shot" when you're in Trikonasana.

Have you ever been in a yoga (or other workout class) and had to deal with someone's pornographic soundtrack playing? Lol....

May 18, 2010

Fashion Fix: Get the Scent for Less

Viktor and Rolf's Flowerbomb perfume has been on my mind since its alluring fragrance first captivated me last year. I've been eyeing it for the last few months but couldn't bring myself to cough up $100 for the 1.7 oz bottle. The smallest size I found on display at Sephora was the .68 oz "petite" spray for $50. The thought of shelling out that much cash for not even an ounce of stuff was depressing. I decided to ask the sales associate if they had any smaller sizes than the .68oz in the stock. Reluctantly he told me that he'd check the back of the store.

Well, guess what - - Sephora is offering a limited edition Travel Duo of the must have fragrance at a fraction of the cost!!! For $25 you get a .25 oz Eau de Parfum and .50 oz refill! Yes, that's .75 oz of this amazing fragrance for a fraction of the cost. Now, you may be thinking what is the catch? Well, it's doesn't come in a spray bottle or roller ball, but instead the old school "dab" bottle. I happened to have an empty perfume bottle that I was able to use that has one of those sticks you use to dab perfume on you (it's a pretty cute bottle) so I put it in there. But keeping things in perspective, I got .75 oz of my must have fragrance for $25. The .68 oz spray version is $50, so this just goes to show that if you're willing to be creative you can land an amazing deal. Fragrances can get pricey so always be sure to ask what the smallest size (travel or roller ball pen) is that they have in stock.

May 17, 2010

Texture Update

I've had a few people ask me about the texture of my curls since having the Brazilian Blowout done 2 months ago. I finally got some type of routine together for how I care for them and wanted to share!

1. Co-Wash (HE Hello Hydration, Deva Curl One Condition, Twisted Sista De-Frizz Conditioner, Garnier Fructis 3 Min Undo)

2. With conditioner on my hair and under running water, use my Jilbere Shower comb to detangle.

3. Rinse out conditioner

4. Once out of the shower I towel dry my hair and apply a cream (Acai Daily Smoothing Serum, Frederic Fekkai Luscious Curls, Twisted Sista Curl Activator)

5. I separate my hair and start doing whatever style it is that I'm going for, making sure to seal my ends with an oil (Carol's Daughter Lisa's Hair Elixir, Moroccan Oil)

6. Once my hair has dried, if I need a quick refresher I use Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Nutrient Spray (it has Olive Oil, Avocado Oil and Shea Oil)

Texture Shot

Another texture shot
This is a fairly easy, straight forward routine that works for me. I'm not high maintenance and like something that doesn't take all day to do. I can co-wash, oil and style my hair in about 20 minutes. It's funny because I remember when I was first transitioning it would take me like an hour and some change to do a twist out lol... I know that everyone has to find what works for them but this is a pretty good routine to use during the week.

May 14, 2010

Tech L♥ve: A picture is worth a thousand words

Everyone knows that I'm the resident photographer in my crew of friends. There's rarely a moment that goes by that I haven't captured in at least a few pictures. Currently I have a Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS camera. It has 8 mega pixels and isn't a bad point and shoot. I even stepped things up for my husband and bought him the Canon PowerShot SD1400 IS with 14.1 mega pixels.

I grew up with an Aunt that was a photographer and constantly snapping photos of me, as well as taking me along on different shoots, so I find it only natural that the photography bug has bitten me a bit harder.
I've been seeing reviews of Canon's SX20 IS camera on a few sites and think it's the one I want to get. There are many brands out that that can get the job done, but I'm a canon girl! This pretty thing should be mine by next month and in time for my 26th birthday!!

May 13, 2010

Fashion Fix: Dress for Less

I was a fan of the Gucci dress worn on the June cover of Cosmopolitan magazine by rocker Pink, but at $9300 it was FAR from becoming a reality. I was browsing online shop ASOS and came across an affordable alternative. Now, it's not exactly the same but it does offer the same ethnic inspired look and at $64.25 it's a fraction of cost. I'm someone that does prefer to try on my clothes before I buy so the fact that this store is only online does disappoint... but it's still a fashion lover's dream. Definitely take a look and see if anything inspires you to reach in your pockets and make it rain... or drizzle (the prices are pretty good lol).

Gucci Dress - $9300

ASOS Dress - $64.25

Fashion Fix: Summer Romper

Have you ever lusted after a trend so much that it made you sick? That's how I felt about rompers. Rompers were a leg lovers dream and I was itching to rock them last summer....that was until I started trying them on and realized they weren't made for me. My body type can be tricky to shop for. I'm only 5'2", have athletic legs and a 36dd top ... to sum it up finding a romper that flattered my shape was a mess. They were either too loose and sloppy looking on me (my boobs push out the top so I need the waist to be accented), too tight in the butt (having a wedgie isn't the business), or not for anyone with big boobs. It was a pain in my ass constantly seeing women rock this trend and feeling like I was left out lol...

Well, my luck changed because this weekend I scored two GORGEOUS Lucca Couture rompers from Urban Outfitters. I miss spending lunch breaks browsing the racks of the State St. store, but AZ has done me right. This flirty romper is affordable at $58 and comes in 7 colors but I narrowed it down to my favorite color (black) and the bright blue! I can't wait to pair this with some of the hot shoes I've been scoring. I'm a year late on the romper craze but these fit me like a dream so it was worth it.

Just because something is trendy doesn't mean it can't be for you. Don't let your body ever hold you back from a style that you like... there's always a way to find something that flatters you and that you can make your own!

May 12, 2010

Tech L♥ve: Blinged Out

You'll remember that I was obsessing over this pirate inspired phone case not too long ago. Well, guess what.... my case finally came! I only thought they had it for the iPhone but after checking on Overstock I found it for blackberries. I love this phone. It only cost $8 and was a fun way to add some life to my boring phone. My blackberry has a special place in my heart, but it's been through a lot - - and for some reason I've been dragging my feet on getting a new one. It's rather simple... just call up Sprint and use my insurance (hell, the screen has a crack in it lol) but I think about transferring contacts, sending out a new BBM pin, all of my emails and pictures.... and well, you know - - insert *le sigh* here! Anyways, I just wanted to share my excitement with everyone. I love this case.

May 11, 2010

Dream Hair

I came across this picture of Keri Hilson on YBF and I fell in love... with her HAIR!!! This is the epitome of my dream hair. I love the different lengths, the color, the way it looks like polished bedroom hair! I think this is the hairstyle that will be on deck for my birthday. I'm obsessed with it! lol...

Do you have a hair obsession?

Fashion Fix: Peep Toe wishes & Leather Studded dreams

A picture doesn't do these shoes justice... they are AMAZING in person! I found them @ my shoe heaven and had to have them. The leather is soft to the touch and the gold accents are top notch. They were marked down for over 50% off their retail price - - amazeballs! I rocked them the other day with a casual pair of cuffed skinny jeans, black top, and gold accessories.

May 10, 2010

Weekend Crafting

It's not often that I try my hand at DIY projects, but I had a closet full of wooden hangers and needed to find a use for them. After seeing this post on one of my favorite blogs I decided to give fabric hangers a shot!

This is a fun project to do on a lazy weekend as it only requires a glue gun, some fabric quarters, wooden hangers and scissors. It's fairly straight forward... you cut the fabric into 5 sections and begin wrapping it (gluing as you need) onto the hanger. You can get creative and pick whatever fabric you'd like.

I was in a retro, flowery type of mood

Wooden hangers and fabric quarters

Glue your fabric and start wrapping

Finished product

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