May 25, 2010

Arizona... where rappers come to die?

I'm starting to feel like you have to be on a 1 way trip to the D-List to book a gig here. Don't get me wrong, It's nice to have folks acknowledge this little oasis in the desert, but Marques Houston, Too Short, 112 and now Vanilla Ice have been the latest additions to the valley club circuit this week .... and while I'm all for making a buck I must ask, "Phoenix, is this as good as it gets?" I'm sure if it was 1990-something I'd be thrilled at the possibility of seeing any of those artists, but father time managed to keep things moving so I wish Phoenix would follow suit.

I'd love to see Kid Cudi, Santogold, Ryan Leslie... Why can't we get these artists to come here and put on a show? Even better, why can't Sprite, T-Mobile, or Patron host some of their wonderful events here!! I've attended great parties thrown by all 3 of those companies in Chicago and think Arizona definitely has the demographic for them. Here's to hoping Arizona steps it up for the rest of the year.

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