May 31, 2010

Beauty Blender Knockoff

Everyone doesn't have $20 to spend on a Beauty Blender, let alone $34.95 for the set. Still, this is a product that I've heard nothing but great things about and was interested in trying myself. Browsing around Ulta I came across a Beauty Blender knockoff, Ulta's Super Blender, for $4.99. I jumped at the opportunity to try the more affordable alternative. It's a little tricky getting used to handling the larger sponge, but I did notice that the application of my liquid foundation was smoother. The only downside is that they recommend washing the sponge after each use (which can be a bit annoying) so I may just wash it on a weekly basis... but if anyone out there has been curious to give the Beauty Blender a try, go to Ulta and try their Super Blender first.

Beauty Blender - $34.95 @ Sephora

Super Blender - $4.99 @ Ulta

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