May 13, 2010

Fashion Fix: Summer Romper

Have you ever lusted after a trend so much that it made you sick? That's how I felt about rompers. Rompers were a leg lovers dream and I was itching to rock them last summer....that was until I started trying them on and realized they weren't made for me. My body type can be tricky to shop for. I'm only 5'2", have athletic legs and a 36dd top ... to sum it up finding a romper that flattered my shape was a mess. They were either too loose and sloppy looking on me (my boobs push out the top so I need the waist to be accented), too tight in the butt (having a wedgie isn't the business), or not for anyone with big boobs. It was a pain in my ass constantly seeing women rock this trend and feeling like I was left out lol...

Well, my luck changed because this weekend I scored two GORGEOUS Lucca Couture rompers from Urban Outfitters. I miss spending lunch breaks browsing the racks of the State St. store, but AZ has done me right. This flirty romper is affordable at $58 and comes in 7 colors but I narrowed it down to my favorite color (black) and the bright blue! I can't wait to pair this with some of the hot shoes I've been scoring. I'm a year late on the romper craze but these fit me like a dream so it was worth it.

Just because something is trendy doesn't mean it can't be for you. Don't let your body ever hold you back from a style that you like... there's always a way to find something that flatters you and that you can make your own!
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