May 11, 2010

Dream Hair

I came across this picture of Keri Hilson on YBF and I fell in love... with her HAIR!!! This is the epitome of my dream hair. I love the different lengths, the color, the way it looks like polished bedroom hair! I think this is the hairstyle that will be on deck for my birthday. I'm obsessed with it! lol...

Do you have a hair obsession?


Catherine said...

I'm in love with the Pucci dress Ms. Keri is rocking! I think my dream hair is slightly past arm-pit length and in either loose curls or waves. Something touchable and pretty.

South Loop Social Light said...

Yes, that dress look great on her. Long hair is fun some of the time, but unless you're going to be diligent about doing it, it ends up in a pony tail most of the time. I like this length because it's still long enough to rock curls or waves, but won't get tangled up.

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