Nov 30, 2013

My version of #CookingForBae (Thanksgiving 2013)

Photo: Our Thanksgiving setup... No filter lol.When I heard about the site @CookingForBae I thought it was classic! It should've been called "misadventures of trying to throw down in the kitchen"... but you know, #CookingForBae is rather catchy too lol.

Anyways,  I'm not of the mindset that you have to eat Turkey on Thanksgiving. With that said, my boyfriend and I teamed up to make the holiday dinner we wanted. He tackled his fried chicken breast (which is amazeballs) and I did the ham, greens (kale, not collard), sweet potato casserole, and cheddar garlic biscuits. For dessert I kept it simple and made a yellow cake.

It feels like all the cool kids were posting pics of their Thanksgiving meals, so I wanted to jump on the bandwagon. Here is our little creation! Hope everyone had a fab holiday.

Nov 27, 2013

The Best Dog Park in Seattle

Sometimes I like Seattle. Yes, you read that right. When the sun is shining, I'm in nature, and taking in the views... Seattle is actually quite beautiful! Yesterday I had the chance to go to one of my favorite places in Seattle - - Magnuson Dog Park -- and spend some time with my puppy.

Water views at Magnuson Dog Park

Many people recommended Magnuson Dog Park and after finally realizing they weren't mispronouncing "Madison," I discovered the little slice of dog heaven! The park sits on 9 acres of land, is completely fenced in, has a special section for small dogs, multiple areas for your dog to explore and even water access! Yes, your pooch can go balls out in the lake if they'd like. It's pretty much everything any dog owner could dream of!

It's become a routine to take Khaleesi to the park at least once a week (if not more) and let her socialize, learn to be a dog, and most importantly stretch those legs and tire herself out! Lord... can we take a moment to give some praise for a tired puppy.

For any dog owners looking to give their dog a treat, I'd highly recommend a visit to Magnuson Dog Park. I promise you'll be thrilled to discover this gem and enjoy your time in nature while your puppy goes bizzerk.

Magnuson Dog Park
7400 Sand Point Way NE
(click here for the website)

Nov 25, 2013

Charlie Murphy Performing in Seattle 1/11/14

Mark your calendars: Charlie Murphy is coming to Seattle! After the Wayne Brady show fell through, I'm excited to finally see one of my favorite Chappelle Show alums perform live. I'm sure it's a bit of a stretch, but I'd love to hear at least 1 Rick James joke (yes, it's old lol...), but who knows if he'll actually do it. Anyone plan on going?

When: Saturday January 11th, 2014
Where: The Neptune Theatre
Time: 8p (Doors Open at 7p)
Cost: $30 General Admission (click here)

Also... just because Mr.Murphy (aka one-half of "Twin Brother Darkness") was feeling my post...

Nov 21, 2013

Don't Trust the B in Apt. 23

"Don't Trust the B in Apt. 23" - - such a cute, quirky show that was full of humor and cast members I wanted to know in real life. I hate when I get sucked into a show via Netflix, only to realize that it's been cancelled.

There I was deep into season 2 and then BAM. Nothing. It's all gone. No smooth ending. No story lines coming full circle. I'm just sitting here, waiting to learn what else happens... but nothing else does happen.

Most of all I'll miss Luther - - full of wit and sass! I loved him. Oh, Luther... come be my real life gay bff! I'm in dire need.

Anyways, I've accepted that had I (and others) actually tuned in WHILE it was airing, the ratings would've been solid, and then we'd have a show to still watch. I'm going to start paying closer attention to scripted shows (Lord knows I have my fill of reality shows... I need a break from the contrived drama).

What shows are you watching and loving?

** I can admit that I've only made it through the first 5 episodes of Season 1 in Scandal. I started watching Chicago Fire too, but the episodes felt so long and I fell behind before the Season 2 premiere. What else? Prior to moving to Seattle I was on a nice stretch with Pretty Little Liars. My boyfriend, however, accused me of becoming WAY too emo (more than my usual amount lol) and was concerned about how into the teen drama I was. **

Nov 20, 2013

Marc Jacobs Gold Silk Dress
This entire look is everything to me! I wish I could not only slink around the house, but saunter around all of Seattle in this fabulous dress!!! I want to live out the rest of my days in this get up. Complete with a fierce updo and bold, dark lip! Yes...

My inner Egyptian delights whenever I see Gold, and my force is jumping up and down at this very moment. How amazeballs does she look?

Okay, I'm off to go dream about this outfit lol...

Nov 18, 2013

White Collar Brawlers: Office Rivals Settle it in the Ring (via @WCBrawlers)

Embedded image permalinkMost people have experienced at least 1 or 2 annoying co-workers in their professional life. Some keep it professional and don't say anything, some secretly vent to others, and there are some that send a mass email to the team telling them to kick rocks!

Adding some flavor to the typical fighting reality shows (i.e. The Ultimate Fighter), Esquire Network is allowing corporate Joe Blows to get in the ring and fight it out! Getting the chance to kick your co-workers ass in an HR friendly way? Umm... I think they've struck corporate TV gold! lol...

White Collar Brawlers premieres tonight at 10/9c. Feel free to live tweet the show @WCBrawlers or using the hashtag #WCBrawlers.

Nov 13, 2013

Sam Edelman "Louie" Black Fringe Booties

One of the perks of living in Seattle this time of year is the lack of extreme winter weather. While it's already started snowing back in Chicago and on the East Coast, Seattle is still in the 50s and very "sometimesy" (if that's even a word). Sometimes there's rain. Sometimes sun. Sometimes clouds. It all varies.

So, without the need to buy any snow friendly boots, I've been eyeing this dope pair booties to add to my growing Sam Edelman collection. His name was never on my radar before, but I slowly realized that all of the boots I gravitated towards were made by him. These are the latest in a growing collection.

The "Louie" boots come in a few colors and can be found on his site retailing for $160. I'm smitten with the black leather with black fringe! I am already shimmy shaking all around in my head lol.

Now, I don't have a problem dropping the money for his shoes, BUT I do know that I can usually find his shoes at Nordstrom Rack for a bit cheaper. I need to be on the hunt for these... but don't be surprised if I cop them for full price. Sometimes you just pay for what you want lol.

Nov 12, 2013

Race in America: A Conversation (via @TougoCoffee)

As a follow-up to the KUOW #BlackInSeattle series, Tougo Coffee is keeping the conversation going with a progressive talk on race in America.

Being a transplant to the Seattle area I'm always on the hunt for new places, faces, and events to explore. I look forward to meeting other people and running my mouth. Oh, and listening too lol.

When: 11/14/13
Where: Tougo Coffee 1410 18th Ave., Seattle 98122
Time: 6p - 8p

Nov 7, 2013

Wine Tasting with the Seattle Deltas

Looking for weekends plans? Join the Seattle Alumnae chapter of Delta Sigma Theta as they host their annual wine tasting fundraiser: A Celebration of Reds and Whites!

The event will be held at the Northwest African American Museum and feature a selection of wines, as well as the opportunity to mingle, dance, and view current exhibits at the museum. Tickets are $30 and all proceeds will go to support the on-going programs and efforts of the sorority.

Click here to purchase tickets.

When: Saturday, 11/9/13
Where: Northwest African American Museum
Time: 7p - 10p
Cost: $30

Adulthood is the biggest scam

In case you needed another reminder that being an adult sucks, Jell-O put together something that is sure to make you smile... and possibly cringe.

I absolutely love advertising. When creative minds come together and birth little gems like this latest Jell-O commercial... it just makes my life force smile.

I don't necessarily need to go back to the days of wandering the neighborhood streets until the lights came on, but there is something so nostalgic and heartwarming thinking back to simpler times. Back when all I had was a cell phone with a bill that was magically paid each month... just having to wake up on time and get to school! Man... these kids are in such a rush to grow up they have no freaking clue they're living the DREAM!

What's your favorite childhood memory?

Nov 6, 2013

@TeenVogue 'My Room' Interior Design Feature

I'm about 10 years removed from being the target "Teen Vogue" reader, but by a series of blog clicks I landed on their "My Room" style tours. It's like an interior design fashion baby was born.... dope interiors combined with inspirational, yet attainable design. I was in heaven!

I've been a long time fan of Apartment Therapy which gives a more "grown up" approach to interior design, but I love pretty spaces, so I'm open to wherever that inspiration can come from.

My favorite featured space was the California apartment of 'Fashion Toast' blogger Rumi Neely. It's a very muted color palette, but oozes simplistic, yet girlish charm. I would add just a touch more color, but overall the apartment is a great shell. This is the perfect starting point for anyone looking to design their space.

Nov 5, 2013

Body Image, Weight Loss & Dressing for your Body

Y'all, I'm going through a fashion identity crisis. I've lost 15 lbs since last year and suffer from a severe case of disillusion. While I KNOW I have curves, I keep dressing like I have the body of Nicole Richie. My inner force wants nothing more than to drape myself in big, shapeless clothes. Case in point: My fur vest.

Left: 15 lbs lighter, but styled wrong
Right: 15 lbs heavier, but style right

Last weekend I was rocking one of my favorite vests, but seeing how it photographed made me think about retiring it. I was like, what the french toast? I felt uber cute in it... but yeah, it wasn't a winning look. Just as I was about to throw it in a fire, I remembered that I HAD actually rocked it with a summer dress and it was the best thing ever. So, I quickly proved to myself that styling is everything and I must always dress for my body... this body... that I currently have.

I'm sure it's common to lose weight, yet be slow to transition into a new, smaller wardrobe... and that's the place I'm in. I'm slowly realizing, or maybe finally accepting that I need to make some tweaks to what I rock. Can Iyanla come fix my closet? Or better yet... I just need a few power shopping sessions with the homie Sexy and the Chi. She would NEVER steer me wrong lol.

Anyways, all of this is to say that ladies, if you've done the work to shed some lbs, the icing on the cake is embracing your body and dressing for it! And by "it" I mean the body you have right now, this very minute. Although I'm not completely done with my fitness journey (I'm still working towards shedding about 7% body fat), the 15 lbs I've dropped so far is a big deal. It's time to really pay attention to what I'm buying, how I'm styling it, and looking my best each and every day. Oh, and I really need a full length mirror lol. Time to make a trip to IKEA.

Nov 4, 2013