Nov 5, 2013

Body Image, Weight Loss & Dressing for your Body

Y'all, I'm going through a fashion identity crisis. I've lost 15 lbs since last year and suffer from a severe case of disillusion. While I KNOW I have curves, I keep dressing like I have the body of Nicole Richie. My inner force wants nothing more than to drape myself in big, shapeless clothes. Case in point: My fur vest.

Left: 15 lbs lighter, but styled wrong
Right: 15 lbs heavier, but style right

Last weekend I was rocking one of my favorite vests, but seeing how it photographed made me think about retiring it. I was like, what the french toast? I felt uber cute in it... but yeah, it wasn't a winning look. Just as I was about to throw it in a fire, I remembered that I HAD actually rocked it with a summer dress and it was the best thing ever. So, I quickly proved to myself that styling is everything and I must always dress for my body... this body... that I currently have.

I'm sure it's common to lose weight, yet be slow to transition into a new, smaller wardrobe... and that's the place I'm in. I'm slowly realizing, or maybe finally accepting that I need to make some tweaks to what I rock. Can Iyanla come fix my closet? Or better yet... I just need a few power shopping sessions with the homie Sexy and the Chi. She would NEVER steer me wrong lol.

Anyways, all of this is to say that ladies, if you've done the work to shed some lbs, the icing on the cake is embracing your body and dressing for it! And by "it" I mean the body you have right now, this very minute. Although I'm not completely done with my fitness journey (I'm still working towards shedding about 7% body fat), the 15 lbs I've dropped so far is a big deal. It's time to really pay attention to what I'm buying, how I'm styling it, and looking my best each and every day. Oh, and I really need a full length mirror lol. Time to make a trip to IKEA.

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