Nov 21, 2013

Don't Trust the B in Apt. 23

"Don't Trust the B in Apt. 23" - - such a cute, quirky show that was full of humor and cast members I wanted to know in real life. I hate when I get sucked into a show via Netflix, only to realize that it's been cancelled.

There I was deep into season 2 and then BAM. Nothing. It's all gone. No smooth ending. No story lines coming full circle. I'm just sitting here, waiting to learn what else happens... but nothing else does happen.

Most of all I'll miss Luther - - full of wit and sass! I loved him. Oh, Luther... come be my real life gay bff! I'm in dire need.

Anyways, I've accepted that had I (and others) actually tuned in WHILE it was airing, the ratings would've been solid, and then we'd have a show to still watch. I'm going to start paying closer attention to scripted shows (Lord knows I have my fill of reality shows... I need a break from the contrived drama).

What shows are you watching and loving?

** I can admit that I've only made it through the first 5 episodes of Season 1 in Scandal. I started watching Chicago Fire too, but the episodes felt so long and I fell behind before the Season 2 premiere. What else? Prior to moving to Seattle I was on a nice stretch with Pretty Little Liars. My boyfriend, however, accused me of becoming WAY too emo (more than my usual amount lol) and was concerned about how into the teen drama I was. **

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