Nov 13, 2013

Sam Edelman "Louie" Black Fringe Booties

One of the perks of living in Seattle this time of year is the lack of extreme winter weather. While it's already started snowing back in Chicago and on the East Coast, Seattle is still in the 50s and very "sometimesy" (if that's even a word). Sometimes there's rain. Sometimes sun. Sometimes clouds. It all varies.

So, without the need to buy any snow friendly boots, I've been eyeing this dope pair booties to add to my growing Sam Edelman collection. His name was never on my radar before, but I slowly realized that all of the boots I gravitated towards were made by him. These are the latest in a growing collection.

The "Louie" boots come in a few colors and can be found on his site retailing for $160. I'm smitten with the black leather with black fringe! I am already shimmy shaking all around in my head lol.

Now, I don't have a problem dropping the money for his shoes, BUT I do know that I can usually find his shoes at Nordstrom Rack for a bit cheaper. I need to be on the hunt for these... but don't be surprised if I cop them for full price. Sometimes you just pay for what you want lol.

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