Feb 27, 2009

The Hills

Everyone's favorite guilty pleasure is coming back this spring for it's 5th and final season on MTV. The trailer for Season 5 was just released and from the looks of it promises to be full of all the drama us "Hills" fans have come to love.

This will be a refreshing addition to the Monday night lineup on MTV which is in desperate need of something to revive it. Watching "The City" and "Daddy's Girls" can put you into a coma.

Feb 26, 2009

Moutwatering Goodness

It's been a while since I really bought a good pair of shoes. I guess I became a victim of Forever21 and ended up making that my one stop shop. I mean, you can go in there and buy an entire outfit, including the accessories and shoes for under $100 (in most cases under $60). Cheap Affordable, trendy fashion is addictive. After a recent visit to Forever21 it dawned on me that I'm not eternally 21... I'm actually 24 and with June quickly approaching 25 will soon be my bff. I had a sit down with myself and said "self, it's time you start dressing your age" and by that I meant that I need to start investing in quality pieces of clothing that (gulp) will cost more than $17.80 (or whatever funky price forever21 has). The first step in my journey to limit my forever21 intake consisted of a trip to Nordstorm Rack. (FYI: The State St. location is having a designer jeans sale on Friday 2/27 where all jeans will be $59.97 - - where'd they get that price? What's with the 97 cents...)

As I was walking down the shoe aisle a light shown down from heaven and I saw them. My heart stopped and for a moment it was just the shoes and I in that narrow aisle. I eagerly grabbed them off the shelf and clung to them like they were the reason for my sole existence. Once I slipped my foot into them it was like magic... these shoes were sending me on cloud 9. I'm not sure if it's acceptable to describe a shoe experience as "orgasmic" but that's exactly what it was. Watching my calf muscles flex as I walked around with the shoes on was exciting...I knew I had to have them ASAP.

Not only am I a sucker for the "little black dress" but I have a weakness for black, leather stilettos...or anything that compliments my legs. The plus side of being 5'2"? My legs may be short but they're so toned... even I like watching me walk. lol... I'm getting off track - - back to the shoes! Well, I ran to the "shoe mate" counter and eagerly anticipated receiving the mates to my killer find. The lady took about 5 mins searching for them but when she came back with the shoes I was elated.

I'm excited to start putting some miles on these shoes and wanted to share with everyone what I was so excited to find:

Martiny - Steven by Steve Madden

Sam Edelman - Lombard Booties

...and please notice the detailing on the heel and toe... a photo doesn't really do this shoe justice. The detailing and workmanship of the leather in the front is really what sold me. It's vented, similar to fish gills.

The next shoe on my "must have" list is this sexy, black suede, studded stiletto bootie by Steve Madden called "Revenu". This shoe is hot...

*and for my Chicago folks the Steve Madden store at Water Tower is having a ridiculous sale - - Buy 1 Get 1 90% OFF... talk about recession pricing!

Nail Art - Sneak Peak

Last year Solange rocked what she called her "Union Jack Joints" and I was instantly a fan. I played around with creating the main "Union Jack" last night...it was harder than I thought it'd be. Hopefully I'll be able to master it within the next few weeks.

Solange's "Union Jack Joints"

My "Union Jacks"...I gave it a college try

And if anyone is interested in a really good nail strengthener I use "Nail Magic". I've been using this stuff since 2000 and it does a phenomenal job at not only strengthening your nails, but growing them out as well. You can go online to their site and buy it or pick it up at your local Sally's.

Nail Art - Youtube Swagger Jack

As I've said in previous posts I follow the youtube page of a very talented makeup artist, Queen of Blending. Recently she posted a very funky new nail design and I decided to give it a try.

This was her creation

I made a few tweaks, opting to use a coral shade (Finger Paints - Coral Collage) as well as leaving my ring finger free of any design.

My version

If you want to give this design a try click here for the youtube video tutorial.

Adventures on the CTA: Hustlenomics

Everyone is entitled to their own hustle and given the current state of the economy I fully understand that desperate times are calling for desperate measures, but the line must be drawn somewhere.

I don't think that daily CTA rides should double as a swap meat where folks are hawking wash cloths and family socks. Do you really want to buy some wash cloths that are bundled up with a rubberband off a bum looking dude on the bus? Or on your way home are you just dying to buy some baby socks? I have officially classified this a HOOD OPERATION!

It's okay to grow up...

When I was growing up I absolutely loved Disney movies. Cinderella. check. Snow White. check. My all-time favorite Sleeping Beauty. check. However, upon entering adulthood I let go of my extreme fascination with the films. They were good but I didn't need to get a Winnie the Pooh tattoo or Lion King stationary.

When did it become acceptable for 40+ women to stroll around town with Disney themed bags? I was getting off the bus and saw this lady proudly sporting her Tinker Bell tote. It made me scrunch my face into a "shit face" (those who know me know the face I make) and I was left perplexed as to why she was rocking this like it was the new hotness! Did I not get the memo? Is this really a good look? Someone please inform me...

Feb 25, 2009

Nail Art - Marble Technique

Inspired by the beautiful sun setting against the Chicago skyline, I decided to try out a new freehand nail design technique called "Marble". I wasn't sure how it'd turn out so I played around with a few colors first. You'll definitely want to choose colors that not only compliment one another but when blended together will create another equally flattering color. For my first try at it I chose to use a coral and yellow combo.

What you'll need:
~ 1 safety pin
~ 2 or 3 nail polish shades (you can use regular nail polish as this technique doesn't require the skinny "design" polish brushes)
~ 1 top coat polish

Getting Started:

1. Apply 2 coats of your 1st color

2. While that shade is still wet, add a few drops (2-4) of your 2nd color making sure to space them apart.

3. Using the tip of a safety pin or tack start to create swirls or figure 8's on the nail, blending the colors together. It will look like a "marble" pattern or similar to a tie dye print.

*Please note that it's important to do 1 nail at a time. The 1st color must still be wet when you're adding the drops of your 2nd (or 3rd) color. While it's still wet, you'll need to use the safety pin and using figure 8's blend the colors together.

4. After you have allowed your nails to dry go over with a top coat. I usually let this coat dry and then go over with another coat.

*it may take your nails slightly longer to dry using this method so make sure you're patient... I usually do my nails when I'm watching a movie or TV show so I don't mind sitting for a little while.

Here's what the finished product looked like for me. I was very pleased with the way it turned out though I think it does look better in person (you're able to clearly see the details of how the colors were dragged and blended together).

Feb 24, 2009


I got home from work and went on the balcony to take in the nice, almost 40 degree weather! It feels like winter will never end but I'm looking forward to the spring ushering itself in within the next few weeks! I turned West and was able to catch the sun setting. Just standing there, wind in my hair, watching the sun go down was so beautiful. It's crazy how if you stand there you can actually like SEE the sun as it inches closer and closer towards the horizon before finally disappearing. I previously wrote a blog about taking in a sunrise and I must say that the sunset had the same effect on me. It makes you feel so small in comparison to the city and the world...

Tid Bits

First off, Slumdog Millionaire is a great movie. It's been a while since I saw a movie that was so wonderfully written, authentic, and featured a great cast. There were no big name actors to carry this movie and instead of focusing on whoever the actors were I was able to lose myself in this story. Slumdog won 8 of the 10 Oscars it was nominated for and I can't think of a better movie, better cast, or director to have gotten picture of the year! If you have yet to see this cinematic gem please go and check it out. You'll love it.

Everyone has heard about the Chris Brown / Rihanna fiasco. In terms of what happened, I think that they're both really young, famous, have tons of money, huge egos and a ridiculously unrealistic life. I don't think that men should ever resort to laying their hands on a woman. point blank.

However, I have played the "psycho girlfriend" role before and went left on a man because of a text message, email, video, having dinner at midnight with someone and calling it a business meeting and my girls and I stumbling upon them in the same restaurant (starting a scene, throwing shoes, slapping him, throwing my purse...screaming...looking like a damn fool for real)....yes, I've been there before so I can completely understand how Rihanna could've turned from everyone's favorite umbrella toting island girl, to girl gone way past bad...borderline nut case. Whatever transpired between her and C Breezy is their business but it is unfortunate that their personal lives have to get played out in front of the glare of the Hollywood cameras.

Recently I was listening to a song off her "Good Girl Gone Bad" album called "Breakin Dishes". Now, I've heard this song many times before, sang along and everything... but I never really paid attention to what she's saying. When all this drama went down with her and Chris I decided to google the words and thought it was interesting. The chorus of the song: "Imma fight a man tonight"....

Is this art imitating life?


I don't know who you think I am
I don't know who you think I am
I don't know who you think I am
I don't know who you think I am, am am am...

He been gone (down) since three thirty
And coming home lately at three thirty
I'm super cool, I've been a fool
But now I'm hot and baby you gone get it

Now I ain't tripping ah, I ain't twisting ah
I ain't demented ah! well just a lil bit, ah
I'm kicking asses, I'm taking names
I'm on flame don't come home babe

I'm breaking dishes up in here
All night (Oh-oh)
I ain't go stop until I see police lights (Oh-oh)
I'm a fight a man (tonight)
I'm a fight a man (tonight)
I'm a fight a man
A man, a man, a ma-a-a-an
A man, a man, a ma-a-a-an

I'm still waiting, come through the door
I am killing time, you know bleaching your clothes
I am roasting marshmallows on the fire
And what I am burning is your attire

I am getting restless
I am getting testy
And I can't believe he's always out every night and never checks in
Is he cheating? Man I don't know
I am looking around for something else to throw

I'm breaking dishes up in here
All night (Uh-huh)
I ain't go stop until I see police lights (Uh-huh)
I'm a fight a man (tonight)
I'm a fight a man (tonight)
I'm a fight a man
A man, a man, a ma-a-a-an
A man, a man, a ma-a-a-an


I don't know who you think I am (I am...)
(I don't know who you think I am)
But I really don't give a damn right now
If you don't come I am going to huff and puff until
I am going to blow this blow this hole
I am going to blow this blow this hole
I am going to blow this house house down!
Dishes! breaking! dishes! breaking! dishes!

I'm breaking dishes up in here
All night (Uh-huh)
I ain't go stop until I see police lights (Uh-huh)
I'm a fight a man (tonight)
I'm a fight a man (tonight)
I'm a fight a man
A man, a man, a ma-a-a-an
A man, a man, a ma-a-a-an
A man, a man, a ma-a-a-an
A man, a man, a ma-a-a-an

Breaking, breaking, breaking
Dishes, dishes, dishes
Breaking, breaking, breaking
Dishes, dishes, dishes
Breaking, breaking, breaking
Dishes, dishes, dishes
Breaking, breaking, breaking
Dishes, dishes, dishes

Color Splash

Stilettos. Check.
Clips. Check.
Bright colors. Check.

I came across this candy colored dream the other day. They are the Baird Neoprene Boots by Report Signature and unfortunately as fast as I fell in love with them my heart was broken. The shoes were featured in a recent issue of Elle magazine...however, the issue went to print before Report Signature made the decision to NOT send the shoes into production. According to the company there was little interest shown in them by buyers. I'm amazed because after googling the shoes I saw a lot of hype surrounding them. I think they would've sold well. I was getting ready to make these my shoes for spring... now I'll have to continue my hunt for the perfect spring stiletto.

Feb 23, 2009

Nail Art - Green with Envy

I spent the entire weekend studying. I literally woke up staring at books and fell asleep face first in my books... I thought I was going to go delirious. Around 530a I needed to take a study break and ended up zoning out by doing my nails and becoming addicted to this game on AOL.

Feb 19, 2009

I <3 Aubrey

March 2009 Playboy Cover Girl

Everyone loves to hate her but I think I'm starting to fall more on the love side. Aubrey O'Day appeared on the Chelsea Lately show on E! last night. I was glad to see her out there with a smile on her face and being positive. She was promoting her new playboy cover as well as answering a few questions about Danity Kane, her sexuality, etc. The interview is fairly short (under 5 minutes) so feel free to check it out.

Adventures on the CTA: Cop Watch Edition

A co-worker of mine has become somewhat of an overnight sensation after filming an incident that turned physical between a cop and a guy on the CTA #70 Division bus. He has been interviewed by the local tv stations and appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune, and Red Eye. I usually post my "CTA Adventures" with a humorous twist, but I do think his video is interesting. From what he told me, the guy was asked to get off the bus by the officer numerous times before things became physical. My co-worker actually runs a site called ChicagoCopWatch.Org which is aimed at keeping police accountable for their actions... so having this happen while he was on the bus and being able to film it for his site was sort of like having a prize fall into his lap. I'm a firm believer in a system of checks and balances and think it's important to keep police officers accountable for their actions... so it's a good thing that this incident has been getting some media coverage. We don't always have to wait for someone to get shot or killed before the news takes a look at how the officers handled the situation. I've been on the bus and seen some interesting things and I do appreciate all that the CPD does for the city so in no way is this meant to bash them, but Police officers shouldn't be given some golden ticket to the city and allowed to act however they'd want. Do you think this officer was overly aggressive? Handled the situation just fine? Any thoughts?

Nail Art: French Twist

After a weekend full of skiing my nails were looking rough. I had been wearing gloves the entire time and wasn't forced to watch them slowly deteriorate... however, as soon as i got home one of the first things I did was give myself a manicure. My nails were crying out for some TLC. After wearing black ski clothes the entire weekend I was dying for some color and went a little overboard with my design/color choices (gold, purple, hot pink). It ended up looking like a mix between a country's flag and and early 90s swishy track suit.

I kind of hated this as soon as it had dried but didn't have the energy to redo my nails. I rocked it for a few days and then decided to go for a subdued look - the classic French manicure. However, I was still craving hot pink so I added a twist.

Adventures on the CTA: Deja Vu

Last month I wrote a post about this random guy I saw on the bus wearing a white tee, white shorts, pulled up tube socks and sneakers. I was blown away by his audacity to run around the city in the dead of winter with no coat. I wasn't sure if he was unable to afford a coat, cracked out, or as my friend Jessica suggested "...from Antarctica where 11 degrees doesn't bother him". Well, guess how surprised I was when after stepping off the bus I was met with the site of him YET AGAIN rocking a white tee, white shorts and sneakers...and to top off this look, no coat! Chicago had some decent winter weather the last few days (in the 30s) but last night it snowed and this morning the temps had plummeted down to 11 degrees. Why in the world does this guy have no coat? Better yet, why is he dressing like this in the winter? Even if he was hiding this get up under a warm jacket it wouldn't dismiss the fact that he appears to be forever waiting for his invite to Puffy's White Party in the Hamptons. Dude, please get some long pants, a sweater and jacket. I promise the salvation army has it for under 10 bucks. I'm almost starting to think that he likes running around town looking like a train wreck. I had to snap some pics when I saw him... it was too priceless to pass up. What are the odds...

And if you need a reminder of what he looked like last month:

Feb 17, 2009

UNmaking the Band

Making the Band...or should I say UNmaking the Band as Danity Kane has fallen apart (I'm still holding out for a surprise reunion), Day 26 is looking like Que and Robert are gonna bicker all season, and Donnie... well, does he really think that Diddy is interested in having him write his own music? He couldn't even sell his 1st album. When this season starts the guys are in London promoting their album and performing for their fans. I must say that despite being thrown together via the MTB tv show, I think that these guys are really talented and have amazing voices... plus their debut album didn't disappoint. They managed to get in a little sightseeing while in London but in addition to performing we were constantly hearing about how they "didn't want to turn out like Danity Kane" and subjected to the childish bickering of Robert and Que. I can see it now, when they start trying to beat one another's ass MTV is going to love cutting back to all of their quotes about promising to not fight and keeping their business first over personal issues.

In the watered down world of Donnie, we see him meeting with Puff to talk about his future on the label and then having lunch with him Mom. It's safe to say that he's shaken up about the way things are going and nervous if he'll even stay on Bad Boy. Like the guys, he keeps bringing things back to Aubrey and Danity Kane... if Puff could get rid of Aubrey the star of the group despite the success DK had and not even flinch, he's worried he could easily go too. His mother tries to coax him by saying Aubrey was disrespectful and that Donnie doesn't talk to Puff the way she did (very true but we all loved how feisty and slick at the mouth Aubrey was...definitely good for TV). Who knows what'll happen to Donnie but he should take Puff's advice to be the life of the party because he's on extra dull status right now.

Danity Kane is basically done and we're only left with Dawn and Aundrea. Shannon seems to be flying way below the radar due to her lawyer's advice and the other girls aren't returning any calls. Of course there's no way to have Danity Kane continue as a duo and I don't think the fans would buy into Diddy trying to spend another season finding 3 new members, but with Dawn and Aundrea being 2 of the stronger singers in the group they'd have no problem staying on the label and singing on other artists' tracks here and there.

Speaking of which, did anyone peep the song Diddy was recording while in the studio? This whole T-Pain tricked out voice thing has gone so far. It was enough that T-Pain swagger jacked it and Kanye did his whole album like it, but now Diddy is hopping on the band wagon and doing the tricked out voice thing too. On top of that, he's casting for his own show "Making HIS Band" lol... You have to love the consummate businessman that Puff is. He's always coming up with the latest greatest way to keep his name out there. He has perfected the "never let them see you sweat" motto and I admire how he doesn't let randoms switch up his swag.

**In other news I've officially given up on "The City" and "Daddy's Girls". I didn't even watch their episodes last night. I partly "listened" to The City but didn't have the energy or desire to put effort into seeing what was going on. Whitney's spin-off is pretty boring and I'm ready for The Hills to come back on. I'd rather watch emotional LC and Spidey (Spencer/Heidi) any day over Whitney. MTV needs to spice up their Monday nights because these shows are not going to do the trick. On another note, Real Housewives of New York is back on tonight (Bravo TV) so if you got hooked on the ladies the first season you'll be able to get another taste tonight!

Valentine's Day Ski Trip

I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine's Day. I had a wonderful time skiing with my boyfriend and managed to go from skiing neophyte to hitting blues. I swear I crossed onto a few blacks...but quickly got back on the blue/green slopes. The resort we stayed at was really nice and the instructor I had for my 1 on 1 lesson was amazing. (During our lesson he saved a little girl that was dangling from the lift about 20 ft in the air. Her mother was holding onto her but couldn't do it much longer. My instructor, Ron, along with 2 other guys were able to catch the little girl. It truly was amazing to see them react so fast and prevent a situation from being tragic) I have to say that I didn't know what to expect but ended up falling in love with skiing. It's such a wonderful feeling to glide across a mountain with the wind in your face. I see how people fall in love with those types of adrenaline highs. I'm eager to get back on the slopes and find some cute gear to add my own touch. (I saw some of the brightest, most fun looking ski gear while I was out there) My favorite memory was skiing until 10p. Being out there at night is amazing. It's like you have your own personal mountain! Plus, with non existent lines for the lifts you can go up and down a ton of times. Here are a few pics I took while there. (I still haven't replaced my canon power shot so I'm stuck with my blackberry camera)

As we were driving to the airport I saw an interesting sight on the side of the road - a "local" that could be officially deemed a hot ass mess. Not only was he wearing plaid pants and a fur, but he had this crazy pimp walk that was priceless!

Feb 13, 2009

Morning Reflection

This morning I woke up and took a look outside and was met with a beautiful sunrise. Though this view is something I wake up to every morning, It's funny how something that is so routine we take for granted. When is the last time you took in a sunrise? Sunset? To watch something so simple, yet amazing happen really makes you think about the world around you and realize we are so small in comparison. The economy is cracked out, but we can all take time to appreciate the smaller things in life. It may not be a sunrise - - maybe it's a baby laughing, something cute your dog does, the way your boyfriend/girlfriend does some little habit... Whatever it may be, take the time to start appreciating life in its entirety because it really is short!

On that note, I'm off for a Valentine's weekend ski trip. I hope everyone has a great weekend and I hope to be back to posting like normal next week!

Adventures on the CTA: Seedy Situation

My daily CTA rides had started to become quite mundane providing little amusement. Could the bus really just take me to and from work? Well, last night the CTA God's opened up the gates of heaven and poured down a little blog-worthy material for me.

Black folks - I understand our obsession with sunflower seeds! They're good. They're kinda fun to eat, sucking off the salt, cracking open the shell, eating the seed, spitting the shell out - - It's a blast. However, could we please learn to use a napkin, cup, SOMETHING to put the shells in after we're done? I don't think the floor of the bus is the appropriate resting spot for all of your sunflower seed remnants. I was appalled and slightly embarrased for our race when I was on the bus last night because you just knew that someone of a wonderful brown shade had sat there and proceeded to feast on seeds and throw them on the floor. Why can't we take better care of things that are ours? I know it's just the bus but damn. They just rose the rates for 2009 and it's annoying that people continue to treat public transportation like shit.

I'm someone that hates how people are using Barack Obama being the President to prove a point but ... Barack Obama is the President now. We can take a little more pride in how we present ourselves to the world around us and for whoever had to watch this person grub on seeds and then spit them on the floor, ewww...

From my pics it looks like the the bag just fell on the floor and the seeds spilled out, but I assure you (since I sat in the damn seat) the seeds were all missing and just cracked shells remained.

Any thoughts?

Feb 11, 2009

Nail Art - Part II

In a previous blog I talked about my trip to Sally's and all the cool stuff I was able to purchase. After the initial excitement of having so many new polishes to play around with died down (you can recall I went all out and had a cluster f*ck of designs on my nails) I roped in my wild imagination and focused my creativity on this metallic silver with white/pink stripes combo. This design is the latest winner. I love this color combo and for some reason it reminds me of candy - my personal twist on the traditional candy cane.

Reality Wrap-Up

Bad Girl's Club - The ladies are home from Vegas and easing back into their usual routine of partying, arguing, fighting and relaxing. After the Ambers play a prank on the girls by placing gummy bears all over the house, the girls vow to get them back... but first things first, they're ready to party. They all go to a club and things seem to be going well until Ashley returns to the booth they've been sitting at and discovers that her purse is missing. Instantly she starts spazzing out - tossing the table, throwing glasses on the floor, screaming at whoever will listen. Bouncers try and calm her down as well as Tiffany who insists Ashley ask the other girls if they have her purse. Finally that realize that the Ambers have the purse. Amber B. was only "trying to help" since Ashley (being super wasted) left her purse unattended in the booth (asking for it to get stolen). Ashley is still pissed off and is adamant that when "people take something without telling you it's stealing..." (insert eye roll here) When the Ambers go out the next day the girls devise a plan to prank them, putting their shoes on a raft weighted down in the middle of the pool and cooking oil in their shampoo and face wash. The Ambers find their shoes when they get home but never discover what's making their skin break out. The next night the girls are off to a show that features a rock cover band... they look like something out of the 80s... something that should've stayed in the 80s. The ladies are backstage partying with them before the show, taking shots, and of course being slutty. Ashley and Sara cease the opportunity to slut it up and flash their boobs. (I don't know if they realized that these guys weren't even famous - they're a cover bad. They sing OTHER people's songs) Anyways, it isn't long after the show starts before the girls find themselves in a "bar brawl" and what else, getting kicked out of the club. When they get home the "fab 5" are in need of someone to blame their issues on and start attacking the Ambers. The Ambers do a good job of looking like deers in headlights and playing stupid. They don't admit to saying anything, barely defend themselves and pretty much maintain their puzzled looks. The episode ends with the Ambers wishing Kayla was back in the house and we are left with a glimpse of Kayla pulling up in a limo. Will she be back? We'll have to wait until next week to see!
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