Feb 2, 2009

SHAM (wow)

I just witnessed another infomercial featuring the "Sham Wow" tool host . The latest product that he's hawking is the "Slap Chop" which he assures you will chop anything! Now, I think that this guy is an obnoxious tool and the only thing worse than seeing his face is hearing his Long Island/Jersey accent. I've heard that the Sham Wow was just that, a SHAM... and have reason to believe that the Slap Chop is just another item to let you down.

I was curious to figure out who the asshole guy was behind the commercials... the one that so effectively makes my skin crawl and drives me insane. Turns out his name is Vince Offer and after being a failed comedian, failed actor and former flea market hustler, he decided to start the Sham Wow and Slap Chop. I'll give him props for starting his own hustle business, but the compliments stop there. Whenever his face pops up on my tv I instantly find myself annoyed.

After hearing that every groundhog in the US saw its shadow today, that means 6 more weeks of winter and unfortunately 6 more weeks bundled up inside my condo, more than likely watching TV and trying to avoid the Sham Wow/ Slap Chop commercials like the plague.

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