Feb 10, 2009

Reality Wrap-Up

The City - Whitney (sticking to the reality script of everyone having to start off as friends) invited Olivia to a concert to watch Jay and his band perform. Olivia rocks Chanel on the regular... I wouldn't even waste my breath inviting her to a dive bar... let alone be seen in a place like that myself. After a few outfit changes Olivia was ready to go but the girls were running late. Whitney and Erin are like the worlds most passive people. I would've left Olivia if it were really that serious to be there by a certain time... or better yet, it's NY. Just let her hop in a cab and meet y'all there! Instead, Erin and Whitney nervously drank champagne and made crazy "we're running late but afraid to rush the almighty queen bee" faces. They finally arrived to the show, late of course, and while watching Jay perform (their music isn't that good to me... they remind me of a band that plays cover songs at a hotel in Hawaii) Olivia awkwardly moved to some beat and kept bumping into the girl next to her. Just because your rich doesn't mean you're void of rhythm. I suggest Olivia take a dance class or something STAT... but maybe all you need to do is look cute as you sip champagne in your VIP booth... Feeling "bad" about leaving early and making Whitney late for the show (this is what they want us to believe) Olivia gets Jay's band a gig at some charity event her friend is throwing. It's a swank hotel and Nevan and Olivia are shit faced that Jay and his bandmates show up in plaid shirts. They keep referring to them as the "plaid mafia"... I like Nevan because he's flamboyant but manages to still play the "I'm straight" card but he was being a tool the entire night. After his set, Jay grabs Whitney and they storm out. Olivia is disgusted that she wasn't thanked for setting the gig up for him. How dare he bite the hand that just fed him. Fast forward to Olivia and Whitney at work the next day. You can tell the uneasy tension that's in the air. The girls exchange a few words ( I really was hoping Whitney would throw a "fuck you bitch" or "kick rocks" towards Olivia... but no such luck). Olivia wins this round and keeps the upperhand throughout the conversation. She advises Whitney that they keep their work life separate from their personal lives. I can tell that things are going downhill from here. In other news, Erin is going back and forth between dating her current boyfriend (Duncan) or her ex and first love, J.R. Her story line is not nearly as pathetically dramatic as Allie but from next week's preview it looks like MTV will find a way to force a love triangle.

Daddy's Girls - Jessica is desperate for a larger butt (aren't all black girls?) and is eating everything in site to get one. She states that she wants her "track booty" back and the majority of the episode is spent watching her eat breakfast foods junk food and protein shakes. Vanessa and Angela are starting to feel cramped (due to Jessica staying in their living room) and start the process of looking for a house. (I wonder what'll happen to their neighbor Alycia when they move out of their "hills" apartment). They view a few different places and end up falling in love with one (see right) They make an offer and we'll have to see if they get the house.
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