Feb 27, 2009

The Hills

Everyone's favorite guilty pleasure is coming back this spring for it's 5th and final season on MTV. The trailer for Season 5 was just released and from the looks of it promises to be full of all the drama us "Hills" fans have come to love.

This will be a refreshing addition to the Monday night lineup on MTV which is in desperate need of something to revive it. Watching "The City" and "Daddy's Girls" can put you into a coma.


Anonymous said...

OH EM GEE!!! I can't wait! I want Lauren and Heidi to be friends again. I just want Spencer to get out of the picture!

South Loop Social Light said...

I want Lauren and Heidi to be friends again TOO! lol...It's so pathetic that I get all teary eyed in the preview when I see Heidi basically pouring her heart out to Lauren. Friendships can be so complicated and though their situation was played out on TV and slightly overdramaticized (is that word??) I still feel like it's a good representation of what happens in real life when friends get in relationships, grow apart, talk shit, miss one another, all that jazz...so we'll see when this season starts how things play out. ALl I can think while watching the preview is "I HATE THE CITY" lol...I need The Hills back in my life. lol.

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