Feb 4, 2009

Hair Therapy

This is the flat iron that changed my life. The Pro-Select Ionic Ceramic Pink Flat Iron is officially my new best friend. After a visit to my stylist on Saturday I was determined to pay close attention to everything she did, products she used... hell, even the flick of her wrist, all in my attempt to recreate that fresh out of the salon bounce, shine and style. She advised me to go to a discount store like Marshalls or TJ Maxx because they've been known to have top of the line products for amazing deals. Yesterday during my lunch I was on the hunt and Marshalls at 600 N. Michigan Ave. was my hunting ground. After an hour of rummaging thru cheapy flat irons and blow dryers I finally found it! There were 3 left and they had all been strategically placed behind dozens of other products. I wasn't about to play any games so I was definitely digging thru anything and everything in sight! This hair gem was only $29.99 and easily compares to a CHI (and other top of the line flat irons that cost $100+). I was so eager to wash my hair this morning ( I like either Protene for curly hair or Neutrogena Triple Moisture Cream Lather) and try out my new purchases. I started by blow drying my hair with my new Revlon Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic blow dryer! This thing is no joke...it literally cut my drying time from 20 mins to 5 mins! Simply amazing. I also got this at Marshalls for $18.99. Anyways, I followed up with the flat iron and keep in mind, I've used a ceramic flat iron before but didn't think that the "ionic" part would really do that much... boy was I wrong! This flat iron is amazing! My hair has never felt silkier, looked smoother and felt so light and airy without going to the salon. I've always been able to style my hair, it was just an uphill battle trying to get it as smooth as the salon! I'm so excited to have this product and share with everyone. For any ladies that are slaves to their flat irons, please scour your local Marshalls or TJ Maxx and see if you can find this flat iron... you won't be disappointed!


Jenna Marie Christian said...


i may have to get those. i have heard rave review about the "Chi" brand but haven't purchased one just yet because it is rare that i get the energy to tackle me own hair..lol

I also may need to research that blow dryer that you speak of. I need a good hair dryer because my hair is so thick that i can play games with a lot of the low budget hair appliances..lol

I will be making my trip to Marshalls very soon..lol

What stylist do you go to? i need some one who can take care of "natural hair"...

ANGELINA said...

i'm definitely making a trip to marshalls this weekend...i need a new flat iron! i might have to check out that dryer too because a 5 minute blowout would make my mornings a million times more enjoyable.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

tj maxx is my joint


South Loop Social Light said...

I was really shocked at how quick my hair was dry! I was trying to use the diffuser to dry the roots first but realized that my hair was for real drying all over!

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