Feb 17, 2009

Valentine's Day Ski Trip

I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine's Day. I had a wonderful time skiing with my boyfriend and managed to go from skiing neophyte to hitting blues. I swear I crossed onto a few blacks...but quickly got back on the blue/green slopes. The resort we stayed at was really nice and the instructor I had for my 1 on 1 lesson was amazing. (During our lesson he saved a little girl that was dangling from the lift about 20 ft in the air. Her mother was holding onto her but couldn't do it much longer. My instructor, Ron, along with 2 other guys were able to catch the little girl. It truly was amazing to see them react so fast and prevent a situation from being tragic) I have to say that I didn't know what to expect but ended up falling in love with skiing. It's such a wonderful feeling to glide across a mountain with the wind in your face. I see how people fall in love with those types of adrenaline highs. I'm eager to get back on the slopes and find some cute gear to add my own touch. (I saw some of the brightest, most fun looking ski gear while I was out there) My favorite memory was skiing until 10p. Being out there at night is amazing. It's like you have your own personal mountain! Plus, with non existent lines for the lifts you can go up and down a ton of times. Here are a few pics I took while there. (I still haven't replaced my canon power shot so I'm stuck with my blackberry camera)

As we were driving to the airport I saw an interesting sight on the side of the road - a "local" that could be officially deemed a hot ass mess. Not only was he wearing plaid pants and a fur, but he had this crazy pimp walk that was priceless!

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