Feb 11, 2009

Reality Wrap-Up

Bad Girl's Club - The ladies are home from Vegas and easing back into their usual routine of partying, arguing, fighting and relaxing. After the Ambers play a prank on the girls by placing gummy bears all over the house, the girls vow to get them back... but first things first, they're ready to party. They all go to a club and things seem to be going well until Ashley returns to the booth they've been sitting at and discovers that her purse is missing. Instantly she starts spazzing out - tossing the table, throwing glasses on the floor, screaming at whoever will listen. Bouncers try and calm her down as well as Tiffany who insists Ashley ask the other girls if they have her purse. Finally that realize that the Ambers have the purse. Amber B. was only "trying to help" since Ashley (being super wasted) left her purse unattended in the booth (asking for it to get stolen). Ashley is still pissed off and is adamant that when "people take something without telling you it's stealing..." (insert eye roll here) When the Ambers go out the next day the girls devise a plan to prank them, putting their shoes on a raft weighted down in the middle of the pool and cooking oil in their shampoo and face wash. The Ambers find their shoes when they get home but never discover what's making their skin break out. The next night the girls are off to a show that features a rock cover band... they look like something out of the 80s... something that should've stayed in the 80s. The ladies are backstage partying with them before the show, taking shots, and of course being slutty. Ashley and Sara cease the opportunity to slut it up and flash their boobs. (I don't know if they realized that these guys weren't even famous - they're a cover bad. They sing OTHER people's songs) Anyways, it isn't long after the show starts before the girls find themselves in a "bar brawl" and what else, getting kicked out of the club. When they get home the "fab 5" are in need of someone to blame their issues on and start attacking the Ambers. The Ambers do a good job of looking like deers in headlights and playing stupid. They don't admit to saying anything, barely defend themselves and pretty much maintain their puzzled looks. The episode ends with the Ambers wishing Kayla was back in the house and we are left with a glimpse of Kayla pulling up in a limo. Will she be back? We'll have to wait until next week to see!
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