Feb 13, 2009

Adventures on the CTA: Seedy Situation

My daily CTA rides had started to become quite mundane providing little amusement. Could the bus really just take me to and from work? Well, last night the CTA God's opened up the gates of heaven and poured down a little blog-worthy material for me.

Black folks - I understand our obsession with sunflower seeds! They're good. They're kinda fun to eat, sucking off the salt, cracking open the shell, eating the seed, spitting the shell out - - It's a blast. However, could we please learn to use a napkin, cup, SOMETHING to put the shells in after we're done? I don't think the floor of the bus is the appropriate resting spot for all of your sunflower seed remnants. I was appalled and slightly embarrased for our race when I was on the bus last night because you just knew that someone of a wonderful brown shade had sat there and proceeded to feast on seeds and throw them on the floor. Why can't we take better care of things that are ours? I know it's just the bus but damn. They just rose the rates for 2009 and it's annoying that people continue to treat public transportation like shit.

I'm someone that hates how people are using Barack Obama being the President to prove a point but ... Barack Obama is the President now. We can take a little more pride in how we present ourselves to the world around us and for whoever had to watch this person grub on seeds and then spit them on the floor, ewww...

From my pics it looks like the the bag just fell on the floor and the seeds spilled out, but I assure you (since I sat in the damn seat) the seeds were all missing and just cracked shells remained.

Any thoughts?

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