Feb 26, 2009

Nail Art - Youtube Swagger Jack

As I've said in previous posts I follow the youtube page of a very talented makeup artist, Queen of Blending. Recently she posted a very funky new nail design and I decided to give it a try.

This was her creation

I made a few tweaks, opting to use a coral shade (Finger Paints - Coral Collage) as well as leaving my ring finger free of any design.

My version

If you want to give this design a try click here for the youtube video tutorial.


Kryssy said...

i love that design... it's gorgeous. Unfortunately I am to hard on my hands.. so if it's not clear nail polish... it won't last. lol

Karyn said...

That's sooo cute! I've been meaning to try some nail art. I was waiting for the temps to break above 40 though...Looks like this weekend will be a perfect opp!

South Loop Social Light said...

Go for it! I've found that nail polish is one of the cheapest, most enjoyable ways for me to change up my look...the weather should be fab this weekend so knock yourself out.

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