Feb 2, 2009

Reality Wrap-Up

The City - Recession? Depression? It can't be so... Allie was able to hook Erin up with a job with a quickness. Don't you love networking? I found it hard to imagine that her interview would've consisted of 2 mins worth of questions and then instantly be hired, but gotta love friends that can hook you up! As part of the One Management team, Erin is invited out with her new company to a dinner party. Making a much welcome appearance at the party was Kelly Cutrone (Whitney's old boss and the owner of People's Revolution). Allie was beyond uncomfortable (the night before at Kelly's b-day party, she kept mentioning how skinny Allie was and repeatedly asking if she was okay). Kelly apologized for "devastating" Allie with her comments/questions but said she really just wanted to make sure she was okay. What I truly love about this situation is that when Whitney tried to give Olivia the run down at work, Olivia advised her to "just leave it alone" and to "stay out of it". I love Olivia. I wonder if MTV is going to tell her that at some point she'll need to start giving 2 shits about the petty drama going on in her castmates lives. The next day Whitney meets with Kelly and tells her that she hurt Allie's feelings. Kelly nicely tells her that she wishes she could apologize for what she said, but she can't. (She must have forgot that Kelly is 44yo and a grown ass woman...) Kelly believes that the acceptable "skinny" in fashion is warped and out of control. She stands by her statement that Allie is too skinny (32-23-33, 5'8").

Allie's defense is that she's a "working model" and "of course she's skinny". My point of view, yes models are thin. Some are unhealthy. Some are just naturally that way. I believe that having some meat on your bones is a much better look. I think it's better on the eyes to see someone with boobs, butt, thighs... it just looks better to me. This in no way knocks the skinny girls out there and as models it goes along with the job title... but there is a fine line between thin and gross.

Daddy's Girls - Yes, I watched it again! lol... As a result of a scheduling conflict at the dog groomer (yes... this is the extent of their days) Angela and Vanessa find themselves on the hunt for an assistant. With the help of their cousin, Jessica, and friends Lynn and Alycia they start interviewing people. Beating out the bunch was Tony - a guy that managed to impress the ladies by running out of the final interview to grab Angela some tea (he overheard her asking if anyone had gotten her tea. Nobody had. He stepped up to the plate and got the job done... with honey, lemon and a smile. It also didn't hurt that their dogs immediately took to him). With the task of hiring an assistant out of the way the ladies focused their attention on a meeting where they pitched the idea to incorporate pastry recipes on their clothes/shoes. It was actually a great concept (though I could have done without the filler footage of the girls trying to bake... it's really not that complicated) The girls ended the episode by sending their dad a b-day gift (DJ equipment) in lieu of not being able to actually make it out there for his birthday. He loved it.

In other reality TV news, I've been watching this season of America's Best Dance Crew on MTV (Thursday nights). I didn't watch last season but I've been sucked back in. Not sure if anyone caught "So you think you can dance" that aired on Fox, but a lot of those contestants can be seen competing on the MTV show. So far I have my top 3 and am ready for the finale. They are amazing to watch perform. Sidenote: Is it just me, or do Asians have this hip hop dancing game on lock?

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